Henry Ford | Biography, Hospital, Museum, Quotes, & Invention

Henry Ford | Biography, Hospital, Museum, Quotes, & Invention

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Henry Ford Biography, Hospital, Museum, Quotes, & Invention, Henry Ford ‘Henry Ford’ was a famous American businessman who founded ‘Ford Motor Company’. They created light, convenient and affordable cars and made it accessible to the general public, and made cars from the richness of the rich to the masses. Today they are remembered as the ‘Father of Cars’.

Henry Ford

July 30, 1863 to April 7, 1947

Born in Greenfield Township, Michigan, US

Founder of Ford Motor Company

Henry Ford Biography, Hospital, Museum, Quotes, & Invention

How did a farmer’s son own the world’s largest automobile company?

Henry Ford was the son of a farmer. His father wanted him to be a farmer like him. But Henry Ford had a big dream and continued to work towards completing that dream. Despite repeated failings, they did not falter, and on the basis of their passion and diligence, they became the owners of the world’s largest automobile company.

Birth and early life

Henry Ford was born on 30 July 1863 in the Green Field Township of the Michigan province of USA. His father William Ford was a farmer and Mata Marie Ford was a homemaker. Ford was the eldest of the six children of the parents.

Ford’s childhood was spent in his father’s farmhouse with his six siblings. From childhood he had a special tendency towards machines and he was famous among the neighbors as the “watch repairman”. Due to lack of interest in studies, their schooling was limited.

Father wanted to have his hand in the Ford family farming business. But since childhood, due to the tendency towards machines, at the age of sixteen, he went home to Detroit against father’s wishes.

Work as Trainee in Detroit

Detroit Reached Ford “James F. Flower and Brothers “became an apprentice in the company. A few months later, they started working as trainees in the “Detroit Dry Dock Company”. The salary was only two and a half dollars a week, but due to the lack of learning, his passion for work never diminished. To fulfill the lack of money, he started working on improving the clock at night. Which resulted in additional income of $ 2 per week.

Passion for steam engine

After completing three years of training, he returned to his father’s house. On returning, he got a job in “Westing House Engine Company” His work was to operate and operate the steam engine in the fields. During them, a passion became aware of the steam engine.

At the age of 25, he got married to ‘Clara Brian’. After marriage, he received a small portion of the land behind his farm from his father, in which he started earning his livelihood by establishing Sawmill. But their experiments on the gasoline engine continue as well.

Job in ‘Edison Illuminating Company

In 1891, he got an engineer’s job at ‘Edison Illuminating Company’ and he went to Detroit with his wife. With the job of getting their money problem diagnosed. But his dream was not job, promotion and earning money. The obsession of the gasoline engine was so far on them. Therefore, whenever the time was available from the company’s work, whether it was night or day, they used to put all their energy in different experiments. Soon he was promoted to Chief Engineer’s post. Now they started getting more time for their experiments.

Construction of the first car Ford Quadricycle

In 1893, Ford succeeded in building his first invention 4 Horsepower and 20mph automatic car, which he named Ford Quadricycle and displayed on the streets of Detroit. There were many drawbacks in this car. So, after selling it for $ 200, they were reunited in research.

The “Edison Aluminum Company” was going to stay busy in Ford’s research work. The company wanted them to stop their research and focus on electrical energy related tasks. So he was promoted to General Suprietta’s post and a salary of $ 1200 was proposed.

This proposal put Ford in a dilemma. On one hand, there was a secure future with good job, money, promotion opportunity, on the other hand, their dream of taking on uncertainty and risk path. But Ford chose the path of risk and resigned from the job by rejecting the promotion proposal. By now being free of pressure, they are busy preparing their plans for fulfilling their dreams.

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Establishment and failure of ‘Detroit Automobile Company’

Ford wanted to establish an automobile company and the biggest problem that was in front of him was – capital of But here luck favored them and Detroit’s iconic industrialist William H. Morphy and other bourgeoisie agreed to invest in their company. In this way, ‘Detroit Automobile Company’ came into existence in 1899.

It was his first step to complete his dreams. But the reality test was still left. This was the period when there was a lot of competition in the automobile sector in the US. Nearly 60 ambitious automakers were trying their luck in this sector. It was a big challenge to remain in this tough competition and to make your credentials. Ford’s company built 25 cars But all the cars were of the old model, which was unable to cope with the tough competition of the market and Ford’s company started losing.

Ford was redesigning the car, but due to the overwhelming length of time Morphy and other stakeholders got reliance on them and in January 1901 they demolished the ‘Detroit Automobile Company’. In this way, the steps extended by Henry Ford to fulfill his dreams got stuck on his first stop. The fate of his first automobile company was a tremendous blow to Ford.

Turning to the Racing Car and setting up ofHenry Ford Company’

Failing to overcome the failure of his first company, Ford unleashed the construction of the racing car and ‘C’. In the partnership of ‘Harold Wills’ in October 1901, he successfully produced 26 Horse Racing racing car and successfully performed it.

The racing car gave them the name, but this car was unusable for the public. Due to this, Ford’s car failed to reach the general public. On analyzing this failure Ford came to the conclusion that they should build cars that are accessible to the public. After meeting the goal of building light and small cars, they again met Morfi and asked for a second chance. Morphy and other stakeholders reassured her ability, and on 18 November 1901, ‘ Henry Ford Company ‘ was founded, in which Henry was Chief Engineer.

Conceptual differences between Ford and company partners

Henry Ford Biography, Hospital, Museum, Quotes, & Invention

Henry ford

Henry ford

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Since the establishment of the company, ideological differences arose between Ford and company’s partners. Ford favors creation of affordable cars for the public. On the other hand, the other partners wanted to keep the car on the same old path and make the luxury of the rich people. He started designing the car early on Ford and pressurized him to prepare for sale. At the same time, he took M. Liland to the company to make the supervisor to supervise Ford’s work. Disgusted, Ford left the company. In 1902, the company became “Kadal Merk Motor Company”

Establishment of Ford Motor Company

After the second failure, people started saying that Henry Ford has now ended after losing his two golden opportunities. But Ford did not give up and so turned to the racing car again. In collaboration with former racing cyclist Tom Cooper, he produced 80 + horsepower racing car ‘999’, which was launched in the racing championship. Racer Barney Oldfield waved the car of success by driving that car in the race. After this success, people started relying on their cars again. A few months later, Ford met Coal businessman Alexander Malkson, and he invested $ 28,000 and set up Ford Motor Company in June 1903, in which later the other investor was included.

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When the company launches the first car market, then the car racer Barney Oldfield carries out the car performing around the country. What was then, this Ford brand’s car became popular all over the country and due to its racing cars, Ford Motor Company came out. In 1904 the company sold 1745 Ford cars Then the ‘Model-N’ car came in the market, which was very successful. In 19906-07, his company earned $ 5 million by selling 9 000 ‘Model-N’ cars.

Construction of ‘Model-T’ car for the masses

Ford’s automobile company started running well, but the Ford dream of making a car of the common man was not completed yet. The car was still considered an object of luxury. Ford therefore decided to improve the car. To make a cheap car, there was a need to reduce the cost of the car and reducing the weight of the car was necessary to reduce the cost.

Ford used the vanadium steel metal to build his dream car, which was launched in the name of ‘Model T’ in 1908. This car was so cheap that the common man was able to buy it.

Ford has left no stone unturned in the publicity of this car. The ‘Model T’ car was covered in the advertisement of every news paper. Through a local dealer’s network, Ford took it to the reach of every American. In this way the car became so popular that like the rich, it became a vehicle of the common man too.

This car proved commercially useful – especially for the farmers. Now cars had become the main means of traffic, which boosted the high -way construction in the United States and increased consumption of oil. In the 20th century, there were two classes in America – the rich and poor classes. From the arrival of ‘model-t’ another class emerged in the USA, it was – middle class. Ford’s ‘Model-T’ car’s contribution in the rise of America and the rise of middle class is remarkable.

The first use of the assembly line

In 1913 Ford introduced the Automobile World to the innovative suite of assembly line, which used to make production of cars at widespread levels. The annual output of the car doubled in the Ford Company’s use of the assembly line.

Henry Ford Biography, Hospital, Museum, Quotes, & Invention

Full ownership of Ford Motor Company

Cars used to become so fast that the assembly of Ford’s company reached between $ 30 million and $ 60 million between 1914 and 1916, using the assembly line. With the sale of cars, Ford decreased its value. They reduced their margins, but made profits due to the higher sale of the car. By 1918 Ford had more than half of the cars in the United States. In December 1918, Henry Ford made his son Edel Ford the President of the company and within a few years his family acquired full ownership of Ford Motor Company.

After Model-T car, it was redesigned and created ‘Model A’ car, which also made the popularity record. Thus Henry Ford became the father of the world of cars. On April 7, 1947, Henry Ford died, but his legacy continues to this day. His predecessor William Clay Ford Jr. is today the Executive Chairman of ‘Ford Motor Company’. Ford Family is America’s richest family with net worth of about $ 2 billion.

If Henry Ford had given up after the initial two failures, then never can he reach the height of success. They took lessons from their failures, analysed them, and improved them and went ahead and today they are immortal in the name of ‘Father of the Cars’ in the world.