History Amazing Facts and Information about Estonia

History Amazing Facts and Information about Estonia

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History Amazing Facts and Information about Estonia, Freedom of Estonia:  Restored independence from Russia and was liberated on August 20, 1991.

Capital of Estonia:  Tallinn

Official Language:  Estonian

Resident:  Estonian

Area:  45,228 square kilometers which is 132nd in the world.

Population:  1,340,415 (As per 2007 census) which is 151st in the world.

Currency:  Euro (EUR)

History Amazing Facts and Information about Estonia

Baltic Country Estonia

Estonia (Estonia) is a country in three countries located in the Baltic region of Northern Europe.

Its borders meet Finland Gulf in the north, the Baltic Sea in the west, Latvia in the south and Russia in the east.

Denmark is ruled by Sweden Sweden Germany and Russia.

The modern name of Estonia (Estonia) is considered to be the thinking of Roman historian Tacitus.

Historian Tacitus mentioned the person in his book Germania as Aesti.

Estonia is considered to be the birthplace of Christmas tree.

Estonia is affected by the seasonal temperate climate.

Tallinn (Tallinn) is the largest city in Estonia.

Estonia is the least populous member of the European Union.

Estonia from September 22, 1921, the League of Nations, the United Nations since 17 September 1991, the European Union since 1 May 2004, and the NATO since March 29, 2004.

Elebrates Independence twice a year

It is an interesting fact in itself that Estonia (Estonia) has been liberated twice and this is why Estonia (Estonia) celebrates its independence twice a year on February 24 and another on August 20.

A tree named Sariman, located in the Orisare football field of Estonia, was selected to be the European Tree of the Year in 2015.

Estonia is an ideal country of Europe in the field of self-employment, and the number of self-employed in this country is highest in Europe according to the capita.

Open in 5 Minutes New Company

Estonia is the world’s official system so simple that any person here can file their income tax return within 10 minutes and it takes only 5 minutes to open any new company.

In 2012, Estonia stood third in the Press Freedom Economy. 
The name of Estonia is named after the name “Ests”, which means place of migrant people.

First country with flat tax system

Estonia is a country that has arranged a similar taxation here that means flat tax system.

According to a law of Estonia, every person walking anywhere on the road is required to carry a safety reflector with you. In the event of not being a safety reflexor, the government of Estonia imposes a fine of 400 euros on you.

Estonia is considered to be the cleanest place of the whole earth, and the most favorable air for breathing in all countries of the world is of Estonia, History Amazing Facts and Information about Estonia.

Approximately 50% of Estonia’s area is surrounded by dense forests and 22% of the area is cultivated.

Estonia is the most atheist country

According to a 2005 survey, Estonia is the world’s most atheist country; only 16 percent of the people in this country are called themselves religious.

Estonia is the creator of Skype

Perhaps you will not know that Skype was invented in this world and this country is technically very far in terms of prosperity and Internet. 
Chase Grandmaster Callers (Paul Keres) was of this world and after his death in 1975, 10000 people participated in his funeral.

Estonia is free traffic

Perhaps you are surprised to know this but the facility of traffic in Estonia’s capital, Tallinn is completely free. Such a step has not taken the government there so that there is no problem of pollution. This facility is for all the registered residents of Tallen City

In Estonia, you will have to keep your car’s headlight in the deper mode during the daytime it comes under the laws of Estonia.

Unique Public Network

When you go to Estonia’s airport in Delhi, you will be sticking to the business card on every wall, and this is a very interesting rule of the country that you can stick to your business card here, according to your need. Can pick up business cards.

In fact, this is a very good way to create a public network which is completely free.

History Amazing Facts and Information about Estonia



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Tartu’s intellectual capital

Tartu is Estonia’s second largest city, and it is also associated with the title of the intellectual capital of Estonia. This city was founded in 1632 by King Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden.

The world’s most beautiful people

The world’s most beautiful people are born in this world. This is the reason that the world’s most supermodel Capita is born in this world. 
Russian is spoken by the most spoken in Estonia.

Country with dwindling population

Estonia (Estonia) is a country where the population is declining day by day and only 21 people are born on a population of two thousand, History Amazing Facts and Information about Estonia.

Estonia (Estonia) is the world’s leading country in the field of café culture, you will find almost every and every cafe on the streets and how you also provide an environment like home. 
Estonia is one of the most developed nations of the world, here its economy and life standard are both very high.

WiFi network will also be available in the forests

If you travel to Estonia, then you can easily get internet connections in the forests as it is the most Internet-wide country in the world.

Estonia (Estonia) is the world’s first country to use the Internet in elections. In 2007, this world’s parliamentary election was first made on the Internet in the world. 

World’s second most educated country

In the case of literacy Estonia is the second country in the world, literacy is 99.8 percent.

The interesting game to play with the wife on her shoulder is played in Estonia and it is a big organizer of it. We will remember that on this theme in our country, Ayushmann Khurana and Land Pednekar have done a movie.

According to radio carbon dating, human settlements in Estonia had arrived 11000 years ago. 
In this world, most of the world’s Folk Song lovers are found in this world, the total collection of Folk Song is 133000.

History Amazing Facts and Information about Estonia

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Free Wi-Fi throughout the country

Estonia has free Wi-Fi in the whole country and on the basis of the number of Capita mobile phone holders, Estonia is the world’s largest country.

Estonia has become an important transshipment zone for cannabis, cocaine, and synthetic drugs since joining the European Union.