learn How to buy Bitcoin from your mobile step by step guide.

learn How to buy Bitcoin from your mobile step by step guide.

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learn How to buy Bitcoin from your mobile step by step guide, Bitcoin is smarter way to make money online, this is the great way where investor can invest his money, bit coin is one of the reliable way of investment. Here iam going to tell you how to buy bit coin with your mobile phone.

 Bitcoin is leading Cyrptocurrency in the virtual market  ,here is some other cyrptocurrency which is also leading the virtual market such as : Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin. You can  visit on: coin market  for How to buy Bitcoin

learn How to buy Bitcoin from your mobile step by step guide

Disclaimer: this article is knowledge purpose, we not give any advice for investment in bitcoin or any other virtual currency , sometime market may be goes on lost , so before investing , check the term and condition of market, How to buy Bitcoin  

 So we are going to tell you how to buy bitcoin here is great app called coinbase, coinbase is one of the great app which can allow you to buy bitcoin easily,

 How to buy Bitcoin


How to Download the app

engadgeto coinbase1

You can easly invest if you decide to buy bitcoin or trading in other cryptocurrency, the coinbase  make it super easiest way to invest in virtual market,

Here is link to download apps for your handy device,

For android click  here.

Apple download here.

How to work with this app


1. one time registration


Once you installed the coinbase app its very easy to register , its free app so you can easily customise,

Remember during ragistration

Provide correct name which is mention on your identity card, provide valid email id and password so you can easly verified via email confirmation,

learn How to buy Bitcoin from your mobile step by step guide

coinbase dasboard

After confirmation what you can do with your coinbase app

After successfully registration your app screen which will show you the current market prices of cyptocurrency, and value of the bit coin , this will be only screen view, you still cant buy or sell bitcoin,

Remember this was the only app registration process you need to verified this app with your current phone number, (How to buy Bitcoin)

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a) Phone verification

under app section fill your valid mobile number and get verified with OTP- one time password,


b) Payment method

First You have to confirm of your payment method so after that you can start buy and sell from this app, payment method depends on Geo location of your country,  you can use your debit and credit card and net banking, and PayPal for this process and it take little bit amount which will be part of confirmation,


c) Need Your Identity card

for  verification with the coinbase you need to submit your valid documents such as

Identity card,  driver license  or  passport, Voter ID.

For verification this will take less than three minutes, take a snap shot of front and back of your above mentioned valid identity card and verify this with your coinbase app,

You are now able to make sell and purchase your bitcoin ,


2. Your first Login process

After successfully signup you will not directly loggedIn,  for login you need to use your verified email address and password,


3. App menus

This is  very simple interface of this app it will easily navigate you with less complication, after successfully logged in you will see the menu: – Prices, Accounts, Buy, Alerts and Settings menu.


Let’s talk about all menu setup – step by step


a) Prices menu

prices menu is located in left top corner of the app, after click on prices menu you will see the list of cryptocurrency which you buy or Sell recently,

 cryptocurrency can easily transferable on this app, it’s very simple method.


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b) Accounts

The second left corner menu is accounts Menu, accounts menu shows  your account info, this accounts menu show your all info of current balanced, In order to buy and sell , this menu also can navigate you to buy and sell bitcoin so you can easily invest in cryptocurrency.


c) Buy

Buy menu is situated at top left of app,   you can buy cryptocurrency with one click with the help of this tab, this is the very simple but very effective tab which is made  the easier ,


d) Alerts

Set customise level so you  can  buy and sell bitcoin as per your condition , this alert menu alert you when your set prices reach as you want to sell and buy for trading,

if you set bitcoin on $1000,   menu setting will notify you when your bit coin price goes down $900 so you can buy the bit coin, at your comfort price, and when prices increases more than $1000, you can easily sell,  this is the custom menu which is easily customise for define prices as per your requirement.

learn How to buy Bitcoin from your mobile step by step guide

e) Settings

Settings menu is the last menu of this app, which is allow you change your name , user id , password, payment method, currency , country, the setting menu allow you to change all the personal information ,   so easly you can remove or change or update all info,  this is the one of the great feature of this app,

For more visit on Coinbase official website

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