India which is divided into pieces became Hindustan and Pakistan

India which is divided into pieces became Hindustan and Pakistan

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India which is divided into pieces became Hindustan and Pakistan, When the country was divided into two parts – India and Pakistan. Take a look at some important dates related to the history of division.

In December 1885, the first meeting of the Indian National Congress was held in Mumbai. In the first twenty years, the Congress’s emphasis was on independently improving the condition of the Indian people living in British Raj.

But after the Partition of Bengal in 1905, the Congress hastened the demand for political reform and ultimately raised the voice for full swaraj.

India which is divided into pieces became Hindustan and Pakistan

In 1906, the Muslim League was established to “protect the rights of Indian Muslims”.


Gandhi and Jinna

Jinnah and Gandhi

Jinnah and Gandhi

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In February, 1938, Mahatma Gandhi and Mohammed Ali Jinnah started negotiations to resolve the ongoing tension between Hindus and Muslims in the country. But these talks failed in July. In December, the Muslim League formed a committee to investigate “the persecution of Muslims”.


Pakistan Proposal

A major stop in the creation of Pakistan came on March 23, 1940. On this day, the Muslim League made a proposal in Lahore, which later came to be known as the ‘Pakistan Proposal’. Under this proposal was proposed to be made a completely independent Muslim country.

At the same time, Viceroy Linlithgo announced the August proposal, in which the announcement of the appointment of Indian delegates to the Executive Council and a new war advisory council was announced. The Congress and the League rejected the August proposal and on 17 October the Congress non-cooperation against English rule and televised the civil disobedience movement.


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Sir Stafford Cripps

British Prime Minister Winston Churchill tried to remove the political and legal stalemate. Those that went to announce the British Parliament on March 11, 1942 England’s famous socialist leader Sir Stafford Cripps will soon be sent back to India with new tips that will interact with the leaders of political reforms.

Sir Stafford Cripps came to Delhi on 22-23 March, 1942. He talked long to Indian leaders and the Cripps proposal was published on March 30.

Indian Nationalists rejected the proposals of the Cripps Mission

In 1942, the Quit India Movement started under Mahatma Gandhi’s leadership.


Pakistan’s Demand

Mahatma Gandhi and Jinnah talked about Pakistan’s demand in September 1944, but these talks failed. There were deep differences between the two on this issue.

Jinnah wanted Pakistan first and independence later, while Gandhi had said that freedom should be given first. Freedom in which the majority of the majority of the temporary government, assures the identity of the Muslims to be safeguarded.

In 1946, the Muslim League separated itself from the Cabinet Mission’s plan and started the agitation, after which the entire country started getting hit.

India which is divided into pieces became Hindustan and Pakistan

Great Calcutta Killings

The first wave of violence started in Calcutta between August 16 and 18. In the event of ‘Great Calcutta Killings’, about 4,000 people were killed, thousands were injured and about one lakh people were homeless in this incident. The fire of this violence spread to the Noakhal district of East Bengal and Bihar.

On 29 January, the Muslim League demanded dissolution of the Constituent Assembly, communal violence started in Punjab in February.


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Lord Mountbatten

Britain’s Prime Minister Clement Attlee announced that Britain would leave India until June 1948, and Lord Mountbatten would take over the post of Viceroy.

On 24 March Lord Mountbatten took oath as the Viceroy and Governor-General.

On 15th April Gandhi and Jinnah together appealed to the common people to stay away from violence and disorder.


Broadcast of All India Radio

On June 2, Mountbatten talked about the plan of partition from Indian leaders and on 3rd June Nehru, Jinnah and Baldev Singh, representative of Sikh community, gave information about this scheme in the broadcast of All India Radio.


Independence Day

Finally on 14th August, a new country became Pakistan and Pakistan celebrated its first Independence Day.

Between the UK and India, there was a transition of power between 12 o’clock on the night of August 14 and on August 15, India celebrated its first Independence Day.

India which is divided into pieces became Hindustan and Pakistan

Line of separation

About twenty-nine million people were forced to leave their homes and change the country. Estimated 5 to 10 million people were killed in violence. Thousands of women were abducted. The history of such tragedy is very rare in the pages of history.

Such a massacre in which the line of separation came with a sense of humor, helplessness and cruelty. This line left behind such a wound that even today the two countries have not been fully filled.

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