Some Important Tips and Tricks and seo optimization for Blog Ranking?

Some Important Tips and Tricks and seo optimization for Blog Ranking?

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Some Important Tips and Tricks and seo optimization for Blog, Ranking? After creating the first blog of a new blogger, it is worried how to rank blog and some important tips for blog rank in today  Sharing is what is very useful for your Blogging Career. 

Well, in this online field, Content Writing is the most important and if you have this skill, then writing a blog for you and bringing a visitor to your blog is 50% chance of 100% because the visitor comes back to the site with a good content is. 

And the site that has a high number of Royal Visitors does not require any kind of promotion or sharing to rank that Wabsite . Because the Royal Visor of that blog itself promotes it and shares it in place.

Some Important Tips and Tricks and seo optimization for Blog, Ranking?

Some Important Tips for Blog Ranking

As you all know, blogging is such a field in which we must learn something or something every day if you are an expert in a blog niche and now you have noticed only on posting on your blog but not learning anything about it.

In such a situation, you are going to be facing a huge problem one day because Internet is a trap where there is some change in everyday life. 

And you leave to learn about your wabsite or blog anytime you just blog in Google or similar and Search Engine Ranking Down will be and you’re Earn whatever his blog he will not Earn more days . 

That is why it is my advice to all the bloggers that never forget to learn in this blogging world. Now you have a few important Ranking Tips
I am giving you all this very carefully and have to apply these tips to your blog.

Help Someone 

As we all know, the main motive for building a blog should be to help someone as most blogging fields work on this motive. 

If you are a blogger and you have to do your blog success, it is very important to know before writing any of your articles that if you are writing a post on your blog, he will help someone. If the answer is yes then you continue to write your own article.

Use images and do not use copyright 

If you want to make your blog more attractive and user friendly, then you have to use images in your blog post. Because in one picture there is information equal to 1000 words and it is easily understood by everyone. If you write an article of 1000 words in your blog then at least you should use 1 or 2 photo or image.

If you use any image in your post then be aware that you will not use the copyright image , because if you do so Google will never rank your site on 1 page because google bots crawl your site blog Then they will get copyrighted images of another site in your blog, which will give Google down the rank of your blog due to your use of copy material and you have used too much copy images in your post or wabsite then google will penalize you.

After that you will get all the money in the water as per google, anyone who uses copy material in the blog or wabsite, their site is penalized and after that you have to do a lot of work to remove penalized from your blog. Will be Only then will penalized from your blog be removed.


Why use words in the feature photo and its benefits 

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In Tech or educational Blog, you must use Word in your Feature photo. As you all know, the most important images of the blog post is the feature photo and that’s the whole summary of your post. 

Anyone visiting that brings you to read your post.And in this case, if you use Word with the Feature photo, then it will make your feature images even more unique and attractive, so that your visitor is aware of what your post is about, and they are on your blog Comes to read the article with that photo.

If we use Word in the feature photo, then our blog has many benefits which I have described below

  1. Traffic increage happens
  2. the bounce rate is low
  3. Increase in number of Royal visitors

Write to Unique Article 

Do not know how many millions of blogs on the Internet today will be Wabsite, which will contain a lot of post articles and if you do not see the uniqueness on your blog then your blog will not have any queries on the Internet. 

This will be because the article is unique so everyone writes and writing a unique article does not matter so much if something that matters is that with Unique Article, Unique Topic has to be. If you write more on trending topics on your blog, then your blog will rank it.

Quote to understand through stories 

The story is a very useful part of human life. Because we have heard a lot of stories from childhood and if there is a topic to explain in detail, it is a good idea to take help from stories because it is a reader or visitor in it that is reading an article on your blog, If you have used the story to explain the difficult topic, then your visitor will look even more interesting and your visitor will tell you the topicic clear also very clear.

Expert opinion in post 

Adding Expert’s opinion in the article of your blog is a very Useful Trick to assure the true or wrong of your visitor. 

Because if you tell yourself that this is going to happen or if someone else will read your article, then this thing will not be easy for him.

But when you tell some Expert opinion or any of his talk in his article Your visitor will trust you and your blog, which is a matter of great importance for a blogger.

Focus more on Trend topic  

This is a very useful way for both Old or New Blogger to increase the ranking of your blog because Trend Topik brings so many visitors to our blog in one day as we can not bring the whole month and new blogger for the whole year is. That’s why it is not less than a boost for a new blogger and an old blogger.

Use Attractive Layout 

We all know that the blog which will be good at Design will also have visitors, and the traffic of that Wabsite will increase every day. Because the ordinary visitor who came directly from the search engine to your site, he sees the layout of your wabsite and layout before your content and then reads your content, Some Important Tips and Tricks and seo optimization for Blog.

If you have not written any good and useful article in any of your posts, if your blog’s Design and layout is not attractive and user friendly, then once the user has come to your site, but then he can read your post without reading your blog.

Will go out of the way which will increase the Bounce rate in your site, and when a Wabsite’s bounce rate increases, then search engines rank down the site.  So, first of all, create a good blog layout and use the Attractive layout and Design.

ADD QnA page in Education and Tech Blog 

If you do not know what QnA Page is, then we will tell you that any one of your visitors from this page asks you a question from the help of Q n A Page according to your blog’s niche. And you have to answer the question of that user’s question. 

Now you should be thinking that how this will increase the visitors of our blog, so let me tell you that the easiest and most visitor to your blog is a great way to get QnA page because whenever you visit any visitors If you tell him anything to fix the problem then that visitor will become your blog’s Royal visitor, but whenever someone else reads that visitor to your visitor, then he will also like your blog and he will also visit your blog’s Royal Visitor Nega.

Some Important Tips and Tricks and seo optimization for Blog, Ranking?

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Share the post on social media 

Traffic is not easy to find from a Search Engine for a New Blogger because good traffic comes from the Search Engine only when a post from our blog is ranked and it will be 6 months working to get a blog rank in google In this way, you have another way of Traffic Lane on your blog, Social Media, in addition to Social Media Search Traffic, also sends visitor to our blog, and sometimes we become viral on any post or social account, only we can In 1 day, millions of visitors visit our blog Sends on Also if any link on our blog is shared more often on social media, then it is very useful in our off-site SEO blog as it provides us with link juice which is very important in the off page seo and it will post our wabsite post. Any search engine has a quick index.

 Post a comment on Same Niche’s blog 

If you are an old reader of our blog then you will definitely know what is the guest post and how to do it, but if you have come to our blog for the first time, then in today’s short story you will be able to tell about the post and its benefits.

According to Google’s algorithm, to rank any site’s posts on Google’s page, it is very important to have On and Off page Seo in addition to Useful and unique content in your Wabsite and if you write a good article and on page do seo, which is in the hands of the blogger, then to get your wabsite on 1 page, only the off page seo is saved in which the most important is to create the follow backlink and make it backlink only on the high athorty Wab page Your blog’s ranking will increase, Some Important Tips and Tricks and seo optimization for Blog.

In this case, you have to create Backlink on high authority Wabpage, then you can take a high authority backlink on your blog from the guest post and this backlink google also says that you can take a backlink for your blog via a guest post.

2 Post at Week  course written    

To become a good blogger or to create a Success blog, you must write 2 posts from work on your site in the week and write more articles than this one. 

If you ever post 2 posts in your blog every day and sometimes you do not publish Article in your blog for 2 weeks, it is a very bad thing for your Wabsite because your blog’s Regular Reader You will not know the publish time and when you do not post it, then your users will start going to another blog, so if you do not post a post every day on your blog, then you must post 2 posts every week.

Some Important Tips and Tricks and seo optimization for Blog, Ranking?

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Article to  work from the 1000 word written course 

According to Google, the work of the blog of Article 1000 is of the work. It comes in the cetegry of poor content. Writing articles from work in the article should be written in 1000 words or more because as many of the search engine like Google you will find that you have written a very good article. 

Also, you must use heading 1 in your article’s post because whenever a crowler crowls your page, then the heading of your article reveals that your post is getting started with it.




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