Biography of Albert Einstein,Achievement Birth and History

Biography of Albert Einstein,Achievement Birth and History

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Biography of Albert Einstein,Achievement Birth and History, Albert Einstein is always kept in the top. Albert Einstein was a theoretical physicist. 

They are known for the theory of relativity and the mass energy equation E = mc2. Albert Einstein was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1921 to discover his light energy emissions.

Albert has contributed to many areas such as relative brahmand, speed of cells, molecular bronchi, poison theory of a molecule gas, and thermal properties and geometry of physics etc.

More than 50 research papers and many books on science upper have written. In 1999, Times Magazine declared him a century man and he was counted among the world’s great scientists.

Einstein has published more than 300 scientific research papers. Einstein’s intellectual achievements and singularity have made Einstein Words synonymous with the intelligent.

Biography of Albert Einstein,Achievement Birth and History


  1. Full Name – Albert Hemnen Einstein 
  2. Born – 14 March 1879, Ulma, Germany 
  3. Death – April 18, 1955, New Jersey, America 
  4. Father’s Name – Name of Hemnen Einstein 
  5. Mother – Pauline Coach 
  6. Residence – Germany, Italy, Austria and US 
  7. Citizenship – Germany, Belgium and the United States 
  8. married – twice, first – with Mriak and second – ELISA with Leuven 
  9. Children – Kdmuni Margaret (adopted daughter) 
  10. race – Jewish 
  11. area – physics philosophy 
  12. Chic Sasha – Doctor Consultant from E. T. H. and Zurich University – Alfred Kleiner 
  13. Scholar – Anast and Nathon Rosen 
  14. Fame – Light Energy Effects, Mass Energy Equivalence and Bose Einstein Statistics
  15. Honor – Physics Nobel Prize (1921), Copley Medal, Max Palank Medal.


Personal life of Albert Einstein

Einstein was a passionate, antitrust and anti-racist. Albert Einstein was a member of Princeton National Association of the Advancement of Colored People Organization. 

From where Albert considered the “worst ill” of African Americans for civil rights. They were joined with the civil rights activist WEBDO BOIS.

Albert also visited Lincoln University in Pennsylvania in 1946. This university is a black college. There he was also honored with an Honorary Degree. 

Einstein once said in his speech, “I do not have any intention of being silent”, a resident of Princeton recalls that Einstein ever paid fees for college students in college education. Was there.

Albert Einstein’s Birth and Education 

Albert Einstein was born on 14 March 1879 in the city of Ulm in Germany. But they grew up in the Munich city of Germany, and this was the beginning of their education.

He was very weak in his childhood studies and some of his teachers started calling him mentally disabled. They did not know to speak till the age of 9, Biography of Albert Einstein.

They used to be spellbound in the rules of production, the pain of the experience of pain, direction of compass needle etc. 

He started playing violin at the age of 6 and continued to play it in his entire life. At the age of 12, he searched for geometry and found out his awareness and some evidence. 

At the age of 16, he used to make difficult and difficult solutions to mathematics.

Biography of Albert Einstein,Achievement Birth and History




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Albert Einstein’s secondary education was finished by the age of 16. They did not like school, and they bothered without any reason, started planning to find opportunities to go to university. 

His teacher removed him from there, because his behavior was not good, due to which his classmates were affected. Albert Einstein began to try to go to the Federal Institute of Technology in Zürich, Switzerland, but he failed in the admission test there. 

Then his professor advised that first of all he should do a diploma in Cantonal School in Aura, Switzerland. After that, in 1896, the Federal Institute of Technology will automatically get admission. 

He understood the advice of the professor, he was very much interested to go here and he was good at physics and mathematics.

In the year 1900, Albert Einstein passed his graduation examination from the Federal Institute of Technology, but one of his teachers was against him, he said Einstein was not eligible for the European University Assistantship. 

In 1902, he placed an inspector at the patent office in Berne, Switzerland. He married Marius 6 months later, who was a classmate in his Zurich. They had 2 sons, then they were in Bern and they were 26 years old. At that time, he received his doctorate and wrote his first revolutionary science-related document, Biography of Albert Einstein.

Albert Einstein invention 

Albert Einstein invented many, for which his name began to be counted among famous scientists. Some of his inventions are as follows:

  • Quantum Theoryof Light – In Quantum Theory of Einstein’s Light, he composed the small sac of the energy called the photon, which has a wave-like characteristic. In his theory, he explained the emission of electrons with some metals. They composed the photo electric effect. After this theory, he invented television, which is shown through art science. Many such devices have been invented in modern times.
  • E = MC square– Einstein has certified an equation between mass and energy; today it is called Nuclear energy.
  • Brovenian Movement– This can be called Albert Einstein’s biggest and best search, where he observed the jizzeg movement in the suspension of atoms, which is helpful in the evidence of the existence of molecules and atoms. We all know that in today’s time, most of the science is the main in all branches. Read the miracle essay on science
  • Special Theory of Relativity– In this theory of Albert Einstein explained the relation of time and speed. The speed of light in the universe is described as continuous and in accordance with the rule of procedure.
  • General Theory of Relativity– Albert Einstein proposed that gravitational space-time is the Curve area in the Continent, which tells of the masses.
  • The Manpower Project –Albert Einstein created the Manpower Project, a research that supports the United States, he proposed atomic bomb in 1945. After that he taught to destroy the atomic bomb in Japan during World War, Biography of Albert Einstein.
  • Einstein’s refrigerator –this was Albert Einstein’s smallest invention, for which he became famous. Einstein invented a refrigerator that contains ammonia, water, and butane and the maximum energy can be used. He invented the refrigerator by keeping many features in it.
  • The sky is blue –it is a very simple proof that why the sky is blue, but Albert Einstein has presented a lot of arguments on this too.

 Interesting facts from Albert Einstein 

Albert Einstein called himself a skeptic, he did not call himself an atheist.

Albert Einstein used to solve all the experiments in his mind.

Albert Einstein used to be weak in speaking and speaking in childhood.

After Albert Einstein’s death a scientist stole his mind, then he was locked in a jar for 20 years.

Albert Einstein also received the Nobel Prize, but he could not get his money.

Albert Einstein also got the opportunity for President’s post.

Albert Einstein University’s admission test has also failed.

Because Albert Einstein’s memory was very bad, he did not remember anyone’s name, number.

Albert Einstein’s eyes are kept in a safe compartment.

Albert Einstein did not own a car, so he did not even have to drive.

Albert Einstein had a guru as “practice is the key to success”.

Biography of Albert Einstein,Achievement Birth and History

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Death of Albert Einstein

When Germany’s time came in Hitler’s royal, Albert Einstein had to leave Germany because he was Jewish and had to stay in the US New Jersey. 

Albert Einstein was serving his services at Princeton College and at the same time he died on 18 April 1955.

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