Larry Page A Google inventor and Larry Page’s Biography and History

Larry Page A Google inventor and Larry Page’s Biography and History

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Larry Page A Google inventor and Larry Page’s Biography and History, Change is the rule of the world and no one can change this law of nature. In earlier times, people used to go to the Guru’s ashram to gain knowledge, some time later people used to earn knowledge through the Kitabo. But gradually the time changed and there were many changes in this cycle.

Nowadays people do not see the books open for information about any thing, all people now get all information from the help of internet. All this is the invention of science.

But who ever thought of working so much information on the computer? What is such a thing inside a computer that gives us information properly without any delay? Which is such a person who thought that all the information about the world could easily get us to click on a button.

Larry Page A Google inventor and Larry Page’s Biography and History

Google inventor Larry Page – Larry Page Biography

Today we are going to talk about the same person who changed the whole world with this invention. The name of that person is Larry Page who discovered the world’s largest invention and named it Google. Today there will be no such person who Google will not know.

Great people like Larry Page started this Google search engine We are going to give you this information about how this great person has lived so far.

Larry Page Biography – Larry Page life Information

Larry Page A Google inventor and Larry Page’s Biography and History



Lary Page Born

Larry Page is a businessman and computer scientist who, along with Brin, with his school friend, started the world’s largest Google search engine in 1998.

Born on March 26, 1973 in Michigan, Larry Page’s parents were computer experts. 

Lary page Study

He studied computer engineering from Stanford University. She met Sergey Brin at the same university.

Together they made a search engine that created pages in one go after all, and both of them gave Google the name. The search engine named “Google”, which began in 1998, has become the world’s largest and most famous search engine.

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Google Setup and Extensions – Google Installation

When Larry Page was working on his PhD research project in Stanford in 1995, he met his fellow researcher Sergey Brin . By 1996, he had also created a search engine, he initially named it ‘BackRub’. He was also run on Stanford’s server for several months.

But in September 1998 their project was renamed ‘Google’ and it was made a company.

In 2001 Eric Schmidt was appointed the company’s CEO and Page and Brin respectively became president of the product and technology, respectively.

Google launch

In 2004, Google launched a site called Social Networking named orkut, as well as Google Desktop Search. In the same year, Google placed its company’s initial public offering (IPO) in front of people, due to which Page and Brin became millionaires.

In order to serve the society and to help the society, in time, a branch called was started.

The year 2005 proved to be very good for Google Google Maps, Blogger Mobile, Google Reader, and iGoogle, were released only in 2005. The next year Google bought Youtube as well and included a feature called Chat Name in Gmail.


In 2007, Google started working in partnership with China Mobile and Google has signed a number of partnerships for the need for Google Apps to teach thousands of children of Kenya and Rwanda for free.

Larry Page was appointed Google’s new CEO in 2011 and former CEO Eric Schmidt was appointed Executive Chairman of the company.

Larry Page A Google inventor and Larry Page’s Biography and History

Larry Page Passion

Larry Page has been very close to the computer since childhood. Why did all the people in their homes read, and the special thing is that both their mother and father used to work in the field of computer. He had an attachment to the computer since his childhood. Hence, in the future, he got an engineering degree in computer.

When he was studying in college, he used to work on some other project at that time too. In college days, he thought of creating a Google search engine and he succeeded in it, but the only difference was that at that time he did not name the search engine.

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