How to Manage Google Webmaster Tools for Better SEO

How to Manage Google Webmaster Tools for Better SEO

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It is very important to connect your website with Google Webmaster Tools. Let’s know why is so important.

Google Webmaster Tools is also a very important tool among many SEO tools. This tool is provided by Google itself, which monitors the Complete SEO of any embedded website.

It is very difficult to get information about it from Google Webmaster Tools. This tool is for webmasters only. I want to tell you already if you are writing good post and your post is being indexed correctly on Google, then there is no need to use this tool.

A slight mistake in Google Webmaster Tools may degrade your website’s appearance. Google’s bots automatically index all posts of your website when you publish them.


How to Improve SEO from google webmaster tools? 

To add your website to Google Webmaster Tools you will have to sign up on this site. If you have a Google Account, you can also login to it. After logging in, you will see a Dashboard, click on Add a Property to add website or blog. 


Add your website to Google Webmaster Tools

Add your website to Google Webmaster Tools


After adding any website, you have to verify that site. Google Webmaster Tools offers some different ways of verifying such as –


Uploading Root DirectoryBy downloading the HTML file and uploading it to your site’s root directory.


HTML Header TagBy placing the HTML tag on the header of your website.


Link Google Analyticsverifying your Google Analytics account with GW Tools.


Add DNS RecordAdd Website DNS record to your domain cPanel.


Google Webmaster Verification tool

Google Webmaster Verification tool

After Verification GWT

Once your website or blog becomes Ownership Verify in Google Webmaster Tools, you will be able to use all of its tools efficiently. It will also provide you the SEO reports every day on your website as soon as your website is added. Such as –


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Search Queries

You can learn about all the keywords in your website from this Search Query section. You can also find out about keywords of Search Pages, CTR, and Website’s Average Page Ranking.



The second most important thing is that you can get complete information about your internal and external links in Google Webmaster Tools. These links are backlinks to your website, so they need to be properly positioned.


Google Webmater Links

Google Webmater Links


If you think your website has been linked to a Harmful Website, you can also block that Harmful Link by using the Disavow file.

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Google Webmaster Tools Settings

Webmaster settings allows you to enable certain things like geographical target etc. If your blog or service is limited to a particular area, then configure it as such. WordPress itself worries www and non-www. Even then, I would recommend that you go to the Google webmaster tools and configure this settings. Crawl rate depends on how often you update your blog. I always leave it on Google. However, it updates your blog several times a day and week.


Crawl Errors

Google’s Bot always keeps your website crawl on Search Engine In such a situation, there may be some mistakes in the way of crawling your website links, Google Webmaster Tools provides information about those Errors at that time.



It is similar to the Search Query but in this option you can find out about all the keywords of the website added.

Manage your site’s Google site link

Site links are the pages of your site and website that Google considers to be useful. Many times Google also makes short link to useful posts and pages such as Disclaimer and Privacy Policy. In this situation, you can configure the site links of your website with this feature of the Google Webmaster Tools. You cannot link to your website’s site links but you can block unwanted links from here.


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This is another important section that you can use from the Dashboard. Here you can see all the Sitemaps on your website. If you do not add a Sitemap now, then definitely add your Sitemap by visiting Google Webmaster Tools.

On Google Webmaster Tools Dashboard, you can get more information about many things like Search Appearance, Search Traffic, AMP Optimization, International Targeting, Blocked Resources, Robots.txt Tester, and many other Security Issues.


Site Analysis

Finding top ranking keyword is the biggest challenge. The search queries feature of Google webmaster tools will tell you which keyword is doing the keyword rank. Along with that, you have a position on Google and how many links are connected to the post. They have corrected it some time ago and the post link and search engine placement feature have also been added to it. You can also use WordPress plugin like SEO Smart Link to convert keywords to auto link. This will also keep your rank and it will push your post from the second page to the first page.



Google webmaster tools is free and useful tools, if you still not using this Tools, start using it and Rank your page top on Search Engine.


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