Terror of 9/11 attack America was wretched in the weeds

Terror of 9/11 attack America was wretched in the weeds

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Terror of 9/11 attack America, was wretched in the weeds,  Terror of 9/11  day of September 11, 2001 was the same as any ordinary day. Everyone was busy in their daily activities. Everything was going smoothly. 

Then a news on TV shook the entire US. It was reported that a plane collided with America’s famous Building World Trade Center, which caused a panic in the entire United States. People were calling their families the number of people who died on TV was continuously increasing. Seeing widespread weeds in America.

Terror of 9/11 attack America, was wretched in the weeds

Expensive ‘Negligence

It is said that sometimes a small mistake becomes very heavy. Something similar happened with the US. That day four terrorists were hijacked by 19 terrorists. The four planes came out from different airports to their destination. Three of them went out to Los Angeles for Los Angeles, and the fourth plane flew to San Francisco. All the terrorists were separated at different airports.


All had received tickets for those planes, like a common citizen takes. They were terrorists of all terrorist organizations al-Qaeda. The same al-Qaeda, whose message was from the notorious terrorist Osama bin Laden. Some terrorists came from outside, so they were living in the US for a few years. It was also revealed that some terrorists were taking training to fly plane in America, Terror of 9/11 attack America.


In such a way, the question was how did a US security defaults?


Hijack Plan

Before climbing the plane, there was a settlement of tight checks. It is believed that it is impossible to take any unsolicited stuff like guns. with you. But terrorists were successful in crossing this security circle. Due to the safety of the safety, he was able to take the cutter along with him in the plane. They deliberately chose the morning’s flight, so that a lot of fuel is filled up on the plane. He wanted to use it under his plan.

Taking advantage of this small mistake of the US, the terrorists were successful in boarding the plane. All the planes had just taken off their flight that the terrorists took out their weapons. After seeing the terrorists in the plane, all the faces of their faces disappeared. He was just scared in his eyes. On seeing the terrorists were fully successful in capturing the plane, Terror of 9/11 attack America.


Death toll

The common people did not get the news right now. He was engaged in his work as usual. There was movement on the road. All were very cool in theirs. Then the sound of an explosion was heard. When people looked back, a building of ‘World Trade Center’ was burning with a beating. The flames were sky-high. Everyone was trying to understand what happened?

The police and the relief workers were on the spot, but for them it was not easy to save the people trapped inside the building. The fire was spreading rapidly. The people of the men below had come out of their way, but they were on the support of the above God.


Terror of 9/11 attack America, was wretched in the weeds

911 attack

911 attack

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The first attack took place just 20 minutes. The campaign to save the people was going on … only then another plane came and collided with the second building of the World Trade Center. So far, all who understood an accident, it was actually a terrorist attack. The strange thing is that America’s immediate president George Bush also considered it an accident. She had visited a school at that time.

The news of the second attack later surprised him. They immediately held a press conference and described it as a tragic event. Bush was silent that a few minutes later the news of the fall of the third plane had come. The third plane was dropped in the US Pentagon. After that there was a news of the fall of the fourth plane, but he had fallen into an empty plaza.

After a series of accidents, the whole of America was shaken. The American president did not understand what he would do. Where, on one hand, people came home from the house by the echo of this accident. On the other hand, hundreds of people were being killed due to smoke. Not only this, many people were suppressed by debris, some people had lost their lives by jumping down from the building.

According to statistics, more than 2,700 people were killed on that day. There were also all the passengers aboard the plains. Throughout the whole of America, the incident was filled with silence. There was just the sound of crying everywhere. Suhani had turned into a bloody evening in the morning. Such attacks on the country had shocked the global community including the entire United States.

Osama bin Laden 

The 9/11 attacks had put questions on America’s strengths. He wanted to give it a smash hit answer. The responsibility of the attack was taken by Osama bin Laden , the terrorist organization al-Qaeda leader . After confessing Osama’s assault, the US had decided that he would now be destroying Osama and Al-Qaeda. The United States did not think anything and sent troops to Afghanistan’s Al Qaeda stronghold, Terror of 9/11 attack America.

He had started picking up the fighters from Al Qaeda all over Afghanistan. Osama did not look at them, but by attacking al-Qaeda, the US had warned Osama that his last time had come. Since 2001, the Al Qaeda operatives had started killing. America named its War on Terror as a war on terror. When the Taliban who cooperated with al-Qaeda also came in front of the US, he did not even spare him. Osama bin Laden himself was found hidden in Pakistan, which was severely surrounded by American soldiers. There was also a lot of ruckus in the entire world of Pakistan.

In a short span of time, the US military brought the Taliban to the knees. At the same time, the United States attacked Iraq, because he suspected that Saddam Hussein was involved with the terrorists. The United States thought that Saddam had hidden some dangerous weapons, which he was about to give to the terrorists. Finally, Saddam Hussein was sentenced to death by the Iraqi court.

Economic slowdown

After 9/11, the US had to suffer financial troubles for a long time . The US stock market was closed for four days. Since the attack, he was constantly on the decline. One of the major reasons for this was that the US was focusing heavily on its mission in Afghanistan. It is said that this was a time when people in the US had got job cuts. America took a long time to emerge from this.

Bad Day 9/11

The terrorist attack of 9/11 was a bad day for not only America, but for the whole world. It is a matter of fact that America has finally defeated the assassin Osama bin Laden, but the pain of innocent people will be felt for a long time. Many years have passed since this attack, but its bitter memories still remain moist and moist in the eyes of people. Especially those people who raised the corpses of their loved ones on their shoulders, Terror of 9/11 attack America.

Real Attacks times

8:45 minutes: A direct attack of the Jet Airlines plane in the northern part of the North Tower of the New York-based World Trade Center.

8:55 minutes: the second plane left the trade center dismantling the southern tower. After this there was a terrible explosion and a fire broke out in the tower.

9:05 minutes: President George Bush, who was reading a message in the children’s class, Chief Staff Andrew CARD told the sad news in his ears.

9:20 pm: Government sources said for the first time that at least six people were killed and 1,000 injured in this incident.

9:30 minutes: President George Bush declares national disaster in the US while addressing the nation. They announced that this attack was carried out by the terrorist.

9:32 am: American Online told the BBC News Service that two of its aircraft were hijacked. One aircraft was moving from 767 Boston to Los Angeles, with 81 passenger riders, two crew members and 9 other staff members. The second aircraft was flying from Washington to Dallas from 757 Washington to Los Angeles. There were 58 passengers in this plane and two drivers and 4 flight attendants were also present in the aircraft, Terror of 9/11 attack America.

9:43 min: Abu Dhabi Television told that in his office, the Democratic Front for Liberation Palestine took responsibility for the attack on the trade center. However, later the top officials of this organization denied it.

9:43 min: At the same time there were reports that an aircraft was attacked at the headquarters of the Washington-based Defense Department. A part of the Pentagon collapsed in this attack.

9:45 minutes: The presidential residence ‘White House’ was vacant between the fears of incidents of more attacks by more planes.

Terror of 9/11 attack America, was wretched in the weeds

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9:50 minutes: All US airports have been closed.

10:07 minutes: News about the collapse of the World Trade’s Southern Tower collapse.

10:12 min: UK Prime Minister Tony Blair condemned these attacks as the most painful and condemnatory incident to date.

10:25 minutes: There were reports of a car bomb exploded in front of the State Department Office in Washington.

10:27 minutes: The North Tower of Trade Center collapsed.

10:30 min: news of another plane falling near Pittsburgh airport. This aircraft was heading towards San Francisco.

“It has been written in remembrance and respect for all American brothers killed in the 9 /11 Attack God gives peace to all those souls”


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