Charity Lee Paris Ella and horrific Story of Brutal Crime

Charity Lee Paris Ella and horrific Story of Brutal Crime

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Charity Lee Paris Ella, When Charity Lee, living in Texas, USA, was six, she had seen her father’s death in front of her and was her mother who did this.

Years later when Charity Lee’s 13-year-old son Paris murdered his own four-year-old sister Ella, it was a sensation for him.

“Paris was a very quiet child, she was busy with herself, just like the other children, but I have never had any problems with her.”

“But when you look at these things, it seems that it was an indication. At that time it seems that it is normal, it is only in the age of children.”

Charity Lee Paris Ella and horrific Story of Brutal Crime

“When Paris was 12 years old and Ella was about two or three years old, at that time I slowly started moving towards drugs. I had left it for years ago but I was hunting it again. ”

Charity Lee Paris Ella and horrific Story of Brutal Crime

An incident That I could not Understand

During this time there was an incident which troubled charity. In a farm of Charity’s mother, Paris and Ella were playing with their aunt. Charity says, “There was a fight between something between them. I resolved the fight between both of them. When I started searching for Paris then I came to know that she has come out with a knife from the kitchen. I was crying, he was saying that if he comes to him, he will hurt himself. ”

“I knew that Paris was very sad because of my addiction habit. All this was happening due to him. I was so upset because the reaction of Paris was exaggerated. I took her to the hospital. The doctor did not notice homoseidal tendencies in Paris. ”

“In 2005, I came out of drug addiction.”

 That Black Day

“Four February … year 2007, I was working as a waitress in a restaurant.”

“When I was going to work, Ella was in the bathtub. Normally he embraces me and says “Goodbye mother”, but hugged me many times that day and kissed me. (Charity Lee Paris Ella and horrific Story of Brutal Crime)

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“That day Paris was angry with me. It was a normal thing, because it happens. I remember exactly that I went to him and said – you know that I love you so much. We have undergone many bad times and we will recover from this. ”

“After that I went to work”

“It was a midnight time. The restaurant was shutting down, two spies and a pastor came in the same moment and told me that your daughter is injured and at home. When I asked why he did not take him to the hospital, he told me that he was dead. And my only son to kill him and his older brother is Paris. ”

“It was like hearing that my world has stopped. Nothing stopped understanding. ”

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Charity Lee Paris Ella and horrific Story of Brutal Crime

How did Paris do this Crime?

Paris sent Nanny (child care) to her home before she returned. After this he went to his four-year-old sister’s room. He sexually abused him, hit him, threw it and then hit him with knife 17 times.

Instead of calling emergency help, Paris called his friend Talked to him. At that time the witnesses say that she did not make any attempt to save her sister. ”

“The next day I went to meet Paris where she was kept under house arrest.”

“She told me- you always said that you can kill someone only when she does something bad with your child, what will you do now?”

“There was no fear in her question that her mother would do something bad to her, but she thought that her words were challenging me. This was the first time I was noticing Paris in my son Paris.

“I said, I will promise you what I did when you were born.”

“When I first came to Paris on my lap, I had said in her ear that I do not know how to make a mother. But what I promise you is that I will always do my best for you. ”

“I wanted him to know that my love is unconditional for him. I told him – I will always try to be your better mother, I will always love you.”

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Hit a Monster

“The police gave me the recording of Paris’s statement about the incident, Paris said – we both were sleeping on a single bed (Paris-Eli). When I started sleeping, I saw that she turned into a monster So I killed that monster. ”

“For nearly three months, I wanted to persuade my son that he is sick. When Paris was arrested, his violent form appeared.”

In the investigation it was discovered that Paris searched the most shocking things on the Internet. Along with this, he had committed horrible things during his killing of his sister.

Eventually Paris thought that it was not an accident. He wanted to kill his sister. In the year 2007, Paris was given 70 years of imprisonment.

 Is Charity’s Fault?

On the question of blaming herself, Charity said, “Yes and no, I have always taken the responsibility of the fact that the effect of my drunken return to Paris was affected, I think the reason for this is genetic.”

“I think he could take other decisions. We all have these talents. It would be a different matter that she had a disorder and could not distinguish between right and wrong but it was not so. He told me that he killed Ella because it would hurt me. ”

“Without any doubt, he was mentally ill.”

Charity Lee Paris Ella and horrific Story of Brutal Crime

A New Beginning

In 2013, nearly six years later, the charity became pregnant again. He named the child Phoenix. According to Charity “What happened to Paris and Ella is not the end of my life. Life is even ahead. ”

Paris is locked in a prison in Texas. He is now almost 26 years old. Charity still goes to meet him and talks on the phone too. It is possible that he came out of prison in 2047.