Alexander Graham Bell Biography and Major Achievements

Alexander Graham Bell Biography and Major Achievements

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Alexander Graham Bell was a great and greatest invention of the 19th century, the telephone. In the world of communication that revolution, the telephone was built by Alexander Graham, a great scientist. Think what would happen if there was no telephone today? How far behind the world in communication, things like mobile and internet are not nominated. Alexander Graham was such a great human being who added the whole world by phone, and today, through this communication, where did the world reach? Alexander Graham Bell, engaged in great discoveries, using his knowledge throughout his life.

Graham was born on 3 March 1847 in Scotland. His father, Alexander Melville Bell, was a professor, while the mother was Eliza Grace Simondell Bell, who could not hear.Graham had two brothers, Melville James Bell and Edward Charles Bell. But due to his illness, he died at an early age.

Graham’s father used to teach dumb and deaf people, he had created ‘visual system’ for deaf children, so that they could learn to speak.Graham’s first guru was his mother, he was deaf, but he was a very good pianist and painter.

Alexander Graham Bell did not receive much education in school, he used to attend the Edinburgh Royal High School, but he left it at the age of 15. For college studies, Graham first went to the University of Edinburgh, followed by London, England also went to Universities, but Graham did not feel like studying here.

Alexander Graham Bell Early Life 

From childhood, Graham had a curious curiosity about this world, he wanted to know about the creation of the world about him. At an early age, they roamed and used to collect and sample vegetable samples. From his childhood, Graham was very close to his mother, he was interested in singing, poetry and art at that time. Graham was very unhappy with his mother’s deafness, to talk to them well, Graham learned the language of using the hand to talk to the gesture.

Graham’s entire family used to work for giving education to his grandfather, father, Uncle, all the good people, for which he also invented many, which is still remembered.

After leaving school, Graham stayed with his grandfather in London, where he received many of his education.

They used to accompany them to the school of the impoverished people, and used to be known about it almost there. After the death of Graham’s brothers in 1870, his family moved to Canada Because his father was concerned that Alexander would not have any disease there. After coming to Canada, Alexander started working with his father, who started working in Transmitting Telephone Message here.

Alexander Graham Bell career 

In 1872, Alexander built ‘School of Vocal Physiology and Mechanic of Speech’ in Boston. Where they taught children to speak and understand blacks.

In 1873, Alexander was elected professor of vocal physiology at a University of Boston.

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Along with teaching in college, Alexander was also engaged in his quest. At that time he was researching ‘harmonic telegraph’, he was constantly working hard to make him better. He sent several telegraph messages on the same wire at the same time.Along with this, they got another idea that they would send a message through the human voice on the other.

In 1884, Alexander Graham Bell started working as an assistant with a good electrician ‘Thomas Watson’. They used to create instruments and equipment in their projects. Due to continuous work, Alexander and Thomas had a close relationship between them, there was an ideological partnership between the two. So they both want to work together in harmonic telegraph and voice transmitters.

On March 10, 1876, Graham made the world’s first telephone call. Graham and Watson were working in two different rooms, then suddenly the acid falls on Graham and they talk to Watson for help, ‘Mr. Watson, come here, I need you’.Upon hearing this, Watson goes to Graham’s help. Watson speaks to Graham that his voice was heard in the other room clearly by the wire. Graham forgets acid burning and dances when he hears it. Along with this, the world’s first telephone call was successful.

After the creation of this, Graham thought it lane in front of the world, for that he went to America’s Philadelphia City, where the Independence Day program was going on. During this time there were many great scientists, who presented the new discovery in front of each other. In a 2-day program, a panel was created to look for invention, the panel became tired due to continuous work during the first day’s work and left the rest for the next day.

Graham became desperate to hear this because he had to go back to that day. Only then one of the scientists from the panel was noticed, who had previously seen him teaching in a deaf and dumb school. He asked Graham to come there, and as soon as Graham told him, he talked about presenting his invention to everyone. Graham went there with Thomas.

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Graham stood in a corner and caught one end of the wire, the other was a member of that panel. As soon as Graham spoke on it, the message was heard on the other side. Along with all the scientists being amazed, there was screaming about happiness. Everyone praised Alexander very much, and said that this device will bring a new revolution all over the world. The next day about this device was printed in a newspaper there.

When Alexander Graham Bell sent this invention to patent in 1876, he had to face problems.Because at that time, Elisha Gray was also working for this invention. Graham’s application was just about 2 hours before the patent of Elisha’s invention. But even after this, Elisha had filed a petition against Graham, that he used his invention. In 1877, the United States Supreme Court decided in favor of Graham, and in this way the rhetoric of this great invention became bell. After this ‘Bell Telephone Company’ was built.

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After the telephone was created, Graham married Mabel Hubbard, who was a silent deaf student. Who was 10 years younger than him From these he had four children.2 son and daughter 2 Unfortunately, both of their sons died in childhood.

After this, Alexander Graham Bell had a big challenge before, how this invention would reach the small town of America. But wherever this was impossible for this great scientist, in a short time, Graham built a huge network to spread it to the entire US.

At the end of the 19th century, Graham’s attention shifted from the recordings of sound broadcasting and transportation technology to the aircrafts. In 1907 he helped to establish ‘Aerial Experiment Association’.

Between 1906-1919, Graham Boat engaged in the invention of Bihar, with which he led the development of hydrophilic craft.

In 1915 a very big dream of Graham came true. Thousands of kilometers of telephone lines were laid between New York and San Francisco at this time. It was inaugurated by Graham only. Graham was in New York, while Thomas in San Francisco.

Alexander Graham Bell spoke to Thomas via telephone and his first line, ‘Mr. Watson, come here, I need you’, he said, all laughed as soon as he heard it. Thomas, sitting in San Francisco, gave the answer in a funny way and said ‘Graham will take time to come to me this time’.

Alexander Graham Bell

Alexander Graham Bell

Alexander Graham Bell major Achievements 

  • The main invention of Alexander Graham is the telephone itself.
  • Apart from this, Graham further invented, in which the ‘audio meter’ is the main for the silent deaf, through which he can easily talk and talk.
  • Another instrument is ‘Metal Detector’ if it is any metal inside the human body, then it can be detected.
  • Graham also built a photofon, which was a wireless telephone.
  • Hydrofoil
  • Aeronautics

Alexander Graham Bell Awards 

  • In 1880 the Volta Prize was given by the French government for the construction of the telephone.
  • In 1881 the ‘Government of Honor’ was honored by the French government.
  • In 1902, England’s ‘Society of Art of London’ was awarded ‘Albert Madel’ for the construction of the telephone.
  • John Fritz Medical was given in 1907.
  • In 1912, Eliot Crisson was given the medal.
  • Apart from this, Graham was honored by the country’s many universities.

   Alexander Graham Bell Death 

On August 2, 1922, 75 years of age, Alexander Graham died due to diabetes in Canada. To honor them, all phone calls to America were silent for 1 minute on the funeral day.


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