Yandex Success Story and Expansion of Business Outside Russia

Yandex Success Story and Expansion of Business Outside Russia

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Yandex is called Google of Russia. Like Google, Yandex also does a lot of business in addition to running search engines.

Google is the world’s largest search engine. This thing more or less everyone knows. After all, ‘Google Search’ is so famous in All world.

Many people also know that there are many other search engines besides Google, like Microsoft’s Bing, one of China’s Baidu and one of the first search websites.

In today’s date, Google is not the only search website. Google has increased its coverage very much.

But, do you know that there is another big IT company like Google. Very few people know their name outside of the country they are in.

The name of that country is Russia and the search engine name is Yandex.

Yandex Success Story and Business Expansion

Yandex was started in the early 1990’s ( In today’s date, Yandex has become Russia’s largest IT company.

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Yandex Full swing on Russia’s market

In the year 2018, the cost of a USB flash drive with 4 GB memory is just a few dollars.

However, when Yandex made its debut with the same memory server, then the company had to spend thousands of dollars for it.

Arcadia Volos started in 1997 with the help of this. Initially, Yandex was a project of Volks’s Communication Company, Comptec Volos.

This communication company was founded by Volos a decade ago by Yandex. But, in 2011, when the company brought its IPO, it raised its investment of $ 1.3 billion.

It was only a little less than Google’s IPO. Google raised $ 1.7 billion through its IPO.

Started with the help of a flash drive, spending a few thousand dollars, how did Yandex become such a big company today?

Even today, very few people know Yandex outside of Russia. But in Russia it is such a big name that many foreigners work in this.

Many of them have worked in Google and Microsoft. Yandex considers Google to be its biggest competitor. But Olga Maslikhova, the company’s investor, says that Yandex has decided that it will not be able to compete with Google globally. Instead the company has put its full emphasis on Russia’s market.


Better translations from Google

“Yandex is a public company, it needs to increase its price, it is to choose whether to bring its new product to its existing market, or to market strong brand products in new markets. Looking at the economic situation, international expansion seems difficult now, so Yandex has decided to expand its business in Russia itself. Reggae. “

But, for this, the company just does not want to depend on Russian employees.

Today Google’s language researcher David Talbot is the chief of the translation service of Yandex. Talbot is part of Mikhail Bilenko’s team.

Mikhail Bilenko had previously developed a platform to learn machine learning for Microsoft. Today Mikhail, chief of Yandex’s Machine Intelligence Unit.

When Talbot started working in Yandex, there was a lot of controversy. Because Yandex had started using a system of online translation, some days before Google started using it.

This means that the system of Yandex could translate better from English to Russian into Google.


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Machine learning libraries

Today many people take their technology into open market, they do not hide it, others use this technique. Those who hide their customized system, their scope for improvement decreases. “

Last year Yandex launched the machine learning library. Recently Yandex has introduced the cloud service.

With this help, other companies can develop their own tech products. Soon, Yandex’s own language-identifying technology is going to be in the public market.

In Russia, Yandex is also in the business of self-driving cars. Recently the company has launched its own taxi service in Russia’s Tatarstan region.

The services introduced in the suburbs of the Kazakhstan capital of Kazan, Inpolis, can be used by people without any car steering.

This is similar to Google’s VoO service. Just started this in Russia.


Many Services like Google

Russia’s most capable IT expert works in Yandex. That highly qualified people cannot be found from Russia’s educational institutions. That is why the company is training itself to its future employees.

Yandex runs its own teaching institute, which teaches children basic programming. The Yandex School of Data Analysis gives free training to senior students and youth since 2007.

Yandex also operates education services in collaboration with many Universities of Russia.

Yandex simply does not give training to young people to understand artificial intelligence and statistics. It also teaches common people their uses and benefits.

Yandex’s Tolloka platform also gives people an opportunity to earn money while using artificial intelligence. On its website you can do hundreds of things.

People also earn their worth according to their worthiness. No diploma is required for this.

The concerns of Yandex are not limited to the public either. This year, Yandex has launched a mobile app. Its name is Narodnaya Carta.

It means the public map. Like Google, the map service of Yandex is. This is Nardana Carta, this is the editing service of the map. With this help, people can add new information about their location and terrain and help Yandex improve its map service. That is, it is the job of making a map with the help of the public.


100th anniversary of Russia’s revolution

Like Google and Apple’s personal assistant, Yandex also has a personal assistant with Artificial Intelligence. Its name is Elisa

If you have to order a pizza then just pressing one of the smartphones button will justify your wish. Pizza chain named Papa has compromised with Yandex for this.

In May 2018, the company started service called Yandex Dialogues. Anyone can come and try to improve Elisa by adding new skills.

Anyone can put emoji in any of the map service of the company. Its big fun results emerged. Many people put ‘Poo’ emoji in every neighborhood of capital Moscow.

Yandex has recently started the service called Yandex. Auto Ooate. This AI service writes poems on the lines of famous poets.

The company has also started the translation of emoji translation. It also includes Alvish Zaban’s translation, which was discussed with the famous Hollywood movie Lord of the Rings.

Yandex’s AI service can also create musical tunes. In a conference in 2017, similar to the Alexander Scrubin introduced by the AI ​​of Orchestra Yandex. This was part of the program organized on the anniversary of the famous composer Cyril Bin.

The company has also helped a social media campaign called ‘1917-Free History’. This project has tried to tell people about the 100th anniversary of the Revolution of Russia at that time.

People can upload photos from Everest at the They were probably joking about this thing. But there was also a kind of seriousness in it.


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Expansion of business

In today’s date, Yandex translation, map service and other services are being provided. Apart from this, he can order food for you. Taxi can ask. Can help cinema at home. You can help in reading and can be helpful in catching a train.

That is, today Yandex is trying to become a partner in every step of the lives of the people of Russia.

Many of us are like those who believe that we know more about our smartphones than our loved ones. Today, Russian people spend a lot of time in the online world. That is, Yandex has a large number of data, which makes people behave in a way.

With the help of this data, Yandex’s Artificial Intelligence Service is expanding itself.

So will it come at a time when only Yandex will rule in Russia? That after tough competition, it is possible that the services of Uber and Yandex can be unified. But, Yandex is expanding in new areas every day.

These are those sectors which have raised many expectations in the IT world.

Just a few months ago, Yandex started taxi services in Russia’s neighboring country, Lithuania. Earlier it also introduced taxi services in other Baltic countries in Latvia and Estonia. Yandex is expanding into those areas which were once part of the Soviet Union.

The interesting thing is that Yandex is also expanding business in Turkey, while Turkey and Russia are getting engaged in the relationship.

Those people were taught in childhood that the new Soviet Union had helped Turkey after World War I. That is, Russia and Turkey have come together to treat each other as enemies and not to be enemies.

Yandex had put a foothold in the Turkish market at the time when it leaned towards the western side. But, this did not mean that the Russian company was using Turkey to access Western countries.


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