Politician Bernie Sanders Introduction and Biography

Politician Bernie Sanders Introduction and Biography

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Politician Bernie Sanders Introduction and BiographyBernie sanders is the Democratic Party’s candidate for the election to the US President.


Born in Brooklyn New York in 1941, Bernie began his political journey as the mayor of Burlington, Vermont. Bernie did politics in the big cities of Vermont from 1981 to 1989. In 1988, he turned to national politics and became a member of the US House of Representatives.


After that he was head of the US House of Representatives from 1990 to 2006. In 2007, Bernie won the Senate election and became a senator. In 2012, he was re-elected for this post. In 2015, he announced that he would nominate for the presidential election with the Democratic Party.


Politician Bernie Sanders Introduction and Biography


Early life and family introduction of Bernie sanders

Born in Independent Political Bernie Brooklyn, he had a brother, he was the youngest.Bernie’s father, Javish, was from Poland, who was a salesman and used to sell paint.Bernie, born in a poor family, had seen poverty almost since childhood, he had experienced the economic inequality of America in his own childhood.


While giving an interview in a newspaper, he said, “I have seen many inequalities, inappropriate things, which became the biggest inspiration for my politics.” America’s social activist Eugenevi Debas, he considers his ideal.


Sanders had married Debbrow in 1966, after two years, they were divorced, they had no children. After this, with his girlfriend Susan Cambell, he took a son in 1969. In 1988, Sisters married Jane, who became the head of a college in Vermont. From this, Sons has three step children, whom they consider themselves to be. Sons have 7 grandchildren also.


Bernie sanders Education and Career

Sanders completed schooling from James Madison High School in Brooklyn, then he entered the Brooklyn College. After some time, he joined the University of Chicago, from where he completed his BA in Political Science.


Sums says he was interested in politics in childhood. He had learned many things from Hitler & # 39; s life, he said Hitler won the election in 1932 and caused the same cause of the Second World War, which led to the death of millions of people.

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Politics is a very important task that people learn a lot and are motivated by doing it. That is why the right person is very important to the leader of politics.


In college days, Sanders was also working in the Civil Rights Movement. He was the member of the Congress in the rational equality, also called CORE. After the college was over, the sums lived in the Kibbut of Israel, after which they were established in Vermont.


He has done a lot of work in his life, too much job, he was a filmmaker, Freelancer Reuters too, but along with them his interest in politics grew.

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Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders

First win of Sums


Due to being a member of the Liberty Union Party in 1970, Sons was stuck in many places, he remained a member until 1979. The first taste of victory he tasted as a mayor in Burlington, Vermon. He won by 12 votes, Politician Bernie Sanders Introduction and Biography.


Sanders formed the alliance with the Grassroots Organization as they were very strong people. After this, the message remained 3 times and remained in this post, and showed everyone that even after not having a political family, they can stand alone.


In 1988, became a member of the US House of Representatives and became its president in 1990. Due to being an independent leader, Sisters faced many problems, now they needed allies who understood and diagnosed their problems and things.


Who among the Republicans and Democrats chose to remain in the confusion, they stayed for a long time. According to them, the two parties were not entirely right, nor did they meet their ideals in a complete way.


But wherever they were wrong, they used to tell the mistakes openly. During the Iraq war, he had said that ‘war was due to social and economic war, as a good citizen, we should save our country from such a war, because it also loses the country.’


Senator Sounds

Sanders chose the Senate in 2006, which was against Republican Businessman Richard Turner. Smackers who called themselves a Democrat Socialist defeated Richard easily.While staying in the Senate, Sons had taken several sides to their respective positions by telling them many issues.

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Along with this, he became the member of the Budget Committee, Health Committee, Education, Labor and Pension Committees.


Presidential Race

In April 2015, Sisters announced that they would stand with the Democratic Party for the presidential election in the US. Due to political need, Sisters had to join hands with a party leaving their independence.

In an interview, Dodgers said that while working with the Democratic Party, now I need more energy, hard work, and it has become easier for me to vote for now, now I can dispute the open debate with another candidate. I am. ‘ Political experts say that is a good candidate Sanders party, in addition to their name, Politician Bernie Sanders Introduction and Biography.



Hillary Clinton

The name also came out, which is an open challenge for the message. But Shakespeare is not afraid of this fight, he believes, the public knows him well for a long time.

The main purpose of the message is to bring equity in the US. In order to cure the financial situation, they consider tax reform as right, which will make the country economically strong.


They want to recruit higher education, health care system. They also support gay marriage. Bernie sanders is the first Jewish candidate, as well as the first non-Christian who are standing for the election. According to a report, Bernie is expected to get 60% of the vote, and Hillary is expected to get 38% votes.


The sums may not be the perfect man for the presidency, perhaps they will not win the elections in 2016, but it is clear that the Democratic Party wants to strengthen itself with time, it is growing rapidly, the future of the politician this depends on the party.