Colonel Sanders Who Never Give up and Made History in the Food Industry

Colonel Sanders Who Never Give up and Made History in the Food Industry

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Today I am going to share with you the story of Colonel Sanders who struggled hard in his life. He saw many ups and downs in life and faced many kinds of troubles. But he never gave up in front of the husbands and at the age of 65, he made that precedent of success, which is a huge achievement in itself.

Colonel Sanders who never give up

This is the story of Colonel Sanders, the founder of the KFC (Kentucky fried chicken) fast food restaurant chain. Hope this story will prove to be an inspiration for all of you.


Birth and early life

Colonel Sanders was born on September 9, 1890, in a poor family in the town of Henryville, Indiana Prefecture. Her father was Wilbur David Butcher and Mother Margaret Ann Sanders Housewife. He was the eldest of three brothers and sisters. When his father’s untimely death took place, he was only 5 years old at that time. After raising his father’s head, the trouble started in his life.

His mother did a job in a tomato-canning factory for the children’s upbringing. In such a situation, the responsibility of maintaining and supervising younger siblings came on Sanders’ shoulders. As a result of helping his mother to cook, Colonel Sanders was able to make many regional dishes by coming to the age of seven years.

After some years his mother married another and went to her husband’s house in Greenwood, Indiana, including children. Sanders’s stepfather often used to beat them and their younger siblings. One day Colonel Sanders ran away from the house after being tortured by the father’s atrocities and started working in a farm to make a living. At that time, his age was 11 years.

For a few years, they used to shock homelessly here. But even after all the difficulties, they did not lose their courage. They worked tirelessly in the hope of improving their future. At the age of 15, he became the bus conductor and at the age of 16 he joined the United State Army and moved to Cuba.

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Initial jobs and failures

After completing his term in the United State Army, Colonel Sanders continued to work as a blacksmith’s assistant for some time. Then they got fireman’s job in the Illinois Central Railroad Having stability in the job, he got married to ‘Josephine King’. After that, for a few years he continued to live a happy life with his wife and three children.


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Along with his job in the Railways, Colonel Sanders was also doing a correspondence course of law, which came after his job. He started Law Practice. But still they did not have the durability. By reaching the age of 40, they kept wandering from place to place, changing jobs on the job, and trying out their hands in many businesses.

Colonel Sanders sold life insurance, worked as a salesman, sold tyre and acetylene lamp, carrying steam-boat riders in the Ohio River. But they could not achieve success in any work.


Restaurant launches in Kentucky

Despite continuous failures, Colonel Sanders did not give up trying. At the age of 40, they came to Carbin, Kentucky and opened a service station. The income received from the service station was not enough. Therefore, for the purpose of increasing the income, Colonel Sanders put a table and some chairs in the room behind the service station, and started feeding the drivers and passengers coming out of the pane-fried chicken, hem, steak and other food items.


People liked the taste of their made food so that they started coming there to eat their made food. Seeing the growing number of people, Colonel Sanders opened a motel and restaurant on the other side of the road, in which about 142 people could sit and eat together. Pan Fried Chicken was especially liked by people who made them eat.

So, they continued to work on this recipe so that it became unique. After all, after 9 years of hard work, he completed the recipe of his Pan Fried Chicken containing 11 herbs and spices. T

his recipe became the USP of their restaurant Colonel Sanders became famous due to his Pan Fried Chicken He liked the governor of Chicken Kentucky so much that he honored Harlan Sanders with the title ‘Colonel’ in 1935.


Colonel Sanders restaurant was good. One of the major reasons for the running of his restaurant was that he was located on the way to Florida, so that the passengers passing on that route would have their eyes on the restaurant and they would have turned on him. But in the 1950s an unexpected trouble came to him.

A new highway was built to go to Florida, which did not pass through the carbine. This caused Colonel Sanders’ business to be badly affected and they got drowned in debt. Seeing no fodder he sold his restaurant. After repaying the loan, they have nothing left besides the social security check for $ 105.


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Kentucky Fried Chicken Restaurant Chain

He had been 65 years old and even after working hard, Colonel Sanders had no capital balance in his hands. They were living their life with the help of social security. The biggest problem before them was that what to do now for life? They did not have the capital In such a way, he got an idea that why not use the item which is available to him. And that was the thing – their recipe of Fried Chicken

kfc kentucky fried chicken

kfc kentucky fried chicken

Colonel Sanders had complete confidence in the taste of his Fried Chicken recipe. So by giving it the name of Kentucky Fried Chicken, they intend to sell its franchisee. Then did they leave their car on a tour of USA and Canada and visit different restaurants and discuss it in this regard.

He visited about 600 provinces and contacted thousands of restaurant owners. Many people rejected their offer and many people also made fun of them. But they did not get distracted and continue their tour. After the 1008 restaurant owners rejected them, finally the 1009th restaurant owner accepted his proposal and signed Fried Chicken’s first franchisee sign.

Due to that recipe, the sales of that restaurant increased extraordinary, seeing that other restaurant owners started taking franchisee from Colonel Sanders , and thus the KFC restaurant chain started.


It was the world’s first restaurant chain, which expanded internationally. By the year 1964, about 600 outlets of KFC were opened in the US and Canada. Its outlet also opened in England, Mexico, and Jamaica.

Colonel Sanders sold Kentucky fried Chicken Corporation to an American company for $ 2 million in 1964 and remained a lifetime brand ambassador for its lifetime. Colonel Sanders died from leukemia on December 16, 1980. But even today, he is alive as KFC’s Star Icon.