Plato Philosopher Information Biography and History

Plato Philosopher Information Biography and History

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Plato Philosopher Information Biography and History, Plato’s name is very high in all the world’s philosophies. In ancient times, its name is known worldwide for its name and philosophical way to show the world the right way.

He established an academy in Athens, Greece for the uplift of society.

He was a disciple of the famous philosopher Socrates and was the master of Aristotle. He brought the importance of justice, equality and beauty to the common people through his writings, in addition to all the details of politics, philosophy, religion, science, knowledge, language science etc.


Plato Philosopher Information Biography and History

Plato’s Birth and Family


While there is no evidence of the exact time of Plato’s birth, but large ancient historians believe that philosopher Plato was born in ancient Greece in 428 BC, many new historians believe that he was born in 423-442 CE Middle east.

Some historians believe that initially they were named after their grandfather Aristotle’s.


In fact, there was a tradition in ancient Greece that people named their eldest son after their father, that is, his grandfather.


Many historians and scholars believe that Plato had a nickname, but there is no evidence that Plato was the eldest son of his father in his family.


Plato’s Early Life and Education


Like other boys of his social background, Plato also received a charter to study with teachers of Athens.


In his curriculum, the kingdom of the Cretles and the principles of Pythagoras were major. Through these disciplines, there is an understanding of Plato’s materialism and knowledge system.


His father died in his childhood. After his father’s death his mother married his uncle. His uncle was a well-known politician and a scholar of Persian language.


It is believed that Plato had two brothers and one sister and one step brother. In his life, two major events occurred in his life, whose influence has contributed a lot in changing his life.


The first incident in these events was to meet its scholar philosopher Socrates. They were very impressed by the fact and statement of Socrates and very soon dedicated their lives to the truths of the world and dedicate themselves to the principles of a complete character.


The second event was the Battle of Peloponnesia between Athens and Sparta. In this war, Plato spent five years from about 409 BC to 405 BC.


The defeat of Athens destroyed the democracy of the country and the rulers of Sparta established the oligarchy there. Plato’s two related crew and crew had come to play a key role in the thirty-nine infamous people of the new government.


These people reduced the basic rights of the people of Athens. Put their guard on their independence. During this time, Plato had become part of active politics, but soon after following the words of his Guru Socrates, they would again start meditating and studying.

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The beginning of the writing of Plato


After the death of his master Socrates, Plato traveled on the entrepreneurial fields for almost 12 years, during which mathematics in Italy and acquired knowledge of geometry, geology, astrology and religion in Egypt.


During this period or shortly after that Plato started writing at a very large level. Although there are many disagreements about the time of writing in the knowledge of the writers, these people have divided their writing period into three parts.


Early writing period:  This period of Plato’s life is 399 BC From 387 BC is considered in the middle. The Apology of Socrates, written by them, was written very soon after Socrates’s death.

Pythagoras, Ythyfro, Hippias Major and Minor, Ion etc. are considered in the literary works done during this period. In these books, Plato dedicated to writing the knowledge received from Socrates.

Mid-term:  Plato has raised its voice in the books written at this time. In the books written during this period, he wrote a great detail about justice, passion, intelligence, and the relationship between a man and a society. The famous book “The Republic” of democracy was written during this time.

Third period:  During this, Plato turned away from the knowledge gained from Socrates and concentrated his attention in material science.

He carried out an intensive study of very ancient substance studies and in turn, displayed the role of art in the human life of society. In these arts, music, dance, drama, architectural arts were the main ones.

Through these arts, Plato tried to establish ethical education and life ideology in the lives of ordinary people. From these creations, he explained that the only non-stop world of thoughts is the world, with the help of which experienced and discourse can be changed world.



Plato Founded the Academy


Plato Philosopher Information Biography and History, Plato established a school around 365 BC, which meant the promotion of education. It is believed that this school was established in the park named after a great Athenian Nayak. Plato headed this school till his death.


These schools lasted until the year 529, after which the King of Justinian Justinian I stopped it. Justinian first thought that this academy is the source of idol worship, which is a great threat to Christianity.


But in this long period of time, astrology, biology, mathematics, politics and philosophy became main in this academy course. Plato hoped that the people studied from this academy would emerge in the future as a great leader and ruler, who would have the right to know how to make a better government.


End of Plato’s life


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The last year of Plato’s life, he spent the writing work at the academy established by him. There are different perceptions of different historians on his death, but it is certainly believed that at the age of 80, he died about 348 BC.


Got around Some people believe that at the time of his death, he was in a marriage, many people on the other side also believe that his death was a deep sleep in peace?


There is another very interesting incident about Plato. 367 AD Poo Plato was invited by a very close friend, Deon to teach his nephew, Dionysius II, for personal education. Dionysius II was a new king of Syracuse.


Plato accepted this task thinking that his education would create a philosophical king. But Deoniasis soon broke his hopes. He spied on Deon and later Plato. He used to think that these two together have done some intrigues against him.


He banished his uncle from the country and made Plato homeless. However Plato was subsequently released and returned to Italy to his highly trusted disciple Aristotle.


Plato became very famous for his principles. Their thoughts had a profound effect on the human nature and philosophy.


His work covers an enormous interest and area of ​​thoughts, in which mathematics, science, nature, policy, political theory etc. are prominent.


Plato Philosopher Information Biography and History, Through their principles, a society is created, where all are seen in terms of equality and injustice is the center point of that society.


  1. When the wise person says something, then he says that he has something to say, while the fool says because of this he has to say anything.
  2. Music is the voice of music that reaching the heart and gives birth to morality in humans. Music is the moral rule, it gives the universe the power, the wings to the brain, and the imagination.
  3. Do not know anything about courage and obsession. To get something in life, man has to show courage, and fear has to stay beyond his mind.
  4. Human character and human behavior are made up of three main sources, it involves desires, emotions and knowledge. An ordinary man spends his life between these three.
  5. The greatest victory for any human being is to win his own self. Understanding the difference between your desires and needs, it is very important to build a good character inside you.
  6. Thoughts are the medium between any knowledge, reason and reason to ignore it. The bridge that comes with ideas works between man’s logic and opposition.

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