Jack Ma Biography introduction and stablishment story of alibaba group

Jack Ma Biography introduction and stablishment story of alibaba group

  01 Nov 2018  

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The story is of a belligerent person Jack Ma who has been working as a tourist guide for many years; Who could not get a small job even after several attempts. He was rejected in 30 job interviews, but despite this, he did not give up, and persistently pursuing his rejection as a new opportunity to do something else. With this battle he created a huge business empire and today he is the richest person in China.

This story is from Alibaba Group’s Founder & Executive Chairman “Jack Ma”. Alibaba Group is a Chinese e-commerce company that provides business-to-business, business-to-consumer and consumer-to-consumer sale service through a web-portal. It is the world’s largest retailer, operated in more than 200 countries. It is also the world’s largest internet company.

Jack Ma Biography and introduction 

Let’s know the success stories of Jack Ma and Alibaba Group.

Birth and early life of Jack Ma

Jack Ma was born on September 10, 1964, in the Hanzhu village of Xiziang province of China. After his birth, he was named “Ma Yun” by his parents. To earn livelihood, his parents used to roam freely and play traditional songs. She has a big brother and a younger sister.

The main language in China is Mandarin and it is not considered necessary to speak English. But Jack Ma had a passion to learn English since childhood. Therefore, he used to go cycling every day to a hotel near his home. They used to practice English by talking to foreign tourists staying in broken English.

He started working as a guide in the hustle of learning English. In their spare time, they used to travel to foreign tourists for free. In this way they got an opportunity to spend more time with them.

For nine years, he did the same job as guide. This work not only learned English but also gained knowledge of Western civilization, technique and style.

While touring foreign tourists, they also became friendly to one foreign tourist. After going back to his country he used to write a letter to Jack. He was named after him “Jack Ma”, because Jack’s Chinese name was very difficult to speak and write. Since then, he is known as “Jack Ma”.

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Jack Ma’s Education

Jack Ma was not good at studies. In Fifth grade they failed twice and three times in the eighth. After completing school education, after completing the entrance examination of the University, he failed three times.

He was rejected 10 times by the famous Howard University. After that he joined the Hanzau Teachers Training Institute and completed graduation from there in 1988.

After completing the graduation, he worked as an English teacher for a salary of $ 15 a month in a local college for 5 years. During this time, he applied for jobs in many other places.

Continuous Rejection in Jobs

Wherever they apply for Jack Ma Jobs, they get disappointed from them. He applied for job at 30 different places, but he was rescued from everywhere.

The first interview he gave for the police job, but he was rejected due to his deal-doll.

When KFC opened for the first time in China, a job advertisement for 23 people came out. 24 people applied for that job, out of which Jack Ma was one. 23 out of 24 people were selected for the job. Jack Ma was the only candidate who was rejected.

First Time use of Internet

After being continually rejoined in Job Interview, he decided to try hand in bunisess and opened a translation company. From his company’s work, he went to the United States in 1994. There they got the opportunity to use Internet for the first time.

The first word he searched on Internet was – ‘Bear’ beer ‘i.e.’ bears’ During the search, they received information from different countries related to ‘beer’, but they did not receive any information related to Chinese Bear.

Then he searched other general information related to China on the Internet. But they were surprised that no information about China was available on the Internet. Jack Ma was unhappy with no information about his country on the Internet. They felt that their country was far behind in the technical field compared to other countries.

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Beginning of Ugly.com Website

To provide information related to China, he teamed up with his friends to create a website, which he named – ugly.com. Within 5 hours of making this website, they got e-mails of some Chinese people who wanted to know about them. After this incident, he realized that a lot can be done with Internet.

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The establishment of a company called China Yellow Pages

Jack Ma introduced a company in 1995 with the help of his wife and friends to put $ 20000. The job of this company was to create a website for other companies. They named their company ‘China Yellow Pages’.

In one year the company earned $ 80000. But due to lack of capital investment, the company could not be more successful and had to close it.

After that Jack Ma worked as President in an IT company founded by ‘China International Electronic Commerce Center’ between 1998 and 1999. After resigning from there in 1999, they came back to China.


After returning to China, he started his first business-to-business market website alibaba.com (Alibaba.com) at his home for $ 60,000 with his 17 friends. The purpose of this website was to connect to various suppliers and buyers of the world.

alibaba.com had some problems initially. Due to which many people in Silicon Valley had termed this project as a defunct business model.

But in 1999 and 2000, two big companies ‘Goldman Sachs’ and ‘Soft Bank’ invested a total of $ 25 in alibaba.com. This investment helped in the growth of alibaba.com. After this the company has never looked back.

Excluding eBay.com from China

Jack Ma’s team created auction website named taobao.com in 2003. By that time, eBay.com was dominated by a large portion of China’s auction market. But taobao.com showed eBay.com the exit route within 4 years.

Apart from this, Jack Maa alipay, aliyun, tmall etc. also created sites, which is only under Alibaba group.

Today, Jack Ma is the richest person in China. They also count in the world’s rich. Their total assets are more than $ 20 billion. His company Alibaba ‘Alibaba’ network is more than Facebook. Jack Ma’s company ‘Alibaba’ alone does more than make amezon and ebay toge