Cristiano Ronaldo life introduction and Brief Biography

Cristiano Ronaldo life introduction and Brief Biography

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Cristiano Ronaldo relationship is with football game and he is a fairly fame football player. Born in a poor family, Cristiano had started playing football at a very young age and was selected only in the international football team at the age of 18. Within a short span of time, Cristiano had managed to make the hearts of the people through his game, and at this time, he has become the world’s most famous player.

In case of income, Cristiano is far ahead of other players in the world and his name comes at the top of the list of the world’s richest sportspersons. But Cristiano has made a lot of strokes in his life to reach this height.

Cristiano Ronaldo Birth and Family

Cristiano Ronaldo was born on 5 February 1985 in Portugal and his father’s name was José Dinis Aveiro, who used to work as a gardener in the municipality. Her mother’s name is Maria Dolores Dos Santos Aviero and she used to work in the household to go to the kitchen. Apart from his parents in Ronaldo’s family, he has a brother and two sisters and he is the youngest of his siblings.

Ronaldo has four children, among whom his eldest son is named Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. His son was born on June 17, 2010. Ronaldo has never disclosed about who his mother is, however, who he is.

Ronaldo’s other children’s names are Mateo, Eva Maria and Alana Martinez. Mateo and Eva Maria are twins of Ronaldo, who were born on June 8, 2017 via surrogacy.While her daughter Alana Martinez was born on November 12, 2017, and her daughter’s mother is her current girlfriend.

Ronaldo of Education 

Born in a simple family, Ronaldo has not received any kind of education.

It is said that when Ronaldo was 14 years old, he threw his chair at a school teacher and due to this, he was fired from school.

Ronaldo had a passion to play football since his childhood and he wanted to make his career in this game, so he left his studies in the middle. In the decision to leave Ronaldo’s studies, his mother gave him along.

Personal information about Ronaldo’s life 

Cristiano Ronaldo is named after his father after the US President. Actually US President Ronald Reagan was also an actor, and Cristiano’s father was a big fan of them. So when Cristiano Ronaldo was born, his father named him after his favorite person.

Ronaldo was born in a very poor family and during one of his interviews, Ronaldo had told how he lived very little in the house and he had to share his room with his brother and sister.

When Ronaldo told his family to be his footballer, then at that time his mother had given him a lot of support in the dream of becoming a Ronaldo flower boy, and today Ronaldo has become a great footballer player because of his mother’s sport.

Ronaldo was suffering from a racing heart illness in childhood, and when he was learning to play football at the age of 14, he had come to know about his illness at the same time.

It was impossible to play Ronaldo’s football due to this illness. Because the heart of people suffering from this disease beats more quickly and in such circumstances, more jumping jump is murderous.

But when the family of Ronaldo found out of his illness, he immediately got Ronaldo’s treatment, and after a few days of treatment, Ronaldo started playing football instead of rest.

Ronaldo does not drink alcohol, cigarettes or any other kind of addiction because his father died at the age of 52 due to drinking more vegetables. And so Ronaldo has kept distance from all these things.

At the time Ronaldo was successful in his football career, Ronaldo’s mother had cancer. After that Ronaldo had treated his mother and at this time she lived with her mother.

In childhood, Ronaldo Andorrinhha was a part of the team and he has played for this team from 1992 to 1995.

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Ronaldo’s career ( Ronaldo’s Career )

At the age of 16, Ronaldo became part of Portugal’s ‘Sporting CP’ club, and during this time he was promoted by Sporting Young’s manager, pleased with his game.

Within just one year, Ronaldo had started playing for the Under-16 Team Under-17 team, Under-18, B and Fast Team of this club, and in this way he became the first player who had only one So much progress was made within the year.

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From this club, he played his first Primira Liga match in 2002 and he played against the Morerens Football Club. They also scored two goals in this match.

Cristiano had done so well in this match that the attention of many football clubs was attracted to him and most of the football clubs wanted to make him a part of his team.

Meanwhile, there was a match between the team of Sporting Club and the Manchester United Football Club team. In this match, Sporting Club’s team won by 3-1 goals and in this match Christiao scored only two goals.

After this match the Manchester United Football Club decided to take Cristiano to his team.

After seeing Cristiano’s match in 2003, Sir Alex Ferguson, who was one of the great football managers, wanted Cristiano to play football on behalf of England and be part of the Manchester United Football Club.

Apart from Sir Alex Ferguson, England’s great football player Rio Ferdinand also wanted to see Ronaldo as his teammate.

Cristiano traveling with Manchester United football club ( Manchester United Football Club )

In 2003, Manchester United Football Club bought Cristiano at a price of £ 24 from Sporting Club, and the price paid by Manchester United Football Club to make Cristiano a part of his club was quite high.

After being part of the Manchester United Football Club, he was given various training and with the help of these training, Cristiano managed to improve his sport.

Cristiano had the chance to play the FA Cup in 2004 from Manchester United Football Club, and in this cup, Cristiano had done very well to help his team win this match.

Cristiano scored three goals in the final FA Cup match in 2004, while by 2006, Cristiano had scored 26 goals in total.

Because of Cristiano’s good performance, Manchester United Football Club again extended their contract. And this time they were bought for £ 31 million.

After the contract grew, Cristiano had made a total of 42 goals playing on behalf of the club and helped his team win three Premier League trophies.

Know how Casus Cristiano  is named CR7

From the year 2006 to the year 2008, Cristiano’s life was proven to be a great time, and during this time the Manchester United Football Club gave Cristiano to Jersey No. 7.

This jersey number was associated with the great players of Manchester United Football Club. Cristiano was afraid of taking this jersey, but despite his refusal, he was given a number 7 jersey.

These numbers proved to be very lucky for Cristiano, and gradually Christiaano was called as CR7.

Cristiano  ( Real Madrid ) associated with Real Madrid Club

In the year 2009 Manchester United left the Football Club to join the Cristiano Real Madrid club. This club is a football club affiliated to Spain Country and the club bought them for around £ 80 million.

After becoming part of this team, Cristiano was given the number 9 jersey, because the number seven jersey was owned by the team player Raul. Although Raoul had left for his jersey Kristiano, and in this way, he had once again got a number seven jersey.

On behalf of Real Madrid, Cristiano won the club by participating in many football tournaments.From the year 2016 to the year 2017, Ronaldo has scored a total of 42 goals from this club and has also led the team.

Record created by Cristiano

Ballon d’Or Award is the highest award for football in the world. Cristiano has won this award five times in total and Cristiano is the only player to win this award five times.

Cristiano also has the record of winning the World Soccer Player of the Year award five times.

Cristiano is also the first footballer to have scored 40 goals in the two consecutive seasons of professional league.

Cristiano has scored 50 goals in the consecutive top-5 league and it is difficult to break these records.

Information about Cristiano Ronaldo’s Game

Cristiano Ronaldo is the world’s most famous footballer, who has so far scored 654 goals in his career.

When Cristiano jumps on the ball to hit the ball i.e., he uses more strength than the cheetah to apply that jump.

Cristiano runs at a speed of 130 kilometers per hour while hitting a free kick, which is a lot of speed.

Cristiano has scored a total of 107 goals with the help of his head, out of which he scored 65 goals for Real Madrid.

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When Cristiano started playing football, at that time he had added a little weight.Because of low weight, they were unable to control their speed while playing football.


Cristiano made by Ronaldo noble cause 

Apart from being a successful player Cristiano Ronaldo is also a social worker. They are also associated with many types of social services and keep charities from time to time.

Cristiano donates blood every year and they also encourage people to donate blood.

In 2012, Cristiano had auctioned the Golden Boot award he had received and all the money he had received from the auction they had built a school in Gaza with the money.

Cristiano is always ready to help people, and he had spent a full nine year child’s cancer.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend

Cristiano Ronaldo’s name has been associated with many girls and he has also done many actresses and models on a date.

Cristiano has had many girlfriends and their girlfriends names are: Kareena Ferro (Portuguese model), Jordan Jadel (Brazilian model), Merche Romero (Portuguese model), Soria Chaves (Portuguese model), Mia Judekan, Gemma Storey , Tise, Gemma Atkinson (British supermodel), Bipasha Basu, Nereada Gallardo, Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, Irina, and Georgia Rodriguez.

At this time Cristiano is dating Django Rodriguez, and these two were first seen together in 2016. The relationship between Georgina Rodriguez and Cristiano, along with their children, is quite good and they have often been seen with the children of Cristiano. Apart from this, Cristiano also has a child’s mother.

It is also being believed that Cristiano will soon be married to Georgia Rodriguez, and Cristiano’s mother recently gave a hint to Christiaano’s marriage soon in an interview.


Controversy with Cristiano Ronaldo 

Cristiano is as famous as the footballer, so much so that he is surrounded by controversies. However, the effect of these disputes has never been impacted on their career.

Was charged with rap

In 2005, Cristiano was charged with rape, and he has been arrested on this charge.However, shortly after the arrest, the police had left Cristiano, and after some time the girl who accused him had withdrawn the allegations. Cristiano’s image had a great effect on this controversy.

Club drinking controversy

In the year 2008, ‘Daily Mirror’ published a news in his newspaper, and in that news it was said that Cristiano went to a club and consumed a lot of alcohol there. After this news, Cristiano’s fans had a great deal of shock as Cristiano did not consume alcohol.Although this news later came out false and ‘Daily Mirror’ had given a vibration and had apologized to Cristiano for printing the news.

Cristiano’s son’s dispute related to the mother

Cristiano Ronaldo Jr., the son of Cristiano’s son, had a great deal of controversy about the identity of the real mother. It is said that this child from Cristiano gave birth to a 20-year-old woman and with this young girl Christia took her child’s castle money.

30th birthday celebration controversy

Cristiano’s team lost one match to their 30th birthday, but even after losing the match, Cristiano had celebrated his birthday with great fanfare, due to which he had a lot of criticism and his fans were quite upset with them. Had gone.

Cristiano total assets of ( Cristiano Ronaldo Net Worth And Assets )

Cristiano is the richest player in the world and he has to earn a lot of money through his game and many advertisements. Apart from this, Cristiano also has a brand named CR7 and under this brand many types of accessories are sold.


Involving Cristiano Ronaldo interesting things 

  • Cristiano has not made any kind of tattoo on his body. Because in most countries people who have tattoos on their bodies, their blood tests are first performed by blood donation. And this is done because the risk of getting blood related infection is high during tattoos.
  • Cristiano’s mother used to call her as childhood in the name of Cry Baby because football was played when she was not given to her by her colleagues during childhood, then she started crying.
  • Cristiano spends a lot of time with his children, and often he brings his older son along with several award functions.