How Google is Top Search Engine Compare to other Search Engines

How Google is Top Search Engine Compare to other Search Engines

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How Google is Top Search Engine Compare to other Search Engines? If you do not know the answer to any question, or there is a confusion or need more information about something, then what do you do? It’s possible that your answer is – Google

How Google is Top Search Engine Compare to other Search Engines?

Google has now become a part of our everyday life, some people on the Internet believe it as their friend, and some do not even forget to call it their teacher. This week Google turns 20

Year-by-year or YUK says that click-through clicks have succeeded in becoming the Internet of Google Internet in its 20-year history. Before Google, there were many search engines, which people used to be frankly, but no one else could stand ahead of Google.

On September 4, 1998, engineers Larry Page and Sergey Brin started a project to reconstruct the information. With the help of this project, he went ahead and touched the bulwarks. Today Google has millions of questions every day. And their founders are the owners of billions.

Google’s supremacy is such that we may never even imagine how the previous search engines would be. But before Google, there were also many search engines who had achieved success.

Web crawler

google Crawler

google Crawler

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How Google is Top Search Engine Compare to other Search Engines

The web crawler was the world’s first search engine in which you could search by typing all the words simultaneously. It was designed several years ago by Google.

Its name means that web spider or web crawler means a computer program that is still used. Google has also written on its website giving details of it, “We use spiders to gather publicly available information while presenting the information correctly on the web page.”

It was made by Brian Pinkerton, a Washington University student from the United States. In the year 1995, USA Online (now called AOL) was bought. In 2001, it was in the hands of the company named Infospace.

The web crawler became popular in a short span, but after some time the use of a new search engine called Lycos started reducing its use.


In 1995, USA’s Carnegie Mellon University brought a research project named Lecos, which was later bought by the company called Terra. This was the most visited website in 1999.

But Merger with Terra failed, the company sold to the South Korean company and then it was bought by an Indian online marketing firm.

High view

In 1995 alone, another search engine named Altavista was born, the biggest loss to Google this coming from Google.

These search engines were different from the rest, but Google brought a better product and captured the market.

Yahoo had bought it in 2003, but after 10 years it was forced to close.


Excite was launched in 1995 and it was one of America’s most favorite brands in the 90’s, but with the end of the century its decline started.


Yahoo succeeded, but its founders took up their pockets and the quality did not improve, probably this is where Yahoo got beaten by Google.

How did google succeed

How Google is Top Search Engine Compare to other Search Engines

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Google was the first search engine and was doing a lot of good performance, but what was the reason behind which Google has managed to beat everyone. 90 percent of the internet is done on Google, and about 60 percent of online advertising comes from here.

Attempting to give a personalized feeding to everyone and trying something new has helped Google reach this goal.

Google’s algorithm also played a big role in it.

Google founder Page and Brin came in 1999 with Peaser Canvous algorithm. It ranks a page between 1 to 10 according to the utility. One can make billions of billions of billions of billions of times in this time.

Its creators write on Google’s help site, “You want the answer, not millions of web pages. Our system sends the results according to the need.”

But Page and Brin have kept several formulas secret, which make Google better than others. So they keep changing these constantly.

Perhaps Google’s greatest achievement is that it has managed to understand the needs of the people.