What is the American democracy, how elections are there?

What is the American democracy, how elections are there?

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How is the American democracy and how elections are there? Let’s know about the world’s oldest democracy. 

What is the American democracy, how elections are there?

The oldest Democracy

India has the distinction of being the world’s largest democracy, then America is the world’s oldest democracy. About 200 years ago, the elections were started in 1804. 

The Electoral College used to elect the Vice President first, but then different opinions were not made. 

At that time the people who got the most votes would become president and the second person who was living in the second place was elected vice-president. Elections are held every four years here.

American Parliament 

Like India, there are two houses in the US Parliament. 

The first House of Representatives, also called the House of Representatives. 

The number of its members is 435. The second house has 100 members in the Senate. 

Apart from this, three members of America’s 51st state Columbia come in. In this way there are 538 members in the Parliament. 

Bipartisan system 

American democracy has bipartisan political system. Therefore there is no danger of Hung Parliament too. Republicans and Democrats here are the two major parties. 

There is no existence of other parties here. Candidates who wish to become president first make up a committee, who works for collecting donations and public opinion regarding the concerned leader. 

Many times this process starts two years before the election.

Qualification To become a President in America 

To become a President in America, it is necessary that a person has been born in the United States and he has been living in the country for 14 years. 

He must be at least 35 years old. It is also necessary for the President to come to the English language. The President elects 538 Electors. To become a President, it is necessary to get at least 270 electoral votes. 

According to American law, no person can contest election for the third time after two terms of the presidential election. 

democracy of America

Democracy of America

What is the American democracy, how elections are there?

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The process of American elections

To the presidency of the world’s most powerful country in the US is much more intriguing and long compared to India. 

In Article 2 of the American Constitution, the process of presidential election is mentioned. There is a provision for presidential elections through the ‘Electoral College’ in the constitution. 

Although a section of the American Constitutionalists was on the side that Parliament should have the right to elect a president, while the second movement was in the right of election through direct voting. 

The ‘Electoral College’ was considered a link between the expectations of these two factions.

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First elections in the party

Before the presidential election , political parties choose the representative of the party at their level.

The representatives of the elected party in the primary election become part of the political party in the second round and elect the presidential candidate of their party. 

That is why in some states, the public elects party representatives by using ‘Caucus’ without using voting in the ‘primary’ period.


What is caucus and primary? 

In the Caucus the party members are credited. The name of the candidate is discussed in schools, homes or in public places. 

People present there pick their hands and choose the candidate. There is a voting in the primary through a ballot. 

According to the rules of each state, it is primarily by the rules and the process of caucus is different according to the law of every state.


Where does the election process 

Process of the presidential election starts with Iowa and New Hampshire. Both are smaller states, but 94% of the population here is white, whereas white population in the entire United States is 77%. 

Here is the first caucus or primary. The victory in these two states has a great effect on the forthcoming election campaign. 

Although the win here does not mean that the candidate will get the party’s candidature, but the victory of Iowa and New Hampshire is definitely helpful in getting media coverage. 


Election Day

Day and month are exactly the same for elections in America. 

Polling is held on Tuesday, the first Tuesday to fall after the first Monday, which falls in the month of November of the election year.

However, the process of voting here begins 60 days ago. In this period, a person living outside of the US can also vote online.

What is the American democracy, how elections are there?

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The Cabinet 

The process of making the US cabinet is very different from India. It is not necessary for a person to become a minister here, whether he is a member of parliament or a member of the political party. 

If the President thinks he can become a minister of the opposition party or a subject expert as a minister.

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