What is SEO and how can the website be brought to the Top Rank in SERP?

What is SEO and how can the website be brought to the Top Rank in SERP?

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What is SEO and how can the website be brought to the Top Rank in SERP? Learn SEO Tutorial, What is SEO and how can the website be brought to the Top Rank in SERP. Traffic Improve of website from SEO, It is very important to have traffic on the website for online earning. Online Income direct proportional to Traffic Earning is better than Quality Traffic.

What is SEO and how can the website be brought to the Top Rank in SERP?

By following the steps of this SEO tips, the traffic of the website and the ranking in search engines can both be improved. To increase the traffic of any blog or website, blog SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is very important. Nowadays blogs are published daily in millions of on Google. In this way, 99% of the blogs are lost in this crowd and nobody is noticed. This is very necessarily the website / blog SEO. 

Before learning how to do SEO, you should have some basic information about it. What is SEO? Basics of SEO, SEO starts with the start of the Domain Name Register. To create a specific product or Niche Related Blog, you must include Keyword in the Domain Name.

SEO Example

SEO Example

Define SEO

Organic users get from Search Engine Optimization. This is understood by an example whenever something is done on the Search Engine, we find a Search Result, it is called SERP (Search Engine Page Result). There are two types of Result results.

Getting top rank in Google SERP is very easy with Search Engine Optimization, but staying as strong as it is. With the help of this SEO Tutorial, you can list the website / blog in the top. To stay in the top list, continuously do this.

Learn SEO Step by Step

SEO Tutorial has been divided in Two Parts. Page on SEO Tutorial and off Page SEO Tutorial Post has been shared between the two in detail

On Page SEO Tutorial

Step 1: To make a blog / website SEO, the search engine has to be told about the website. The blog Post User has been written for attention. Some Bloggers start writing content for Search Engine

Step 2: Submit blog / website to other search engines including Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Step 3: Once the site is submitted to the search engine, the data of the site is stored in the search engine database.

Step 4: Choose the right keyword to write Blog Post.

Keyword Examples

Keyword Examples

What is SEO and how can the website be brought to the Top Rank in SERP?

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Step 5: There are many parts in the Blog Post. Use keyword in all parts.

  • Post Title
  • Meta Description
  • Headings
  • Content
  • Post URL
  • Submit the XML Sitemap of the site to Google Webmaster Tools. This file contains all information about the site.

Step 6: Catch the Google Bot site from a sitemap file and store it in the database.

Step 7:  Use Keyword in the alt tag of the image used in the blog post. Search Engines does not recognize any media files. Whatever keyword you enter in Alt Tag, the search engine will store it in your database with the same name. 

Image alt tag

Image alt tag

Step 8: Content should be new and high -quality. There are some standard formats for this.

Step 9: Blog Post should be more than Length average. Do not use unrelated words to make the post longer.

Step 10: Internal Linking is the best SEO Practice. Internal Linked Site Good for both Search Engine and User. Wikipedia is the best example. For better internal linking, Post should be more in Blog.

Step 11: Regular updating of blog / website will increase the number of posts which will make it easier to make internal linking. Regular Update Crawl the Search Engine’s Crawler daily website. 


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Off Page SEO Tutorial

Step 12: Most Users are on Social Media Sites. All Social Popular Media Page ( Facebook Fan Page ,  LinkedIn Company Page ,  Google Brand Page ) and Profiles ( Facebook Profile ,  LinkedIn Account ,  Twitter Account ,  or Regular tax Page Create at) Post Share. You have not yet shared this post on your Social Media Profile! 

Step 13: Backlinks, this fetish is important Topic. Creating Backlink of Site for Top Rank in SERP is very important. There are two types of Backlink Dofollow, Nofollow If you get Do follow Backlink from Related Site, it will be good to sleep! 



Step 14:  Post Always For Readers, Follow the Guidelines of Search Engines. Blog Post Comment Allow Reply to Readers Comment. Increase engagement on the blog increases and the Bounce rate decreases.

Step 15: Blog Post Title and Meta Description should be Meaningful and Attractive. In the SERP, click the User Blog Post Title and Meta description and click on a link. Use Keyword in both Title and Description. It can be ranked correctly in the SERP. But, if not according to Main Content Title, the User Window will close, which will increase the Bounce Rate.

Step 16: Website’s Loading Time will have to be reduced. Website Fast load, Site Loading Speed ​​this is a very big issue. Let me explain this by example,

  • A User searched Keyword in Google
  • In the result, he got links to many websites.
  • User clicked on any one
  • But if the website is taking too much time to open
  • User backs and opens another site.
  • That’s why website Load Time should be low.

What is SEO and how can the website be brought to the Top Rank in SERP?

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Step 17: Use Mobile Friendly Responsive Design. To browse the Responsive Design in any device, just have to scroll up and down. Left / Right Scroll does not have to be done. Knowing the User Easily Browse by Being Responsive Design

Apart from this, SEO has many Points that have to be followed.

  • SEO is a topic that has no end.
  • This is an experience that comes from Practice.