Alibaba is Using of Artificial intelligence writing machine Alimama

Alibaba is Using of Artificial intelligence writing machine Alimama

  25 Oct 2018   , ,

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Alibaba is Using of Artificial intelligence writing machine Alimama, If you visit an online shopping website, you get to see thousands of products. The information related to it is available. There are countless details about phones, chargers, shoes, clothes. What size, which work will come, what charger will be happy for which phone. All these things will meet you on that shopping website or app.

You can find these all very common and easy by exploring these apps or websites daily.

But writing such information is an art and science too. It seems very hard.

Recently, China’s online shopping company Alibaba has announced that it is training an Artificial Intelligence i.e. Robot to write information about all its products.

Working from a robot is no longer a new thing. Today, work of making musical notes, making photographs and writing poetry is being made from gimmicky or mechanical intelligence.

Today, the computer is writing till the copy of the computer. They just write twenty thousand sentences in a second.

Alibaba is Using of Artificial intelligence writing machine Alimama

Generative bots are the newest trend of today’s era. Not only is this the job of writing a copy, but many more are being done.

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Distinguish between Human and Machine

The machine copy writer that Alibaba has launched is named after him. It keeps understanding of language. Understands the subject He has information about the tens of millions of products available on Alibaba website. He can write in detail about these things in detail.

These mechanical copy writers will save the time being wasted in thinking of a superior line by looking at the products of their opponents. The person running this machine writer will press some buttons and just create a great copy, which will tell the information of that product in a beautiful way.


Challenging the Human Intelligence

In the world of art, the smart machines are already challenging the human intelligence. Now it is going to be more interesting than the landing of them in the field of advertising. These software will record millions of words and photos online in the world. Millions of people will see these and they will be affected. If these machines can do their work properly, then we can hardly feel the difference between writing and writing a human.

The difference between man and machine in the online world has become very blurred. Today, bots on social media such as Twitter spread false information. We get spam e-mails written in an automated way, in which the advertisements are written poetically about viagra like advertisements. In today’s online world many reports are republished in an automated way. He also blinks in the background. We can not figure out what was the real source of any news. Where did the first person printed him?


Alibaba Use of Machines in the Advertising World

Story related to aliababa machine copywriter alimama The press release issued by the company in English was printed by many websites in the UK, USA and India.

However, you will be surprised to know that the first information about Alimama that came to the internet was recorded by U-Tube unknown on the channel ‘Breaking News’. A mechanical voice is heard reading this news in this video. The words you hear, the same word as the sub-title appears on the screen. Also, this video shows old photographs related to Alibaba.

There is a link in this video, which tells about this news source. And this video news source is a website based in India-International Business Times.

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Watching the video clearly shows that the fact is that the fact is the fact that the fact is that the reality is worn in a big way. These video news is prepared by a software. Interestingly, you have not seen any further news on this ‘breaking news’ channel, except for matches of football and that are also stories raised from another source.

It may be that people who run this video channel decide the news. But, after preparing news or watching the Twitter account associated with this channel, it becomes clear that it is being run with the help of software. So, the news of an Artificial Intelligence has been prepared by the other AI and presented to you.

There is no harm in using machines in the advertising world. This science is not fantasy. You want to reach your product to more people so that they can see and buy. We are not talking about preparing any art here. ‘


Alibaba AI Bot          

Alibaba AI Bot is easy to use. You must enter the link of the product that you want to write ad copy in this alimama. In a few seconds this will give you several copies of advertising. Use whatever you like better, use them. Crop the need according to need.

According to Alibaba, these bots can write 20 thousand lines in a second. The company is using tens of millions of dollars in one day. Alibaba AI Bot is also using Alimama American Textiles Company Dickies. Dickies prepares all copies of your advertisement with the help of AI, that is, Alimama, which will reach different people.

Not only Alibaba , its biggest rival, JD Dotcom ( also uses a software that writes information about the company’s products. Its name is ZDNet. One day he can write a thousand ad copy. This software can write a well-written copy. Can use idiomatic language. Like this, the wedding ring talks like this – sacred drops of marriage to the sky.

Seeing a picture of a product with the help of the camera, with the help of some keywords, the machine can copy the copy of the ad about it. Looking at it, it will look like a person has written these things. But it is difficult to say whether the sale of any product or it will increase. In the online world, it is very difficult to compete. In order to influence the particular tribe of customers who love any product, they are competing in the online world.


Alimama Fail in Compression of Products

You cannot just say that this is a camera. It has these touches. You have to tell that the camera will meet your needs, your problems will be solved. It would be better to take this one against the other camera.

To prove this, you have to give many details to the prospective customer. The answers to many of his questions must be prepared.

With the machine, we can write the general things of any topic, basic information with great comfort. But, preparing readymade responses to a product’s separation or customer’s questions. We are far away from him. ‘

Even though we are away from that day, but have been moving in that direction, when the machines will answer our difficult questions.Comparing the benefits of taking your product compared to other products.


Many things are already happening in the advertising world. The ads you see on the screen of your computer or laptop are specially for you. The other does not see those advertisements. The reason is clear. The mechanical intelligence conveys your interests to the companies that want to reach you. Want to sell your product For example, if you are a fond of shoes, you will see boots advertisements.

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Understand this thing. As soon as you open a web page, a war breaks out in the online world. More than a hundred companies attack you in one second for you to persuade yourself. The person who wins this war, his ads show you on his screen. This decision goes into one hundredth of a second. That is, in less time than blinking your eyes.

There are three largest ad networks in the online world. Adsense, Admob ​​and DoubleClick. Google runs these three There are only a few places left in the world, where Google does not follow you. When you go to 75 percent of the tens of millions popular websites, Google’s tracker is behind you.

If you buy your favorite shoes from a particular store, then it gets reported to Google. Then the smart machines of companies like MediaCaMa send this information to the companies who want to sell their product to you.So, if you buy shoes, then your favorite brands appear on your screen.

Alibaba is Using of Artificial intelligence writing machine Alimama


Challenge of Creating Human Affection

Without knowing your name, you see the magic, Artificial Intelligence keeps an eye on you in the online world.

And it’s just the beginning. Soon you will be tempted to send messages and photos. Recently, MediaCama has acquired the contract of British Government’s ‘Innovation Agency’. It will develop a computer or robot, which will work to send pictures of your choice and sending you a text message wooing you. At the moment, it is going to come, when you see your mindful ads on the screen.

Altogether machines are increasingly accelerating. But still creating human emotions is a challenge for them.

However, such robots have been prepared, which can be used to express your experience in general terms. As you went to see movies and want to give this experience the word. So, it will write a machine as a short story.


A personal assistant such as Alexa and Siri will also tell stories to you.

In western countries, mechanical acuity is also being used for political propaganda. All the campaigns are being run on the social media with the help of smart machines. Especially in the social media, the help of artificial intelligence is being taken to spread mischief and political environment.

Recently, China’s Xinhua News Agency has announced that he is starting to write news stories with the help of software. Now it is a matter of government propaganda agency like Xinhua doing so. Because if he prepares a particular news report and publishes hundreds of bots in the online world, it will affect the opinion of the people. It would be very difficult to deal with such a mischief. (Alibaba is Using of Artificial intelligence writing machine Alimama)


Regardless of the worries, but we have been on the same side. Today, more businesses and political campaigns are being run through these same bots. We should identify them wherever we can hold them.

Maybe we have news too. Because once we open any webpage, we are attacked. But, the world does not look much worried about this now.


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