Steve Jobs Biography Achievements and Career History

Steve Jobs Biography Achievements and Career History

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Steve Jobs did many great works in the short life of 56 years, and told the world that if a person wishes to do anything with whole heart and heart, then no one can stop him, and no one can beat him.

Steve Jobs did not achieve any major degree, even the college’s studies had left him, despite this he created the world’s best operating system, Mac, which remains the dream of the life of good engineers.

Steve Jobs was born on 24 February 1955 in San Francisco, California. His real parents were born Janani Simpson and Abdulfuttah. Janaliali was a Muslim who belonged to Syria, while Joanne was a Catholic Christian. The two had come closer to each other, and Steve was born. The relationship between these two was not approved by Joanna’s father, so after the birth, it was decided to adopt Steve someone.

Steve Jobs Biography Achievements and Career History

The couple who was selected for adoption of job were from a well-educated rich family, but the couple’s sudden change of mind changed the girl’s position to the boy. After this, the jobs were adopted to Paul and Clara.

Paul was a mechanic, while Clara an accountant. Jobs’s biological mother wanted to adopt a well educated family, but Paul and Clara did not even complete their college studies. Prior to adoption of Jobs, he assured Janni that he would send the jobs to college.

After adoption of the jobs, Paul and Clara came to live in California Mountain View in 1961. Jobs started here and they started growing up. Here his father Paul opened a garage to run his livelier. Jobs seemed to be teasing electronic equally since childhood, he would break and add any electronic equivalent first.

Steve was a good student, but he did not like to go to school, he was bored from there. Steve has trouble making friends with the children of his age, he always used to sit alone in class. At the age of 13, he met Vojniyak, Wozniak was as smart as Steve, whose mind was in electronic form. Both of them soon became close friends.

After completing high school, Steve admitted to Reed College in Oregon. This was a very expensive college, whose fees were difficult to collect from Paul and Clara. For the good education of his son, he had put the entire deposit capital of his life.

Kristen Brennan

These jobs were met by Kristen Brennan. In just a few days Steve realized that he was wasting his parents’ money in this college, staying here would not have any benefit in the future. He decided to leave college, in his decision, Kristen Brennan stood with him. Steve no longer used to go to college every day, he used to attend classes only here, in which he was interested. Here he has a classification of the Caligraphy class

At this time Steve did not have enough money, he used to sleep in the floor of his friend’s room. They used to earn money by eating coke bottles to eat food. Along with this, he used to go to Hare Krishna temple every Sunday, where he used to get free full stomach food.

Steve Jobs Career

Steve Jobs Career

Steve Jobs Career History 

In 1972, Steve Atari started working in a video game development company. After some time, he did not even mind and after earning some money, he went to India in 1974. He spent 7 months in India, during this time he studied to learn about Buddha religion. They traveled by bus from Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and Himachal Pradesh India.

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After 7 months, Steve returned to the United States and changed his life there. He shaved his head, and embraced like a chieftain. Jobs joined the attic once again. And they started living with their parents.


Apple Founder

Jobs and Wojciak once again became good friends, and started working together. Both of them felt very much in the computer. Wozniak wanted to make his own computer, he had a good understanding of electronics, so he built a personal computer.

Jobs were very pleased to see this, and they came to realize that they would both open up a company to make a computer, and make a computer and sell it. In 1976, Jobs and Wojnik started working on a computer in the garages of the Jobs. They opened a company and named it ‘Apple’. At this time, Jobs was only 21 years old. Apple company’s first computer was named Apple 1.

After some time Wozniak started working in Apple 2 After making it, he was put in front of some investor, and Jobs and Wojciech tried to persuade the investor to invest in several places. People loved Apple2 very much. The company started growing very fast, by the year 1980 it became a known company. In 10 years, the Apple company made less than 2 billion dollars, and 4 thousand people started working in it.


Getting Out Of Apple 

After becoming a major company, Apple launched its third version of Apple 3 and then Lisa after that. (Lisa is the name of Steve and Brennan’s daughter, born in 1978), these new versions of Apple are flop, they are not successful. Steve did his best to make Macintosh. In 1984, based on Lisa, built a Super Bowl, it was launched with Macintosh. It has been very successful.

Now Apple began to build a personal computer in association with IBM, which also increased its consumption, and started pressuring to create more systems on the company. The concept of this computer has never been concealed, due to which it has adopted many other companies too. The computers of these other companies used to be cheap compared to Macintosh and Apple, which caused the Apple company to start losing. It was attributed to Steve. Steve was forced to resign. On September 17, 1985, Steve resigned from the Apple company, along with his five more close relatives.

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Next Computer

After being pulled out of Apple, Steve did not understand what to do now for a while.According to Steve, it was a difficult time of his life, he thought, he was socially spread, he is a loser.

But among these ideas, he felt that his work was reduced but he still had the power. Who knew better than how Apple was made? Steve decided to start a new one again. Taking advantage of this opportunity, he thought that now he is free, whatever he can do in his capacity, and like he did while working in Apple without any pressure, he can do it again.

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Jobs opened the company named Next Computer, for which he got Ross Perot as a large investor. The first product of Next was High and Personal Computer. On October 12, 1988, Next Computer was launched at a big event.

The first workstation of Next was the most in 1990, which was highly costly. NeXT was technically advanced like Apple Lisa, but due to the cost, more people were unable to buy it, because Neckt had to face the loss. Shortly after this Steve realized this and he turned Next Company into a software company, after which it had great success. This web object started creating a framework for web applications.


Steve Jobs Pixar Movies

In 1986, Steve bought a graphics company for US $ 10 million. His name was Pixar.Initially the company sold 3D graphics software. After the Pixar in 1991, an offer from Disney came and asked to make a full length movie.

After partnership with Disney, Pixar made the first film Toy Story. Which was highly successful. After this Pixar made Finding Nemo, Monster, Cars, Valle and Sub Films. Jobs earned a lot of money through Pixar.


Return to Apple

In 1996 Apple announced that it would be buying Next Company for $ 427 million.The deal was finalized in February 1997, and with that Jobs returned to Apple as CEO.Apple was struggling at this time, he needed new ideas, which could take him back to the heights.

Steve was now operating Apple, now the company has launched many new products. At this time the iPod music player, iTunes Music software was launched. Both products were very successful, and became a new good image of Apple in front of the world. In 2007, Apple’s first mobile phone was launched, which revolutionized the mobile world, and this phone was sold at hand Steve had now become a star, and his name was added in the new inventions of the 2000s.


Steve Jobs Death

In October 2003, Steve discovered a terrible disease like cancer. They had pancreatic cancer. Steve’s first surgery took place in July 2004, in which his tumor was successfully removed. At this time Jobs was on medical leave, in his absence, Team Cook was handling Apple’s work.

By the end of 2009, Steve continued to work with his poor health, in 2009 his condition worsened and liver transplant came into operation, in April 2009, he was operated by his liver transplant. On January 17, 2011, Steve came back to Apple and started work. Job’s health still did not allow him, but Steve loved his work and kept him above his health.

On August 24, 2011, Jobs announced the resignation of Apple CEO. He wrote his resignation letter to Apple’s Boards of Members, and in addition he named Team Cook for the next CEO .

Steve Jobs died in California’s Palo Alto on October 5, 2011.


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