Advanced Guide and tricks for Google Adsense Account Approval

Advanced Guide and tricks for Google Adsense Account Approval

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Advanced Guide and tricks for Google Adsense Account Approval, It is very important to get Adsense account approved for every blogger because it starts earning our income and we get motivation to work. But having repeated account disapproved from google adsense has some negative effect. So before applying for Adsense approval, you should properly prepare your blog so that you can easily get approval, then let’s know.

Advanced Guide and tricks for Google Adsense Account Approval

Blog Design & Navigation System

After creating a blog, the first thing you need to do is blog design. This is an important factor, so the better your blog design, the more your adsense account will be approved. So design like a professional blog .

After designing the blog, make Navigation simple so that the user can easily understand and find the things he needs. Because Google gives more importance to good user experience blog.

Remove Extra Link

People who use the free Theam or Template, you get some extra link which can negatively affect your blog, so you should apply for adsense only after removing these additional links.

Blog Favicon

Favicon and logo are the identities of any blog that makes your blog professional and as we told you the adsense account approved by the Google Professional Blog quickly, make good fevicon and logo for your blog.

Important Pages

It is most essential to have an Adsense account approved that there must be three improtant pages on your blog. Because without this adsense can not be approved approved, according to google guidelines, it must be three pages on your blog.

About us

Write a blog and your own about this page so people who visit your blog can know more about it

Privacy Policy

According to Google’s Privacy Policy, you have to create a privacy policy for your blog so that you can use the Privacy Policy Geneator tool to prove your blog as per Google’s criteria.

Contact us

For people who come to your blog who want to contact you, or if you want to offer some kind of  advice, you have to create a page separately and keep their name Contact us.

Quality Content

Quality content means that the content you put on your blog should be original as you wrote it. Which can help people as the most important reason for not getting adsense account approved is insufficient and quality content.

So write posts of at least 800 words, the more details are written in the same way as Google is preferred to them.

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Advanced Guide and tricks for Google Adsense Account Approval

Google Adsense

Google Adsense

Minimum Posts

Most new bloggers want to quickly approve an adsense account after creating their blog, so they apply for google adsense after posting 5-7. In such a situation, their account is disapproved and the reason for this is insufficient content or under construction.

If you apply for your google adsense without having to prepare your blog well, then it has a negative effect on your blog, due to which you do not get approval for long periods of time.

Therefore, first 15 quality post is to be published and only after applying for adsense account approved it is very likely that Adsense approval is available.

Submit Sitemap

After you post 15, submit the Sitemap to Google and Bing. Which gets indexed to the search engine by your post crawl. This is very helpful in approving adsense account.

Social Media account

To get traffic for your blog and to increase its value in Google’s eye, create an account on Social Media Plateform like facebook page, facebook group, twitter, Youtube etc. and also use the Social Share button on your blog.

Black hat SEO

Most newer bloggers do not have much information about SEO (SEO) , so they use Balach hat SEO to make use of white hat SEO , which is contrary to the search engine’s guideline, therefore adsense account of such blogs Can not get approved.

Also, people who use fake traffic to get adsense account approved, can not get adsense approval, so understand these things well and never use them.

Duplicate & Copy Content

Do not forget to use Google’s Copy or Duplicate content to make a web server even after you make a mistake, because doing so, one thing is certain that you will not get adsense approval, and Google does not allow such blogs in the future, Never use it.

Blogger vs WordPress

Advanced Guide and tricks for Google Adsense Account Approval

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Everyone blogs about their blogging, but blogger is a free plateform, so there is a lot of limitations in it. But WordPress is a Paid plateform with the help of which you can easily create a Professional Blog.

That’s why if adsense account is not approved even if you give full dedication to Blogger and you are serious about blogging and want to make a career in it. So you should go to WordPress where you will get adsense account approved very soon.

I am sure that if you take care of these things before applying Google Adsense account, you will get adsense account approved within seven days and you will also get the mail from Google that will be said to have approved your adsense account.

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