Biography and story of John Com and Brian Acton whats’app Founder

Biography and story of John Com and Brian Acton whats’app Founder

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Biography and story of John Com and Brian Acton whats’app Founder, There was a time when two friends left the job of a company like Yahoo, thinking that some of their work could be done. But then it seems that the matter is not happening and then get a job. But the other friend explained to the first that after walking so far, the destination should not be left behind. And the work continued. On the way more friends got together.

In this way, it started to be popular as soon as the work started without using the money, and the price of the market increased to billions of dollars. 
As the popularity began to grow, popular brands like Facebook had to send a proposal to buy it. The product was ‘Whats-App

Biography and story of John Com and Brian Acton whats’app Founder

Biography and story of whats’app Establishment

WhatsApp logo

which has been prepared by two comedians and two friends named Brian Acton. Read what the Whatsapp app is in your phone today is finally how you reach it! 

John comm’s early days

The journey begins with the co-founder of the Whatsapp app from the early days of John Com’s life. 
Jan Com was born in a small village near Ukraine in 1976. Com’s mother was a homemaker and her father used to work in a construction company building hospital and school. They often used to stay out of the house Life was extremely crispy. It was also a difficult task to raise everyday things in the house. 

In his childhood, his mother and mother could somehow raise their food. His mother used to arrange for the most in the house and the rest of the things. Those days were the most challenging days of com life. 

At one point, Com came in for a $ 19 billion dollar deal, signed on his own Whatsapp app, in the office of Well Faire where he used to stand up to gather food with a time ration card. And next to the Well’s Fair Office, Jan Com made the Whatsapp app head office.

After selling the Facebook app for Facebook $ 19 billion, Com com once again reached the same office with his friend Brian Acton. It was the first time in such a life that when Com walked up to that office while driving his Porsche.

Two Friends

Com school used to be a devil child, but by reaching the age of 18, he made himself an expert in computer networking. He joined a hacker group Wuwoo in which he learned all the things related to internet and networking. 

In 1997, he went to San Jose State University and found himself sitting with Brian Acton. 

While working at the University, he started working in Yahoo One day when the server found some problems, Yahoo founder Philo called the com and asked where he is. Com replied that I am in class. Philo said what are you doing in class? My team is very small and it has to fix the problem of the server as soon as possible. 

Com says that he did not like studies anyway. He left the studies.


When Com’s mother died in 2000, she suddenly became very alone. In 1997, his father had already died. 
Com remembers that time, thanks to Aktan. He says that Acton has given me a lot of support at that time. We lived together. He used to take me home with me. We used to play soccer and frisbee to entertain my mind. 

In 2007, both com and acton left their job of Yahoo He tried to get a job in Facebook but both failed. 

Then both friends sat in a coffee shop and talked both com and actin. Keep thinking about an app. They thought how cool it would be that an app’s status could tell what you are doing. As you are on the phone, take the battery, I am in the gym.

There was no list in the name of the Watts App, which was made and rejected. Com had decided by thinking of this name at a time … “what’s up”

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To Be Started

After this, Com has been working continuously for coding of the app. They kept writing code continuously. And try to sync this app in mobile worldwide 

In the beginning, the Whatsapp app was constantly crashing or hanging. After that he continued to work on the app in his friends’ phone while continuing to download their contacts and kept making notes that where they are coming. 

In the meantime, one day playing Frisby, Com told Acton that we should search for a job again. At this, Acton dumped Com and said that if you leave this project now, coming forward so much then it will be very foolish. 

According to Com, we initially did not think that it would be exactly how it would be. We thought how fun it would be that whenever someone changes their status in an app they will go into the entire network. Like .. I’m going to a bath bye.

But gradually the instant message is connected in it. After this, both friends thought that if there is an app that works all over the world that works everywhere and people get together, then it will prove to be very effective and powerful too. 

Biography and story of John Com and Brian Acton whats’app Founder


John Com and Brian Acton developed the Whatsapp app by sitting in coffee shops. It took many years when they constantly sit and work together like this. 

It took a few years and the cost of the Whatsapp app went from a few dollars to a billion dollars. When Facebook bought the Whatsapp app, the company gave them $ 4 billion dollars in cash and another $ 12 billion in company shares. 

The Watts App was made in 2009 and in its five years, its growth is faster than Facebook today. 
Jay Com says that in 2009 he started making the Whatsapp app with the same mission. They say, “One such product can be used by people all over the world, apart from that, there was no other reason for us. We have signed our deal with Facebook and we will try our mission which was similar to ours. Keep going. “

Special in whats app

By the time the Whatsapp app began to work, there were options like Skype, BBM, or Jichat for free messaging, but the special thing in the Whatsapp app was that it was logged in with a mobile number. 

While working on the Whatsapp app, Com and Acton used to test each other while talking on Whatsapp. At that time, Wright’s two marks in the Whatsapp app meant that the message had reached the second phone. And Acton realized that there are so many capabilities in what he is working on. 

After that com and Acton were working. Opened a small office where some people continued to work together. Com and Exton also continue to work on coding After this, some older colleagues of both of them invested $ 250,000 to work on the Watts app.

In the meantime, their work continued and friends who used BBM and iPhone and the rest of the smartphones used to keep writing and they kept asking about the time of the Watts app. 

All these people were excited because they were using a free app that can be used anywhere in the world. He thought this very good idea that a small app could easily send any photo or video of anyone sitting in any corner of the world so easily.


While working at the beginning, the biggest challenge for the Whatsapp app was to send the code to people’s mobile numbers and not to send code. The service company that sent the Verification Code to people, used to take money separately in different places of the world, and it was getting the most bank account of Com. But it was a mistake that by 2010, the company started generating a little revenue. 

Coming down to 2011, the Whatsapp app developed many things that included sending photos to each other. This app was so much liked for instant chat that this year the app became one of America’s top 20 apps.

The launch of the Whatsapp app is very quiet. When a staff member told Com that why did not anyone call for press or advertisement or they all blew a bit and our product shone a bit more. Com said very lovingly on this, “Yes and that dust can fly in our eyes and we can never do our work with focus.” 

Com and Acton had started thinking that they were away from the media Will remain and will not give them any updates. And despite the viral infection of the Whatsapp app in 2011, he did not give any information related to the media. And in 2013, the Whatsapp app captured the market by defeating all the chat apps and added 200 million or 200 million users. 

For the month of August 2014, Monthly user of the Whatsapp app was 60 million. It is understood from the moment that people are connecting with this app at the moment, that about 25 million new active users are joining the app every month. 

Biography and story of John Com and Brian Acton whats’app Founder

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In March, App Co-Founder Brian Acton told Forbes that since 1 December 2013, every day a million new people are logging in the Whatsapp app. 

At this time, the most active users are from the Whatsapp app. China’s ‘V-Chat’ and Japan’s ‘Line’ app have already surpassed the Whatsapp app copy. 


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