Biography and Introduction of Bear Grylls life style

Biography and Introduction of Bear Grylls life style

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Biography and Introduction of Bear Grylls life style, As soon as you hear the Bear Grylls Bayer Grials name, Man Vs Wild, which is broadcasting on Discovery Channel in your mind, teaches you how to stay alive in the deserted desertification with the help of your Survival Tips. With the help of your Survival Tips shown in Man Vs Wild, not only in the West but has created a different image in the world. In this show, Bear Grylls teach themselves the techniques of getting out of those situations by trying to get in trouble, which has saved many people in such circumstances. 

After working for the army for several years after working in the army, he learned many techniques of avoiding difficult situations and also made many goodies, which he later showed to the whole world through his show. Let us now know in detail about the life of the young boy Bear Grylls who gave the same encouragement.

Biography of Bear Grylls  whose survival tips taught to overcome difficult situations

Biography of Bear Grylls Bear Grylls Family Bear Grylls life style

Early Life of Bear Grylls

Bear Grylls Bayer Grylls was born on 7 June 1974 in Donaghadi town of Northern Ireland.The name of the father of Bayer Grylls is Sir Michael Grylls and the mother’s name is Lady Sarah Grylls. Sir Michael Grylls, a father of Bayer Grylls, is a conservative politician who was caught in a cash-for-questions affair. Bayer’s real name is Edward Michael Grylls, but when he was only one week, his sister called him as Bair, after which he had made his main name.

Bear Grylls Bayer Grylls took his early education from Ludgrove School and Eton College, from which he had first participated in the mountaineering club. After this, in 2002, Bayer took a bachelor degree from the University of London. You will also be surprised to know that Bayer has also received a degree from the University of West Bengal. Bayer loved to climb in childhood and travel in the sea, and his father was also a member of a Royal Boat. At the earliest age, Bayer had learned Sky Drive and Karate and he is a Black Belt in Karate. Bayer comes from English, Spanish and French languages ​​well. He believes in Christianity and has considerable faith in God. Bayer Grylls married Sarah Kennings in 2000 and has three children.

Military service of Bear Grylls

After leaving school, Bayer Grylls wanted to join the Indian Army in order to attack the Himalayan mountain but after completing his school, he joined the army of his state. In his Territorial Army, he remained in 21 SAS Regiment till 1997. An accident took place in 1996 with Grylls, whose ear had left him. In 1996, a parachuting accident took place with him in Zambia. When they wanted to open the parachute at an altitude of 4,900 meters in the accident, they did not open completely, due to which they fell badly on the rocks and their three vertebra bones were partially broken.

Bear Grylls Grylls later mentioned this incident that he should have cut the parachute on time so that he could make the right land, but he felt that the parachute would open but it was too late. His surgeon said that if this mistake happened on some side then he could have become paralyzed forever and probably could not live in life. Bear Grylls Bayer rested on bed for 12 months and during this time he had to leave the service of the army. During this bad phase, he had thought before leaving the hospital that he had made a mistake, he would not let anyone else go and give survival tips to the people. Along with that, he also had the idea of ​​ascending Mount Everest on his childhood dream.

Climbing Everest and other expeditions

Bear Grylls Bayer Grylls did not lose his spirit even after losing three vertebrates in the parachute accident, and after 18 months of this happening he completed his childhood dream. Bayer Grill mounted on the peak of Mount Everest on May 16, 1998, showing the people that if the man’s breath is lifted, then no one can stop him. At age 23, mounting Mount Everest began to be considered one of Bayer’s youngest mountaineers.

In 2000, under the leadership of Bayer, the British island crossed the jet ski, which took 30 days. This work he did to raise money for an institution Royal National Lifeboat Institute (RNLI). Apart from this, he crossed the Thames River from a water tank at home so that he could raise money for his friend who lost his leg during mountaineering. Apart from this, Bayer had also crossed North Atlantic with his team.

In 2005, together with Bear Grill’s Bear Grylls and his friend, the World Record was organized by the dinner party at the highest peak at 7600 meters. In addition, Bayer made a record from Parajet Paramotor on the Himalayas in 2007, which reached the height of 9000 meters, flying at a height of 4400 meters and reached zero to 60 degree temperature, which was a world record. Before that, no higher than the 6102 meter height. His exploits were filmed by Discovery Channel. Through this feat he set a world record for reaching higher than Everest, where it was natural to die of oxygen deficiency.

In 2008, Bayer Grylls showed up in Antarctica, the worlds most desolate and peak at such peaks, where no one could reach before them. This work was also done for charity. During his exploits, he suffered a shoulder injury but he did not give up. In addition Bayer made the world record of the longest indoor freefall.

Television series

Biography and Introduction of Bear Grylls life style

bear grylls

Bear grylls

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After his exploits, Grill told Survival Tips through several TV series. Let’s tell you about some of his most popular TV shows in detail.

Born Survivor/Man vs. Wild

Bear Grylls Bayer Grylls, the show which was the most popular in the world, was named Man vs. Wild is | This show was telecasted in Britain in the name of Born Survivor while in other countries of Australia, New Zealand, Canada, India and the United States, it was hosted by Man vs. Aired on Discovery Channel by the name of Wild. In this show, Bayer was sent to such desolate and rugged places, where no man’s name is marked and Bayer gives tips to get the people out of such difficult condition through their survival tips. This show started from 2006 and due to its immense popularity seven seasons have come in its last five years.

In this show, all the stunts are done by the advice of experts themselves, in which they climb on the rocks, jump through a parachute helicopter, paragliding, descending in the forest, leaving the snake to survive, avoiding dehydration To drink the urine of the elephant, put the dung of the elephant on his face, and the odd faces of poor places to find water and do the same things like burning fire, seeing that Hha stunned.


Other TV Shows

In 2005, Bear Grylls Bayer filmed a show Escape to the Legion in four parts, in which he filmed survival tips with 11 other companions in the Sahara desert. This show was telecasted only in the US and UK. In 2010, Bayer Grylls appeared on Discovery Channel with his new project Worst Case Scenario, with only 12 episodes being made, after which the show was canceled. However this show was not so successful. In 2011, Bayer appeared in two episodes of Bear’s Wild Weekend. After this, Bayer hosted Get Out Alive with Bear Grylls and Escape from Hell in 2013.

Biography and Introduction of Bear Grylls life style

In 2014, Bayer appeared in The Island with Bear Grylls, in which he lives with 13 Englishmen on the desolate island. On one side of his show, Running Wild with Bear Grylls came in 2014, in which he teaches celebrities for two days to live in desolate places. This show was also quite populous. In 2015, she appeared in Mission Survive and 2016 by Bear Grylls’ Survival School explaining Survival tips.

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