Origin of gorilla glass its benefit, usages and types of gorilla glass

Origin of gorilla glass its benefit, usages and types of gorilla glass

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Origin of gorilla glass its benefit, usages and types of gorilla glass, Do you know what Gorilla Glass is and what its benefits are. So today we will tell you about it in detail. By the way, you have never heard of this glass about your friends or anyone around you.Or say you too have used this glass in your mobile sometimes or sometimes.

Today, we are surrounded by technology completely and this makes our lives even more simple and comfortable but sometimes it is very important to see the maintenance and maintenance of these electronic gadgets. 

And today we will tell you about such a glass protection that protects your mobile and computer screen, so much more does not take your time to start the post.

Origin of gorilla glass its benefit, usages and types of gorilla glass

As you know, there has been a lot of change in the world in the last 10 years. We used to do our work before, but due to this mechanical revolution, people depend on Machine and Electronic Gadgets for their work, they do not make our work easy, but they Our task is 1000 times faster and cleansed, which saves money and time both.

Due to this mechanical revolution, new machines and Electronic Gadgets are developed every day and each new Gadgets are made easier to use than the previous Gadgets and much more. Similarly, in this Mobile World, there is more than one daily launch of a mobile market, which is much more than the first one. 

Its processor gets more incremented Rem and Internal Memory is increased and as far as the talk of Screen of Mobile Phones is made, they are made to be bigger and more bezel less as well as High Resolution, More fun playing Hd Game in Video or Mobile So now let us know what is Gorilla Glass?


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What is Gorilla Glass

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Origin of gorilla glass its benefit, usages and types of gorilla glass

Origin of Gorilla Glass : –   As we all know that whenever a scientist invents any new object, then that new thing is born on the success of scientific experiments or the experiment is wrong. 

This is the story of the invention of Gorilla Glass when this talk is of 1952, so much inventions of technology or saying that so much of the technology was not developed so much that when a scientist puts Photosensitive Glass in Furnace for a test in his wrong experiment Given and from any Technical Mistakes, that of Furnace was reached to Temprecher’s 900 Degreez.

Because of which all the scientists present on him were thinking that these Photosensitive Glass would have been ruined, but when that glass was removed from the inside of the Furnace, then it was completely fine and was in the form of a thin plate. 

And in the meantime, when he was leaving, the thin plate accidentally fell to the ground and instead of breaking the plate, it became Bounce and there was no loss of that plate. And then this mistake was discovered by Gorilla Glass.


The first use of Gorilla Glass 

The first of the glass was used in the mobile screen in February 2008 when the first version of this Glass in the market was in Cornig Gorilla Glass 1 and when it came to Market, this new invention was highly appreciated and this glass mobile Started selling very fast. 

What was the company’s much praised of this product and its demand in the market, when the company became more robust and scratch resistant and its new new version was launched.

The most notable version of this glass is the Gorilla Glass 5 launched in July last year. And when it was the launch of the Glass Launch, Samsung was first interested in this Glass and had used it on its new Samsung Phone Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and now it’s not just in Mobile Phone in this Glass market, now much more of this glass All are used in Electronic Gadgets. Like this, for the TV, Computer Monitor’s screen and Smartwatch, this glass is being used. Company has made this Glass more robust and the screen becomes Scratch Resistant in its new version.

Gorilla Glass Benefits 

You also know the normal glass which is broken only by falling or collapsing a little but in Gorilla Glass it is not like it does not break from falling and we will know what its advantages

  • Glass is slim than the Normal Glass
  • These are more attractive in appearance than Normal Glass
  • Scratch Resistant Glass
  • It can handle too much heat 

Origin of gorilla glass its benefit, usages and types of gorilla glass

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As you know, these Glass’s more Costly Gadgets, which we hold a lot, have now got new protection. Now we have lost the popularity of Glass Breakdown due to the fall of our expensive mobile. Which is our very best thing, end of usages and types of gorilla glass.


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