Information and Israel’s unique and interesting things

Information and Israel’s unique and interesting things

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Information and Israel’s unique and interesting things, Israel is one of the smallest and new nations in the world, surrounded by enemy nations from all sides, and enemy countries like those who want to eliminate Israel in any way, But still, his enemies from Israel fear the nation, not Israel. In this post we will know about the power of Israel, its people, but in brief you have been told what kind of country Israel is. 

Information and Israel’s unique and interesting things

The enemy country of Israel also says that Israel always lives in the fur rack of killing its enemies and killing them. All this is possible because of the self-respecting and patriotic people of Israel. Let us know some interesting facts about Israel that every Indian in today’s times is very important to know.

Israel Jewish Nation

  1. Israel is the only Jewish nation in the world, and Israeli policy is that if there is a Jew anywhere in the world, then it would be considered a citizen of Israel.
  1. In most new nations of the world, Israel (Israel) is a nation whose age is only 67 years. 
  1. After the religion of Israel, now talk of Israeli national language, let us know that Israel’s national language is Hebrew and Hebrew is said to be that the Hebrew language had ended in the middle and this No language was left to learn any language. But after the establishment of Israel, the nation’s devout Jewish people made Hebrew their official language of Hebrew and thus Hebrew was re-established. It is not like your own India that is ashamed to speak its national language.

Israel Population

  1. The total population of Israel is equal to 90 million i.e. less than the population of our city of Delhi. And four Israelis cannot even make up the population of Uttar Pradesh, but Israel’s impression still gets you in every part of the world and in every subject.
  1. Israel is the only country in the world where military training is mandatory for every citizen and every citizen of Israel is required to work in the army for some time, even if he is the son of the prime minister of that country. Similarly, it is mandatory for women in Israel to get military training. You understand friends, we have remained worshiping women as Goddesses, but in actual fact female power is considered in Israel.

Israeli Air Force

  1. If we talk about the Air Force of Israel, then Israeli Air Force is the world’s fourth largest air force. This air force is so powerful that countries like America and Russia are also afraid of them. Only US, Russia and China are ahead of Israel in terms of AF power, Israel’s unique and interesting things.
  1. Israel (Israel) Despite its very low population and area, it is included in both the countries of the world who own satellite systems. One fact linked to Israel’s satellite system is that Israel does not share its satellite with any country and has the capacity to run Israel’s drone only because of its satellite.

Israel anti-belistic missile

Obama at Israel

Obama at Israel

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Information and Israel’s unique and interesting things

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  1. Israel is the only country in the world that is fully complete with anti-ballistic missile defense system, that is, the entire borders of Israel and every part of the anti-belistic missile is engaged. For this reason, despite all the surroundings of its enemies, Israel is still safe. Many militant outfits across the Arab countries attack Israel every day, but all the rockets are destroyed on the way due to their defense system.
  1. If we talk about the environment, then Israel is the world’s first and only country, in which the country has more than this century tree, which means that Israel is ahead in power, but apart from that, There are too much awareness in the case too.
  1. Braille script is used in Israeli notes, so blind people can also note its notes. This is the first such note of your kind.
  1. Since the birth of Israel, many Muslim nations have been its enemies, due to which it has fought seven major wars and once it was attacked by 7 countries, but in that fight Israel Only got the victory, Israel’s unique and interesting things.
  1. Israel spends most of the world on the defense sector in proportion to GDP.
  1. We told you earlier that all the students or youth of Israel, whether it is a boy or a girl, must join in the army, and in the army, the duration of the boys is three years. And there are two years for girls.
  1. The first phone was made by the Motorola company in Israel.
  1. The first Pentium chip was made in Israel for Israel, and the first voice mail was also developed in Israel.
  1. As already mentioned above, that the seven countries had attacked once upon the Israelites, and in this war alone Israel had defeated those seven Muslim countries together and the area where those people Disputed were telling, that Israel also took possession. That is, we do not like the Indian bereavement leaders who will go on losing all the battles on the table.
  1. A strange fact about Israel is that Israel has not left any of its enemies alive to this day. The death of all the enemies who attacked Israel is certain.
  2. India’s number one enemy is disgusting with Israel too. It can be estimated from the point that on every Pakistani passport it clearly states that this passport is valid in any country other than Israel.
  1. Israel’s most strange fact is that you cannot clean your nose on Sunday. Now that’s why it will have to know from Israel itself, Israel’s unique and interesting things.

Israel’s Separation

  1. After Israel became a separate nation, in 1952, the United States proposed Albert Einstein to become Israel’s Prime Minister, but we rejected this proposal by Albert Einstein.
  1. The world’s first antivirus is also made in Israel. The first antivirus was made in Israel in 1979.
  1. Cruel to pigs in Israel is completely prohibited. You may also be jailed on doing this.
  1. Israel is the world’s largest diamond cutting and polishing center. Here, the most hero of the world is the whole house.
  1. The smallest Bible in the world is also made in Israel, which is only 4.16 millimeters wide.
  1. Israel, according to its population needs, 95% of its food grains are grown. In the case of agricultural products, Israel is almost completely self-reliant.
  1. A sample of hard work and intelligence of the people of Israel. You see that in the past 25 years, the agricultural production of Israel has increased 7 times but water is used as much as before.
  1. About 90% of the population in Israel uses solar energy, which is the highest in the whole world.
  1. Israel also has the third place in the world in terms of business. There is more than 3500 technology companies in Israel which comes second to the world after Silicon Valley.
  1. Israel is a small country inhabited in the Middle East, but the Israeli media enjoys the greatest freedom compared to the entire Arab media.
  1. You might be surprised to know that there are only 40 bookstore shops in Israel, because the government only provides the book to every person in Israel.
  1. Israel is the only country in the entire Arab world where women and men have the right to equalize.
  1. Israel has only 273 km long coastal coast, but Israel has also maintained 137 official beach.
  1. According to the population, the highest university is located in Israel.
  1. Finally, a small sample of Israel’s aggression and patriotism tells us that, in 1972, when the Muslim terrorists of Palestine killed 12 Israeli players in the Munich Olympics in Germany, then the then Israeli Prime Minister 

Information and Israel’s unique and interesting things

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‘Golda Mayer’ Neither did he condemn the incident nor did he give a statement of peace like the poor leaders of our country, but he is a dead player Calling the people of their families that we will take revenge of this and after that they only told their intelligence agency ‘Mosad’ that any terrorist in any part of the world may be a terrorist who is involved in this incident Even kill them and they did the same.