Mars Planet 10 unique and amazing facts that you are unknown

Mars Planet 10 unique and amazing facts that you are unknown

  06 Nov 2018   ,

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Mars is the planet in our solar system. For centuries man has been intrigued by his curiosity, but as a human being approaching more and more of Mars, Rather than getting curtain than these, the mysteries are going deeper.

Mars is called the red planet, and the earth’s sister is also said to have become an interesting house for the people of the earth due to its very close relationship with Earth. There are also alien so everyone wants to know about it so today we will tell you 10 secrets associated with Mars.


10 Unique and Amazing Fact of Mars Planet

Yan marsplanet express of European space agency in the year 2003 first detected methane gas on the landing of mars planet, methane is a colorless, dampless and flammable gas, with the simplest biological molecules also found in the Earth’s atmosphere.


Methane on Mars

Methane gas is produced due to most animal feeding, but no evidence of life has yet been found on Mars, hence it is a mystery that it came from where.

According to an estimate, methane found on planet Mars arises due to internal processes occurring on this planet, but it is yet to be known about the process, according to some scientists.

The gas found below the surface of Marsplanet  Due to the reaction between water and micro-organisms, methane gas can also be produced from other processes such as falling on cosmic dust falling on Mars With the effect of the ultraviolet rays, it is not yet known as the only certainty.


Golden Walls

On earth like Mars, have snowed on the northern and southern poles, but this ice is made of water but not frozen Carbon dioxide, which we call common ice in the common language.

The special thing of it is that this temperature Melt does not melt when it gets converted into gas. The layer found on the North Pole is very thin, while the South Pole is covered with a thick sheet of dry ice, where some extravagant shapes have been found to surprise the scientist.

One of which is kept in the vast ice gap of the dry ice found here, whose clear pictures are drawn by the NASA’s mars reconnaissance orbiter, it looks as if these trenches look like a gold-shaped wall structure It is also a mystery that how many huge ice cubes were formed in this snow and it is a gold-like structure that is really gold.


Sea on Mars planet

The dry ice present here exists in such a large quantity that if the dry ice melt the water, the entire Mars house can drown in 35 feet of water.

On the Marsplanet the chances of getting is very little in the ice liquid form, Due to low atmospheric pressure, this water will not remain on the surface and it will fly into space but for many decades it is believed that in ancient times, Marsplanet was much more hot and humid than today.

Atmospheric pressure was much higher than today, which increases the likelihood that the water on the surface of the mars was flowing very large, which was about 2 crores cubic kilometers, which was larger than the Arctic Ocean of the Earth.


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Two Sides of Mars

An unsolved puzzle for the astronomers from two sides of the house of Mars is from Centuries.

Where the surface of the northern hemisphere of Marsplanet is smooth and lower than the southern hemisphere, its southern hemisphere is unmatched and it is full of structures like 4 to 8 km high volcano compared to the Northern Hemisphere.

It is believed by many people that this disturbance between the northern and southern hemispheres is due to the water that would have been flowing on Marsplanet.

While some new information found on Mars, it seems that millions of years ago, Pluto’s size would have collided with the Northern Hemisphere of Mars, which would have leveled its surface, but it is difficult to say anything honestly about it.


Similarity to the Earth

Although today’s Mars is a cold and the atmosphere here is a deserted place, but it must have been like the earth ever.

Mars surface

Mars surface

According to one study, there was water on Mars, and the environment was same on mars  like the earth today, which would have been favorable to make life possible. Although no research has found the existence of life on Mars in the search till now, it must have been filled with millions of years ago because then there would be enough moisture on this planet and that too for a long time.


Life on Mars

From many centuries humans have been speculating that there is no life on Mars, for example, at the end of the 19th century, American astronomer Percival Lawrence Lowell claimed that they had seen wave-like structures on the surface of Mars.

But modern research has not found evidence of the existence of a developed civilization on Mars. But this house has been damping for a long time, therefore, there will always be ideal conditions for life to flourish.

According to a study conducted by the American Yan Curiosity rover, this planet must have been a name for nearly one and a half million years, which is much more than the time taken for life on Earth.

Whether this is true even for the Mars house, according to the scientists, the probability of living life on our solar system is the highest and may still be life there in 1975 according  to NASA’s  Viking one. But the information obtained from this remains still the subject of debate.

According to research done on Mars, there is still water on Mars but it is probably underground. An insight name vehicle is being developed to find water inside the ground in Mars, which will study within the land of Mars.


Valley on Mars

On Mars, there are approximately 4000 long, 200 Kilometer wide and 7 Kilometer deep valleys called Valles Marineris.

This is the largest valley in the Solar System and it has divided Mars into two parts. But this mystery remains only how this valley is built.

About 20% of the circumference of Mars is the belief about how to build this valley, where some people believe that when the planet is cooling up millions of years ago, then some geological gases would have come out of which this valley would have to be built.

Some people believe that this valley will be formed by the collision of an asteroid, the largest volcano in the solar system is also the same as what is called the Olympus mons. Its height is 27km which is 3 times higher than Mount Everest. It is also said that this valley is made up of Magma, which is filled with a volcanic mass.


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Where did the Water of Mars go?

Because we know that there was so much water on Mars in the year before, the question is, what happened on Mars that all the water disappeared?

There are also many assumptions about this, some people claim that such a magnetosphere will be due to the disappearance of Mars, by which the radiation of the sun will be lying on Mars and its atmosphere and the water of the ocean will have become steam.

It is believed that the hydrogen atoms that make the water must have blown up in space and its atmosphere would have become sparse, and in this way slowly the whole water of the planet and the eco system would have been blown away by steam in space, but the reason why its magnetosphere disappeared is unclear to this day.


Moons of Mars

There are two small moons on Mars, Phobos and Deimos, Diameter of Phobos is approximately 14 miles, whereas Diameter of Deimos is approximately 8 miles.

Both of them look like potatoes, but many of them are hidden. First of all, it has become a matter of how to think both of them.

Some astrophysicists believe that both of them have been broken by the Mars, while some astrophysicists believe that these are the asteroids when Mars passes through Marsplanet Due to Gravity they both started circling the Mars.

Another discrepancy is associated with the first Phobos of Mars, which is 85 meters high rock on its surface which is known as phobos monolith. This is an extraordinary structure here and also a co-worker.

In 1988, two non-unmanned satellites Phobos 1, Phobos 2 were launched to investigate Phobos, but these two disappeared from mysterious ways.

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Have we Come from Mars?

Although centuries ago, there was life on Marsplanet, but life came from Mars on earth, it would be so right to say that, but this time corresponds to the time of life on Earth, where life is around 4 Thousands of years ago was started.

If this hypothesis is true that there may have been a major collision on Mars, then it can be assumed that any piece of Mars will fall on the earth with the bacteria that started life on earth.

We know that there was nothing on earth before the first creature born on earth that we call the last universal common ancestor (LUCA), hence life on earth has come from Mars, and this principle seems to be quite right.

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