Diabetes Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment and Reasons for being diabetic

Diabetes Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment and Reasons for being diabetic

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Diabetes is the problem of today’s time, which has spread its terror in the whole world. Diabetes can be controlled, but it cannot be eliminated by root. If diabetes is not controlled, its effect falls on kidney (kidney), eyes, heart and blood pressure. 

The amount of blood sugar or blood glucose increases in the body of diabetes. This happens when there is a lack of Hormone insulin in the body or that insulin does not fit the right rhythm with our body.

International Diabetes Day started with the aim of making people aware about diabetes. The year 1991 was the year when all the attention of the world went on the growing outbreak of this disease, and they announced the anniversary of international diabetes every year on November 14 with the aim of making people aware about it.


History of Diabetes

In the year 1991, the World Health Organisation took the initiative to create International Diabetes Day with increasing concern about the risk of health emerging from a disease called diabetes. It was officially celebrated throughout the world after passing the UN Resolution in 2006.

It is celebrated on 14th November, there is also a reason for celebrating this day. In fact, Frederick Banting’s birthday is on this day, and Frederick is the person who discovered the insulin in 1922 with Chalets Bait.

It is one of the world’s largest awareness campaigns, it is celebrated together in more than 160 countries by more than 1 billion people.


What is Diabetes?

Diabetes disease is not caused by any virus or germ. Food is energy source for human, this food turns into starch, then starch turns into glucose, which is transported to all cells, which gives energy to the body.

Insulin work as transmitter of glucose to other cells, and when insulin stop transmitting glucose to cells, sugar level of body rapidly increased, and this became diabetes disease. 

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Types of Diabetes 

Type 1: In the body of diabetic patients, the amount of insulin is reduced, which can be controlled but cannot be eliminated. In this, insulin is given to the patient from outside. As a result, their life continues to be normal.

In type 1 diabetes, pancreatic beta cells cannot make insulin, which is impossible to treat. It affects diabetics and young people up to 19 years of age very quickly.

Type 2: The body of the patient with type 2 diabetes are lower insulin levels or fails to use entirely the body insulin. In this, the body makes insulin, but in small amounts and many times those insulin does not work well. Type 2 diabetes can be controlled through yoga, diet and proper eating. This diabetes is for adults.

It is necessary to balance the amount of sugar in the body of a diabetic patient, because it can be fatal for the patient in both lower and higher conditions.


Reasons for Being Diabetic

Reasons for being diabetic

Reasons for being diabetic

  1. High blood pressure
  2. Genetic
  3. Insulin deficiency
  4. High cholesterol
  5. Not having the right food
  6. Tension
  7. Lack of physical work
  8. Drugs, Smoke


Symptoms of Diabetes

Symptoms of Diabetes

Symptoms of Diabetes

  1. Excessive appetite
  2. More sleep 
  3. Thirsty more passion 
  4. Urination 
  5. It takes too much time to fill a wound
  6. Numbness 
  7. Less visible in the eye
  8. Fast fatigue
  9. Sudden loss of weight
  10. Quick-fixation of anything


Stay Safe from Diabetes

Examine diabetes in the appropriate time interval.

Make changes in everyday habits of food, such as not taking sugar, taking frequent but frequent meals in pieces. 

Make a proper timetable throughout the day and follow it.

Take enough 6- 7 hours of sleep.

Take a balanced diet as well as not take fat.

Take care of your weight.

Include morning walk and yoga in routine.

Get the doctor’s advice for eating related information.

Take medicines regularly.

Whenever treatment of any kind of small or major disease is necessary to observe the diagnosis of diabetes, do not have any surgery to check any diabetes and if you have diabetes. First of all tell the doctor.

Such as – if a heart attack comes for any reason, it is not necessary that he feels a pain in the heart, it can cause pain in the jaw or left hand or sometimes there is no pain, so whenever there is panic and sweating without any reason, then immediately meet the doctor.


Some other Things

  • You should periodically check your blood sugar. If possible, keep a machine at home and check it every morning.
  • Follow good routine and diet plan.
  • Eat more than fibre-rich foods.
  • Walk in the sunlight 5-10 min in the morning and if possible, then do the sun salute.
  • Drink too much water.
  • Do not stress.

   Start – Yoga, Exercise, walking 


Why Diabetes Day

Why Diabetes Day

Why Diabetes Day

Diabetes is a common disease in today’s general public. Do you know that according to the World Health Organisation, around 350 million people worldwide are suffering from this disease in today’s time and this number will double in the next few years? So the main reason for celebrating it is to bring awareness about it in people.

Nearly 90 percent of deaths in low and middle income families are due to diabetes, so the main purpose of this program to run globally is to introduce these people to its risks and symptoms.

More than 50 percent of diabetic patients lose their life due to blockage and heart related problems. So one of the objectives of this World Health Organisation to celebrate this program is to give information about such hazards to the people.


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The Theme of World Diabetes Day

This is celebrated from many years, but for some years, it has started to be celebrated according to different themes. The main reason to keep different themes on this day is to focus people’s attention on the complications related to this disease. In the last few years, the themes is fixed for this program.


Slogan Based on Diabetes 
  • Diabetes is a silent killer, which ends the parts of our lives one by one.
  • Those who have diabetes, they are naturally sweet.
  • With less sweetness, life becomes sweeter.
  • There is no taste better than staying healthy.
  • I am not sick, just my panicarias are lazy.

If we treat diabetes as a disease and treat it as part of our life, it will be easier to deal with it. And if you have diabetes then there is no need to scare you, you need to just a little care, take care of it and considering it as part of your life, bring a little change in your lifestyle.

If you ignore it today, it may prove harmful to you in the future, so be cautious, and be sure to check your diabetes once in a year after the age of 40.

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