Mount Everest Interesting Facts You Will Be Surprised By Reading

Mount Everest Interesting Facts You Will Be Surprised By Reading

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Mount Everest is the highest peak in the world, the top of which is the dream of every mountaineer, because it is very difficult to reach in the opposite conditions, so today we will tell you such interesting facts.

Mount Everest In teresting Facts You Will Be Surprised By Reading


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  1. Up to the top of Mount Everest, so far 5000 climbers have climbed, from which 13-year-olds to 76-year-old elders have climbed.
  2. More than 200 people have died on the Mount Everest, which are now used as climbers for climbing on the Everest.
  3. In 2013, Eichiro, an 80-year-old Japanese elderly, set a world record for the oldest man’s ascension on Everest by stepping on the top of Everest.
  4. Everest has more than 50 tons of garbage, making it the world’s most dirty mountain, because the climbers do not bring back garbage back while they descend, and they leave.
  5. If you look at history, then every 100 climbers climb Mount Everest, 4 of them die and never come back.
  6. The cost of climbing Mount Everest is 1 lakh to 4 million per person, which increases on the basis of risk and increases on the basis of mountaineers’ convenience.
  7. The boiling point of water on the top of Mount Everest is 71 degrees Celsius.
  8. A man came from Sweden to Mount Everest on his bike and tried to reach the summit of Mount Everest but he had to return only 300 feet below the peak.
  9. Mount Everest is increasing every year by 4 millimeters per year.
  10. Now you can get high speed internet on the way to Mount Everest.
  11. In 2011, two men came down while paragliding from the top of Mt. Everest. Both of them reached in a village in 42 minutes, which escaped from the dangerous 3 days downfall.
  12. Mount Everest shrunk to 1 inch due to the 2015 earthquake.
  13. Everest was named after George Everest.
  14. In 2005 a Nepali couple marched to the top of Mount Everest and made a new history.
  15. You will find 360-degree view of the Everest Base Camp in the street view of Google Map.
  16. Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing were the first to move to Norgay Everest, who had done this on May 19, 1953.
  17. Tenzing had already tried hard six times before victory over Norg’s Everest.
  18. Edmund Hillary and his son Peter Hilary were the couple’s first father-son duo on Mount Everest in 1990.
  19. An Indian woman who lost her leg in a rail accident, became the first disabled woman to climb Everest.
  20. The base camp has reached the fastest peak of Mount Everest in 8 hours and 10 minutes.
  21. Avalanche is the cause of the highest death toll in Mount Everest.
  22. The top stone of Mount Everest is the aquatic limestone, from which it is estimated that 450 million East Everest peaks were close to the sea.
  23. There are two ways to reach the summit of Mt. Everest, through the route of Nepal, south-east peak and via the Tibet route can be reached by the north peak, but the path of Tibet is more difficult and dangerous.
  24. As you climb Mt. Everest, the temperature varies from -20 degrees to -35 degrees in summer.
  25. More than 200 mph has been recorded on the Everest Mount Everest.
  26. After 1974 2015 has been a year when even a single mountaineer could not reach the summit of Mount Everest.
  27. The safest year at Mount Everest was in 1993 when 129 people reached peak and only eight people died.
  28. In the four highest mountains of the world, on the peak of the Everest, 1953, on K2 in 1954, in Kanchanjunga 55 and on Lhotse for the first time in 1956.
  29. If the surface is seen from the top, Mount Everest is not the highest mountain in the world, but Hawaii’s Mauna Kea has a height of 1 km.
  30. Mount Everest in Tibet is called Chomolungaman, which means “Goddess Mother of the Hills” and in Nepal the Everest is called Sagarmatha, which means Goddess Mother in the sky.
  31. Jordan Romero, the youngest person to reach the peak of Mt. Everest, had done this in 2010 at the age of 13.
  32. The first woman to climb Mt. Everest was Japan’s junior, who stepped in the top in 1975.
  33. The most dangerous area on Mount Everest is considered as the Khumbu ice fall, where till now 19 has gone.
  34. On climbing Everest, one person consumes approximately 20,000 calories, which is 10,000 calories in normal time.
  35. The record of reaching the summit of Mount Everest is in the name of 53-year-old Apa Sherpa, also known as Super Sherpa, who stepped on the peak of Everest 21 times and last climbed in 2011.
  36. Babu Chiri Sherpa spent 21.9 hours on the peak of Everest in 1999 and made the record for the longest peak.
  37. Erik Weihenmayer was the first blind person to reach the summit of Everest. Who made this feat in 2001.
  38. According to a study conducted in 1976, after having lived in the mountains for thousands of years in Sherpa, there has been a genetic paradigm shift in the high mountains of the world, so that one of the other hills easily climbs on these hills.
  39. Mountaineers usually make use of the oxygen bottle at a height of 26,000 feet.
  40. In 1924, 37-year-old Britons George Mallory and 22-year-old Andrew Irvine had disappeared from the Everest and whether they reached peak or not, there is still a mystery. In 1999, the body of mallory was found at 27,000 feet.
  41. From 2008 to 2011, 400 kg of garbage was cleared under a campaign from Mount Everest.
  42. As per the South Cal Way, 33,000 feet tall fixed rope is used every year.
  43. In 1980, an Italian mountaineer, Reinhold Messner, was seen climbing alone on the top of the Everest, as it is often summed up in the group on the Everest.
  44. Reinhold Messner, in addition to this event, had demonstrated the ability to climb without the oxygen bottle to the Everest, which he had climbed with the Austrian mountaineer Peter Habeler in 1978.
  45. Temperature on Mount Everest sometimes also reaches zero to 60 degrees.
  46. On 10 May 1993, 40 mountaineers reached the peak, which is the record of the highest number of climbers reaching a day.
  47. The largest group of people climbing Mount Everest was a Chinese team that had 410 members and was 1975 years old.
  48. Nepalese people have the highest number of people who have lost their lives on Mount Everest. Nepal’s 46 people have been killed while climbing the Everest, with the highest number of those Sherpas who used to assist Western mountaineers in climbing the Everest.
  49. When Tibet was attacked by China in October 1950, the route to Mount Everest was banned from the North, since then the route of Mount Everest was opened by way of Nepal.
  50. Mount george is 60 million years old when viewed from geological conditions.
  51. It is estimated that it takes approximately 2 months from the beginning to end on the Everest.
  52. The only climber to reach the top of Mount Everest’s four directions is Kushang Sherpa, who is an instructor in the Himalayan Mountaineering Institute.
  53. Until 1856 no one knew that the Everest was the highest mountain in the world, but the Trigonometric Survey of India detected its height.
  54. Japanese woman Tamae Watanabe is the oldest woman to reach the summit of the Everest, which peaked in 2012 and she is 73 years old.
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