Las vegas hotels at affordable, spend Weekend in Las Vegas

Las vegas hotels at affordable, spend Weekend in Las Vegas

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Las vegas hotels at affordable, spend Weekend in Las Vegas, You have 72 hours and you will want to memorize every moment of it. 

Although there are plenty of comfortable rooms in Vegas, some of which are the world’s most expensive resorts, seeing the idea of ​​gold will be very difficult in your mind. 

If you make the best of time here, you will be able to enjoy everything you love.

 Las Vegas hotels at affordable, spend Weekend in Las Vegas

First Day Friday Las Vegas

Do not open the baggage – it’s a long time for him. You have reached Los Angeles and you will already be hungry. Enjoy delicious food at the Four Seasons of the Charlie Palmer Steak. 

According to the Great Steakhouse tradition, Charlie Palmer Steak is a comfortable, spacious restaurant whose new menu is very traditional. After lunch, try to resolve any criminal case in MGM Grand’s CSI whose experience is very great. 

This multi-sense charm will give you the opportunity to solve a mystery related to one real life in the role of crime scene researcher. 

The matinee of the noon will be found in the King, comedy magician Mac King! His show is a very popular family show that started a decade ago!

Visit the Mob Museum to learn about the history of Las Vegas, which has been made artificially, but in a very attractive way, about the most notorious criminals of Las Vegas. 

Going forward in the city, look at BonnieDard in the Neon Museum, which is the only place of attraction during the day, where you will see many interesting and important things from the beginning of the 1930s to the early 90s. 

You can also see a blast of the National Atomic Testing Museum, and special tasks are done on the Nevada Test site and its impact on the country is shown.

Friday 8:00 PM 

Learn about your tickling bones in the tropicana laugh factory located in Las Vegas, where the rosters used by comedians and depicted about the emerging stars of comedy. 

In the beginning, this loft factory included many comedians, who were called by the USA Today 1 was recognized as the comedy club.

Jello in The Cosmopolitan, Chef Jose Andre’s Spanish restaurant is a eight-seater single room with 10 to 12 silver utensils. 

Master of Cooking Chef Jose Andres offers authentic flavors of Las Vegas from Spain with their award-winning Jelio restaurant, under which the enthusiasm and views of Las Vegas are included. 

Jélio is one of the first successful roostorners in the country, which has established standards for Spanish dishes in the United States for almost two decades.

You can also enjoy the TGS Steakhouse in Westgate Las Vegas Resort and Casino.

Friday Late night Las vegas 

Las vegas hotels at affordable, spend Weekend in Las Vegas

Las vegas Night club

Las vegas Night club

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The Las Vegas nightlife is really great. All the celebrities come here. They enjoy fun with dance and music just like you. This is possible only if you are fond of living at night, party and having a fun life. 

Here everyone goes to these clubs just like stars, in which the Marquee nightclubs of Paris’s Chateau Nightclub and Cosmopolitan are just some such names. 

There are many such options available at this place, but one thing that can be doubtless is that the nightclubs of Las Vegas have achieved a mythological position. 

So keep your party dress and shoes as Las Vegas’s Velvet Nightclubs are known for this in the world. The dance floor is very big, people heart beats here and the drinks here are very tasty.


Second day at Las vegas

Saturday at 9:00 am

Before breakfast and before dinner, there is a lot to enjoy there! If your attraction is about different species of animals, learn about Las Vegas’s wildlife. Visit Flamingo, Wild Life Habitat in Flamingo Las Vegas and see the flamingos, swans, ducks, some, goldfish and turtles of Chile.

Are you fond of adventure games? We have also taken special care of you; Even if you are fond of air, land or sea activities. 

The Stratosphere Casino, the Hotel and Tower is an incredible sight of the skyscrapers of Vegas and the 1,149-foot tower is one of Las Vegas’s finest venues. 

Starting with the Sky Jump in the Stratosphere, it gives a great pleasure. Jumping from the 108th floor is the highest jump in the world, and the best way to see the city – where you land on very fast speed. 

Apart from this, shout and wait as fast as you can, above the tower. A magnificent attraction for flying at the height of Slatzilla, but where you descend above the people in the streets with the zip line video canopy in a rope’s Sahara firmament. 

The Stratosphere is everything in its own right – a spectacular view, the most exciting ride in the country, a charming casino, and different options for food and a variety of living space.

Broke to eat out with beautiful people – take a great view (believe it, it’s a really appreciated!).Enjoy the lunch and Jimmy Buffett Margarita in Flamingo Las Vegas. 

This multi-lingual Caribbean-themed entertainment venue, Las Vegas Strip, has five distinct bars, live entertainment filled nights (in town or away from the city) and 3000 square feet apart from seeing the retail outlet outside. 

Journey to Jimmy Island, including Cheeseburger in the menu signature Paradise, has its own pleasure. Outdoor dining is also available.

3.00 pm Las Vegas

The Mirage for Siegfried and Rae Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat is a special place. 

Secret Garden is home to imperial white tigers, white lions, black panthers, mountain leopards and golden tigers. Dolphin Habitat, near the Secret Garden, is home to an extended family of Bottlenos Dolphin. 

Do you have enough courage to look at? How would you like to swim with a shark at Shark Reef Aquarium in Mandalay Bay? 

A person can enjoy roller coaster from a certain height, but it should be brave, who can swim with sharks in Shark Reef Aquarium in Mandalay Bay. 

There will be no cage in it – only you will be; The space below 13 million gallons of water, with 30 sharks, tigers, sand and sharks in white strip rock. 

See nearby dangerous and unusual sea creatures in the Shark Reef Aquarium of Mandalay Bay. 

Travel to the remains of ancient temple ruins and the journey of a submerged ship surrounded by various species of sharks and species of other violent animals.

9:00 pm at Las Vegas

Dine in Cosmopolitan’s Wicked Spoon Buffet where you will find all kinds of dishes to calm your hunger. In addition to fancy and seasonal dishes with top quality knowable staples. 

This Las Vegas food will not only satisfy your hunger but also attract you to the search.

After dinner, go to Win Las Vegas XS. The XS Night Club offers a beautiful and vibrant club atmosphere that is surrounded by the sparkling pool of the Ink. 

The new club is formed in collaboration with Steve Win and Las Vegas Nightclub Impresario Victor Dry who have made a great meeting place together.

For the celebrities who come to Las Vegas, in fact, primetime is the best place to entertain.


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Day 3 at Las Vegas

Sunday: 10:30 a.m.

Visit Simon Place of Palm Place for the most popular Sunday brunch here. Chef Kerry Simon will present the most famous dish of his hand at the Simon Place of Palm Place. 

This restaurant will introduce you with the latest seasonal items and quality-filled organic spices. A view of Simon’s dramatic outdoor pool and cabana is also seen in Palm Place.

Las vegas hotels at affordable, spend Weekend in Las Vegas

Las vegas

Las vegas

After that, after shopping in the city center, as well as your famous chef in the crystal restaurant, such as Wolfgang Punk and Todd English and Las Vegas, taste the delightful dishes prepared by the first Maestro Ocean Club. 

This 500,000-square-foot retail and dining restaurant is Las Vegas’s premier shopping experience. Citycenter, lavish hotel with luxurious multi-use development features, luxury retailers and restaurants and entertainment can be enjoyed at one place. 

Crystal Shokesh is an unprecedented series that is an unmatched location with many stores in the world’s most exclusive retail vendors.

Las Vegas is like a paradise for people shopping. You will find everything that you want to take in the flagship show goods, which is spread over an area of ​​20 million square feet, making it the place to make the biggest shopping of the Las Vegas Strip. 

The fashion show Neman-Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdale’s Home, Macy’s, Delords, Forever 21 and Nordstrom’s stores are a great place and there are more than 250 shops and boutiques here. 

Diane et al-cigondo, Meijianoj Little Italy, RA Sushi, Capital Grill, California Pizza Kitchen, Strip Burger, Johnny Rockets, NM Cafe and

Nordstrom Marketplace Café As it does, it shows only that this fashion shows include the Elevated Runway, fashion shows and special promotions for the stage event.

4:00 PM

Relax and feel the young spirits, which can be arranged in the Treasure Olexandra Spa and Salon. There is more than one spa in more than one in Las Vegas – so make your plans for the same and get self-satisfaction.

7:00 PM

A spectacular view can be seen from the top of the 550-foot-long, high roller Las Vegas strip. 

Observation wheel which is set in the middle of the strip and is the main site of open air shopping, dining and entertainment, called the link. 

In the High Roller, about 40 people can sit together, in which 40 people can be closed and sit in air-conditioned transparent pods. 

Along with the panoramic views of the strip, passengers can also enjoy the Las Vegas Valley and the mountainous scenes.

Do not forget to see the fantastic acrobatics in Bellagio. 

The “O” show is a supernatural, lazy show in which air, fire, and most importantly – water tricks are included. The 85 acrobat crew, which are synchronized swimmers and divers, who perform their feats in 1.5 million gallons of water.

At 10:00 p.m.

Las vegas hotels at affordable, spend Weekend in Las Vegas

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For dinner, go to the Crush of MGM Grant where the famous fare is served by famous food and wine, spirit and beer certified by experts. 

Dine in two different areas, which are unmatched and excellent architecture. The natural sun appears at the entry point. There are also food selars in the Garden area, with a barrel vault sealing with a white brick. 

Enjoy the shared plates with the new Cosmopolitan menu. Here small plates are also made and large plates are also made for food with the family.

A number of luxurious amenities have been made in this bar, such as Mon Amie Geby in Paris Las Vega, the French bistro in bonuses, which will be given in the famous Belizeo Fountain in the street.

Your trip will not be considered complete without being photographed in the magnificent Welcome to Fables Las Vegas sign or Fountain of Bilezio.

There is a lot to see here – make your plans according to the time and make sure at least 72 hours of time. 

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