Winnie Mandela Life Introduction and Amazing facts

Winnie Mandela Life Introduction and Amazing facts

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Winnie Mandela was the divorced wife of South Africa’s first Black President, along with this She also had an important role in the fight for independence in South Africa, and also strongly opposed the policy of color discrimination there.

This is related to the anti-druggist policy activist of South Africa and politics. Having worked as Deputy Minister in many government posts such as Arts, Culture, Science and Technology etc., she did many things.Today, he died on 2/4/2018 due to prolonged illness at 81 years of age.

Winnie Mandela was born in a Zossa family in Bijaa in British South Africa. Their date of birth is September 26, 1936. She studied Social Work from Jane Hoffmeyer School. She passed away due to a long illness. On her death, Victor Dalmini in her statement said that from the beginning of the year, she was ill and she was admitted to hospital many times. And on Monday morning she sacrificed her body in the presence of all her relatives and loved ones.

Winnie Mandela Life Introduction and Amazing facts

Winnie was number 4 in 8 siblings; her family had 7 sisters and 1 brother in addition to her parents. Their parents were both Columbus and Gertrude both teachers. Columbus was a teacher of history, and she was also the Principal teacher and Gertrude was a teacher of Domestic Science.

Winnie Mandela Early Life Early Life

When she was only 9 years old, her mother passed away, causing her family to be broken, every sibling was sent to different relatives here. Later, during the education, Winnie Mandela became the headgear of her school.

After the initial studies, she went to Johannesburg, studied social work from John Hofmeyer School, at this time the education of black people was banned due to apartheid, despite this she did her studies. In 1956, she achieved her degree in social work. After several years of this, she obtained a bachelor’s degree in International Relations from the University of Futuresrand.

In 1958, she married the lawyer and apartheid activist Nelson Mandela in Johannesburg, in Johannesburg, this was a love marriage, but her marriage lasted only 38 years and they also had 2 children. In 1963, Nelson Mandela was imprisoned after the Rivonia trial, after her imprisonment, his wife represented them till 27 years.

In these years, they also fought against the policy of domestic apartheid. Due to these movements, she was detained several times by the State Security Department and spent many months in jail.


Winnie Mandela Dispute in Married Life

Winnie Mandela and Nelson Mandela have two children. Their eldest daughter, Azhnale, was born in the year 1959 and the younger daughter Zindzi was born in 1960, one year later. Nelson Mandela was detained in 1963 and was released in 1990.

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This couple separated in 1992 and they finalized the divorce by settling outside the court in 1996. She wanted half a million dollars in the assets of her husband through court but due to some reason the lawsuit could not be included in the court hearing, this case was dismissed.

When talking about the possibility of reconciliation during this divorce during an interview in 1994, she said that she is not fighting for the status of being the first woman in the country. Nor is she a woman who is attracted to money and jewelery. After all this, their divorce was concluded in 1996.


Fight Against Apartheid

Due to the political activities of Winnie, many times taken by the National Party Government. Many tortures were done over them, they were monitored at home, even for a year of solitary confinement and kept away from their city.

At the time of her husband’s imprisonment, she emerged as a major opponent against apartheid. She was exiled from Brandford for many years, in the year 1969, she was sentenced to 18 months in solitary confinement in Pretoria Central Jail. At this time, Vinnie became well known in the Western World.

She made many struggles against apartheid, and during this time ANC was criticized for their struggle.

In 1985, Mrs. Mandela won the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Award with fellow activist Alan Boesak and Bears Noude for their work in human rights in South Africa. This award is given by Robert F.

Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights to the person or group who has participated in the movement for human rights. Apart from this, in 1988 she has also received a Candace Award for special service from the National Alliance of 100 Black Women.


Winnie Mandela Controversy 

Firstly, the image of Winnie Mandela was shaky when she announced her intention to burn people alive by using tires and petrol to free her speech on 13 April 1986.

Apart from this, besides destroying her reputation, her bodyguard, Jerry Muswezi Richardson, had alleged that Winnie had ordered the kidnapping and murder. In 1991, Winnie was sentenced to 6 years in prison for kidnapping

In 2003, they were found guilty for theft and robbery, according to the reports received by the court, they were found guilty in 25 cases of stabbing and 25 cases of theft.

But Vinnie has always refused to accept these allegations. In this regard, she was sentenced to five years in prison. But she had only spent one year of her sentence in jail, and the rest of the time she could be punihed by serving the society.

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South Africa’s Democracy

In South Africa’s democracy, she was not in favor of the White Community, while her husband Nelson Mandela was ready for reconciliation. When her husband was released from prison in 1990, she was first seen with her husband at this time, but when her husband came to know that she was betraying them during her imprisonment, then she decided to separate in 1992. took.

Their divorce was approved in the year 1996, but after the divorce, they adopted their surnamed Mandikila Mandela. In 1994, she was given the post of Vice Minister of Arts, Music, Science and Technology, but she was sacked from this post due to corruption allegations.

Despite all this, it was very popular among many ANC supporters. In December 1993 and April 1997, the ANC became the candidate for the post of president in the league, but in 1997, she withdrew her candidacy for ANC deputy president.


Winnie Mandela Return to Politics

When ANC announced its national executive election, Mandela secured first place with 2,845 votes.

Apology from the riot victims: Mandela criticized violence in May-June 2008 which started in Johannesburg and spread throughout the country, and blamed the government’s lack of appropriate riots for the feelings behind the riots. They apologized to the victims in the riots. She offered her home to live a victim family.

2009 General Election: Mandela gets fifth place in the 2009 general election. It played an important role in getting support from the poor for its party.

Interview with Nadira Napul in 2010: In 2010, Mandela appeared in an interview with Nadira Napul. In this interview she had given a statement against her husband that he had come out with the purpose of collecting only the money.

She had also questioned her Nobel Peace Prize at this time. In this interview, she had not declared her husband a worthy father for her daughters.

On the statements given in this interview, the media asked Winnie Mandela to explain her allegations, but on March 14, 2010, a statement came from Winnie Mandela, in which this interview was incorrectly stated.



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