World Map Hundreds of Year oldest Amazing History

World Map Hundreds of Year oldest Amazing History

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world map has been reduced to small pockets. Any corner of the world is just one click away.

Today, we do not even know about the ways in which the side is not known.

We are unhealthy, thinking that we have Google World map. They will not let us wander.

But five hundred years ago it was not so. Think of how people would travel when people did not have such resources.

When people did not know how many ocean is, how many are the continents. Where is the USA Where is Indonesia? In that period too many courageous people had to leave the world tour by boarding a boat or on foot.


Today, there is a world map of everywhere. Google world map has measured the world in steps, and you have put it in your mobile. But five hundred years ago, the world’s exact world map was not even crafted on paper.

First world Map

Early round world maps featured half-complete pictures of the world. During that time, the center of the making of world maps was the city of Italy.

The businessmen and explorers of Italy and Spain were all ready to explore the world. Then the world maps were made based on the information that they used to return. Old world maps were used to improve.

The first world map in Europe was prepared in 1448, which was beautiful and likable. It was made on the leather by Venetian cartographer Giovanni Lirado. Its name was Plenisfero.

The foundations of this world map were Greek-Roman scholar Ptolemy’s geocentric model, footprints, Christians’ reverence, Arabic geographical theory and scientific formulas. In this world map, all the peninsula has been underlined with the same names as the people of Europe who knew it at that time.

In the world map, there are six circles around the world, in which small numbers and letters are written. These numbers and cases were used to explain the movement of the moon, weather and festivals around the ground.

Pleniformero is the Latin word for word. Plane means flattened and scherrous means sphere. Only three world maps with cartographer Giovanni Lierdo’s signature are present today. The oldest world map is 1442, which is safe in the library of Italy’s medieval city of Verona, Biblioteca Comunella. The last world map of Lierdo is 1452, which is in the American Geographic Society Library.

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Thousands of books based on the world map

But before this world map another world map was prepared in 1448. This world map is also safe in Biblioteca Civica Bertilonia Library in Venice, another city in Italy.

It is said that there are thousands of books and manuscripts on world maps in Biblioteca civica Bertilonia. If all these are spread out, then it will spread in about 19 kilometers.

The city of Vicenza in Italy was more than the rich. It is said that they used to donate rich world maps, guides and priceless books to the library. In the 15th and 16th centuries, these world maps used to work as travel guides for those who traveled on. On the basis of these world maps, the sailors searched for many parts of the world.

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At the end of the 15th and 16th centuries, the work of printing began even when new areas of the world were being searched. Who worked to bring the Inquilab in the printing of world maps. Any information that was received from the sailors, traders, was printed and delivered to as many people as possible.

After the printing, Giovanni Lirado’s Plenizhiro was old. Today, we know the world, because of the knowledge of the sailors and merchants.

Ptolemy’s Character

According to Ptolemy, the world is flat and 70 degrees wide. Ptolemy knew that India, China, is in the east of Europe. Based on this information, Ptolemy also created a world map on which the explorers started their journey in the 15th century.

The first copy of Ptolemy’s world map was printed in Latin in 1475. Ptolemy is known as a mathematician, master of geography, and nujumi (astrology), who was tasked to tell the world’s geography in the Roman Empire in the second century.

For years Ptolemy’s knowledge was considered correct. But unfortunately the treasury of Ptolemy’s world maps disappeared. So in the 13th century, Maximus Planuudus started the search for the world in the Byzantine Empire.

Since 1406 all information of Ptolemy was written with the Greek language in Latin, handwritten on the basis of these knowledge were made fresh.

The Ptolemy manuscripts of 1475 did not include world maps. It was based on experience only based on the information. But the world maps that were later made were filled with color by hand.

Blue color is used to show the land and blue color is used for the sea.

Then the preamble, the author’s name was not in the books

Any number of books or manuscripts before 1500 are based on world maps. All of them do not have the page on which the book’s preface, the name of the book and the writer, date, etc. are written.

It was invented by Aldus Muntius in 1500 after printing. He was the first person to use the Italic font and print almost 130 books in Greek from Latin.

That book of peters

In 1524, Paterson Appianus of Germany wrote a book called Cosmographia, which, according to mathematics, describes the nuances of geography. Paterson was able to make world maps, mathematics and astronomy.

This book of Patras has been published 30 times in 14 languages. Its first Latin edition was printed in 1540. The special feature of Cosmografia was that it used wavels and had a wheel chart rotating in it.

These charts were made from several paper layers. It can also be interpreted as an example of early analog computers and calculators. Through its support, the signs of the signs, the movement of moon-sun could be understood. Cosmography provided more important information for sea passengers.

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Apart from this, cosmography is also known for the world’s first world map, in which the western coast of North America was first shown.

During this period new new parts of the earth were being explored. On the basis of information from the investigators, books of various types, books of books of Abbey, sea potholes were being written. These books also helped the army to understand the land and the sea.

First Atlas – Theater of the World

The first atlas was printed in 1570, named The Theater of the World. It is also called the first modern world map. It was written by Flemish Scholar and geologist Abraham Ortelius.

For the first time this Atlas had detailed information with world maps. The world maps, master dermists had prepared. The marks of the place which were of special significance were also made.

For example, camels and palm trees were made to show the desert. Copper plates were first used for printing of world maps.

The colors used in these world maps still have shine.

Theater of the World was a treasure hunter for the rich people of that era. These guide books also appeared in 1570 to 1612 in German, French, Dutch, Latin and many other languages. It was also worth a lot.

Having someone close to the theater of the world could be seen as a sign of his being bastard and rich. There are many world maps in it whose source of information is unknown to anyone today.

For the first time in 1570, that version of Theater of the World was printed, in which there were 87 such land scientists and draftsmanship that were considered the source of these world maps.

Later in this fair, many other names were added and these were named as 183 names.

The Earth is round

Many world maps have been printed, but the world is round, this is what Italy’s explorer Antonio Pigfeta said. Pigafeta wrote the memories of travel through the sea in a diary.

She gave this diary to the emperor Charles V of the Roman Empire. In 1524 this diary was printed in the form of a book. Found on the basis of information written in this diary only about the Pacific Ocean.

Knowing the journey of world maps, it can only be said that in order to bring the present world closer, to understand it in new ways, and to play the role of science, the role of science has certainly played a significant role.

If the makers were not able to travel safely, then the world was not possible.