Water crisis can be solved by Amazing splendid machines

Water crisis can be solved by Amazing splendid machines

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Everywhere there is water in the air. Then it is the breeze that flows in the desert, or the region with frequent rain. According to one estimate, 3100 cubic miles or 12 thousand 900 cubic kilometers of water across the world is in the form of moisture in the air.

The extent of this waater level can be estimated by the fact that there is no such water in Lake Superior, the largest lake in North America.

Lake Superior has 11 thousand 600 cubic kilometers of water. There is only 2700 cubic kilometers of water in Victoria’s vast lake.

There is 418 times more water in the air than the waater in the terrifying Lake Lock Ness of Britain.

Remember, we are not talking about clouds. We are talking about waater that is imprisoned in the air, which is in the form of moisture. When you see this water at that time, a few drops are stored on top of a glass filled with cold drink. You can also see the waater in the air as drops of dew on the grass.

Water Crisis Can be Solved 

To meet the growing demand of water, now the pressure to remove this sweet water is present in the air.

The machine which is ahead of everyone in this race of waater squeezing is named after ‘Water From Air’. If this machine works, then there will be a great break in the world of drinking waater problem.

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Crisis will Come Out 

It is being said that by 2025, two-thirds of the world’s fastest growing population will be two-fourths of the air

Today 2.1 billion people in the world are clean from drinking waater. The poorest people in the world have to pay the highest amount of drinking water.

They use drinking water knowing that it can be dangerous for them. Due to drinking polluted water every year around 5 million people die from diarrhea worldwide.


Water rich in industries and farming are used in the rich countries who use more waater than poor countries. As a result, the rivers and waater bodies of the rivers are drying up in these countries.

There is also the issue of reliance on drinking water. The administrative officials who claim to be clean, often do not meet cleaning standards. The radioactive elements, arsenic and lead were found in the water in the city of Flint named after being clarified.

This is the reason why the middle class is increasing the use of bottled waater for drinking. Worldwide drinking water bottled water is growing at a rate of 10 percent annually.

In 2017, 391 billion litres of bottled waater was sold worldwide. It was even more than the amount of water filled in 1.5 million Olympic swimming pools.


It is obvious that today a person needs a source of drinking waater, which is not ill, he is in the reach of the poor, and the nobleman also wants to use it.

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By the way, there is no new idea to draw waater from the air. Moisture absorption machines have been used in the air long ago. But these machines, which draw waater from the air, are neither clean nor they are mineral in those we need.

But now with the technique of moisturizing these machines, many companies are engaged in making such instruments, which can absorb the air moisture and supply watter to us. Humidity-absorption machines are called dehydidifiers. They work like our home fridge.

Water filter from air machine works similarly. However, the wateer that is stored with it is filtered, treated with ultraviolet rays. Then it is necessary to mix it with essential mineral.


How Expensive

64 mechanical refrigeration techniques are used to remove waater from the air. Such a liter of water consumes 0.4 kW of electricity. The cost of such a power in the USA is 5.2 cents.

The South African company makes waater coolers for use in water from Air Houses. 32 liters of waater can be collected daily from its machine. To run the waater cooler of this company, do not have to take a bottle of watter repeatedly. The company’s water cooler absorbs the water of its air from the air.

Similarly, an Indian company Wattermacor sells small to truck-shaped water coolers, which can meet the needs of a village.


Crisis in Desert Areas

These machines, which absorb water from the air, work only when there is plenty of moisture in the air. Most of these machines work well in 60 feet moisture environments. So, if you live in a coastal city, then there is humidity of up to 90 percent.

But if you live in desert areas, then there is very little moisture.

If the air is high in humidity, then this machine can remove water for 2 thousand liters daily. At the same time, even in the face of low moisture, this machine only deposits 500 liters of watter, by air.

Now another technique is being used to absorb water from the air. It works like a sponge, which does not want electricity to absorb moisture from the air.

The machine does not require very advanced techniques and accessories to make this machine. That is, the watter that comes out will be cheap

Water crisis

Water crisis

Low Power Consumption

The cost of the caddy machine is around 4 thousand dollars. He can collect 3.5 liters of water daily. It consumes very little, nearly 100 watts of water against the common refrigerator.

WFA machine consumes 500 watts of electricity against this. Every year those who buy bottled waater spend their money in purchasing water, in less then these machines will start working for them.

If machine source can be used for five years, then one liter of watter will be only 16 cents. This will reduce the need for 2.5 liters of bottles of half a liter. The buyers of the source are more in the rural areas of America and Australia.

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The machine has been sold to Mexico’s schools, orphanages in Lebanon and Fire Station of Puerto Rico.


Dew Capturing Machine

But, another machine extracting watter from the air is being used in Ethiopia, Togo and Haiti. This is 10 meter high Walka Tower.

This minaret, made of bamboos, is made of polyester trap. In this morning the dew of the morning gets imprisoned and it is deposited in the tank kept down and kept down.

Warka Tower is designed by Italian architect Arturo Vitori. They came up with the idea of ​​NASA for designing a location on the moon.

The first Warka Tower was installed in the African country Ethiopia. When there was a fog season, water was collected from this machine.

But when there was no rain or fog, even then the water was getting moisture from the waater.

This tower is made by locals mixing bamboo and other things. In it, palm leaves were also used. Now machines are being installed in Haiti and Togo. watter is collected from things found near the Warka Tower.

Such basic technology will work in the same places where moisture in the air will be good. But, if the world is to deliver clean wateer to 2.1 billion people, water will not be helpful in the Warka Tower.

At the same time, A Walka Tower can provide watter to 50 people. It costs about 3 thousand dollars to prepare it. The cost of building a large 25 meter tall tower will cost about $ 30,000, which can supply water to 250 people. When there was no moisture in the air, watter in the tank located under this tower was not accumulated.

In contrast, machines like chemicals, like desserts and refrigerators, are constantly accumulating watter. Yes, they will need electricity to run.

Damage from Machines

By the way, the world of technology constantly changes. Who knows, a new technique should be followed further. In order to create such a machine, the International Experimental Innovation Competition has also given a prize of $ 17.5 million.

There is also a question in the minds of people that if water absorbs water from the air, then watter will not affect the water cycle.

Will there be no impact on the process of becoming a cloud?

Even if every human being has a water dispenser on the earth, we will not be able to remove the entire water in the traffic smoke.

Even though these prescriptions are still awkward to absorb water from the air, but in the way the water level in the ground is decreasing, in that situation we will soon need a new source of drinking water.

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