Yoga Can Make Your Life Happier Healthy and Stress free

Yoga Can Make Your Life Happier Healthy and Stress free

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By yoga, we can overcome many diseases of our body. It does not cure diseases, but also distances depression, anxiety, depression, obesity and psychosis. It has many benefits.

Every year 21st June is celebrated in the form of “World Yoga Day” in the world. In 2014 the United Nations had announced to celebrate “World Yoga Day”.

It means “bind” or “unity”. It has become popular in many countries of the world. It has become very popular in China, Japan, Tibet, Sri Lanka, as well as in America, Europe and the United Kingdom.

It is also mentioned in Vedas Indus Valley Civilization has found many such sculptures in which the pictures of Yoga have remained. Rishi Patanjali is considered the founder of Yoga philosophy.

Yoga Can Make Your Life Happier

It is not an ancient myth. This is the most valuable heritage of the present. It is necessary today and tomorrow’s culture “- Swami Satyanand Saraswati.

Given the benefits of it, it has been implemented in indian schools. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi also supports Yoga. It should be done to every countryman. Yoga by sitting in a park or open place in the morning is very much beneficial.


Types of Yoga

Mantra – The common meaning of the mantra is ‘Mannat Triayate Iti Mantra’. This type of yoga is related to the mind. This can be done by controlling the mind. Healthy waves arising from the mind benefit us.

Hatha – Rule, Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana, meditation, Brahma, Hariyam and Samadhi type of Yoga.

Kundalini – When the seeker meditates on Brahma every time while walking, sitting, sleeping and eating, then he is called Kundalini.

Rajag – Describing Rajagya in the Ashtanga Yoga composed by Maharishi Patanjali. Its purpose is to control the mind of the eye and reduce stress.


The Right Way to Do Yoga

The Right Way to Do Yoga

The Right Way to Do Yoga

The sunrise and sunset time is best for it. It should be done only after bathing. It should always be empty stomach. It is good for wearing cotton clothes. It should be eaten after 30 minutes of doing yoga. It should be done by learning the right way from Yoga Guru or Expert. Its should be always learn from trained . Should be sprayed by a gap or mat. It should always be done in a quiet environment.

While doing this, it should come and take the breathing properly. Many people turn their body parts – body, legs, thighs, waist more than forcefully. Do not force yourself with force.

It should not be done quickly. Some people make it easy as soon as the cranial and enlopment. They think that they will start benefiting in a few days. But this is not so.

Yoga benefits only on regularization. Pranayama is the principal posture of the pranayama, the follower of the follower, the Kapalbhati, the Bhramari yoga.



Treats many diseases – It has many benefits. It cures many diseases like asthma, blood pressure, digestive disorders, diabetes, arthritis. It also keeps the disease resistant capacity of the body.

Lose Weight – By Yoga, people can decrease their enlarged weight. People can reduce their weight easily by 20 minutes every day, such as Surya Namaskar and Kapalbhati, Pranayam.

Depression, Anxiety and Depression – In today’s life there has been a lot of stress in the life of the people. Due to stress, there are many diseases like high blood pressure, heart diseases, diabetes.

Problems like depression, anxiety and depression can be easily overcome by yoga.

Increasing energy and agility can increase the energy of our body through it. Due to the bad eating habits, now the strength of the people is not the strength, the agility and the energy left. Now after 30-40 years, there is a disease in both men and women.

People complain of fatigue and weakness when doing a bit of work. That’s why people should do yoga.

Gaining spiritual peace – by doing yoga, we get spiritual peace. The mind is happy and cheerful.



In the country, the prevalence of foreign food like burgers, pizzas, choumen, fried food, cold drinks, packet food has increased a lot. Apart from this, the trend of eating in restaurants has increased rapidly. People are becoming victims of diseases and obesity by eating more spicy and fried food.

Now, there are many kinds of diseases in the young age. Our lifestyle is not always regular. There is no fixed time for eating, sleeping. Because of this, today’s young diseases are becoming more prey. A new record was created by organizing “World Yoga Day” in Kota City on June 21, 2018, in which over one lakh people have joined together.


Baba Ramdev’s contribution

Baba Ramdev is teaching people the yoga in india by putting free camps all over the country. They have made Yoga of India very popular in abroad too.


Famous Texts

Yoga Books                      WriterYear
Yogasutra Patanjali2014
VedasVedvyas2nd Century
TatvatavashardiVyachespati Mishra841 AD
BhojavattaKing Bhoj11th Century
Gorakshettak GuruGorakh Nath11th-12th Century
Yogavarticphysicist16th Century
YogasarasraSangrahshakra Bhikshu16th Century
HathaogpradipikaSwami Swatanaram15th-16th Century


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